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Go Karts

  • Win a Berg Compact Sport Go Kart!

    We're getting into the festive spirit and starting the run up to Christmas the right way. We're giving away one of our brilliant Berg Compact Sport Go Karts to one lucky person!

    It's super simple to enter – just follow the instructions in the box below! There are a variety of ways to enter and every time you complete one of the actions, you receive an even bigger chance of winning this fantastic prize worth £284.99!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms and Conditions

    1. This competition is only open to residents of the UK.

    2. There will be 1 winner. The winner will receive a Berg Compact Sport Go Kart or Berg Compact Pink Go Kart. 

    3. The competition officially launches on Monday, 14th November 2016.

    4. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email shortly after the competition ends on Thursday, 1st December 2016.

    5. No entries after the competition closure on Thursday, 1st December 2016 will be included in the draw.

    6. The winner will have all of their entries verified before being announced.

    7. The winner must have a valid UK mailing address.

    8. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to the email. If they don't reply within this timeframe, we will randomly select another entry.

    9. When entering this competition, you're agreeing to join our mailing lists.

    Wicken Toys offer an enormous range of fantastic indoor & outdoors toys, suitable for a variety of ages. Want to treat someone to a gift they'll never forget? We offer free delivery on all orders over £120 (T&C's apply - see delivery information page for more information) 

    In the Milton Keynes area? Then you should stop by the biggest outdoor display in the country!

  • Go-Kart Inspired Garden Additions

    A go-kart is an awesome investment. Four-wheeled and low to the ground, they are slower than a bike so older children can ride them in the garden long after they’ve outgrown doing laps on their bicycle.

    But what makes owning a go-kart extra special, is the full fake car experience. Caring for it, washing it, filling it up with ‘petrol’.

    Here’s how to make a go-kart garage your children will go crazy for.

    Car Wash First of all you will need a safe space for the car to get washed-off. You could provide a simple bucket of water and a cloth, and that will certainly be fun for a couple of minutes. But if you want to go all out in the fun stakes, you need to build a car wash.

    Cut up cleaning cloths into strips and hand them using some string, along with sponges from the underside of your climbing frame. Make sure they reach all the way down to around 18 inches from the ground. Now take a bucket of water around and dunk each sponge and cloth in to give them a good soaking. Now your drive-thru car wash is ready.

    Petrol Station The go-kart will also need a place to fill up. You can make a petrol pump by stacking two boxes, one on top of the other, and writing a dial on the top box. Then use a length of garden hose, or any type of narrow tubing to create a nozzle to reach into the car. You can make a checkout desk for another child (or you) to join in the game. Set up a small table with a toy shopping till, and you could even add some cardboard mock sweets to tempt the customers.

    Garage Everyone knows the safest place to secure your car is in a private garage. Give your go-kart a worthy resting place for the night by constructing a shelter. This is practical as well as fun. To protect the go-kart and maximize its useful life, it should be sheltered from direct sunlight and the weather. However, lugging it in and out of a shed everything your child wants to use it can get tiresome. Instead you can create a small garage port they can drive their go-kart into and store when not in use.

    There small sheds or storage units that attach to the house’s outside wall you could use, or you could create a wooden frame and add some tarpaulin to shelter from the wet weather. You could designate an area at the side of the house a parking zone, or underneath the climbing frame is a well sheltered spot.

    If you don't have a go-kart yet, check out our go-kart buyer's guide.

    For more outdoor play inspiration, check out the rest of the Wicken Toys blog.

  • Wicken Guide To Choosing A Go-Kart

    Choose wisely and your child's new go-kart will provide them with hours of entertainment and exercise over the next few years.

    Alas it's not as simple as buying the cheapest model available in your son or daughter's favourite colour, but with the help of our comprehensive guide, we can make the selection process pain-free.

    What Size?

    Tempting as it may be to buy a jumbo go-kart your child can grow into, this is likely to result in majot disappointment when they first try to ride it. For a go-kart to be safe and enjoyable, your child must be able to maintain contact with the pedals throughout each revolution. Stretching to reach the pedals may cause backache or result in feet slipping off the pedals and losing control.

    Each model has an age range as a guide, but pay more attention to the suggested height range, as that is what determines how comfortable the go-kart is to use.

    Adjustable Seat

    If getting the exact right size is sounding like a nightmare, you'll be pleased to hear that Kettler go-karts come with adjustable seats. This extends the number of years your child and their go-kart are a good match. The seats are easily moved by simply lifting a handle and pushing the seat forwards or backwards, then replacing the handle to its original position. Once the handle is down the seat is securely fixed into place so it won't move around while the go-kart is in use.

    Free Wheeling

    When the go-kart is being pushed, or running downhill under its own momentum a free-wheeling feature will stop the pedals from rotating. Basically if the go-kart can freewheel it means that unless the rider is pushing the pedals themselves, the pedals aren't moving, so there's no danger of them hitting dangling legs. On some models this happens automatically, and on others, usually models for older children, there is a lever to activate the freewheel function.

    Dual Action Brake


    Look for a go-kart that offers a dual action brake. This means that a brake is applied to both back wheels at the same time ensuring a controlled slow down or stop. If resistance is applied to just one wheel, especially when travelling at speed, the go-kart could spin, or veer off sideways.


    Typically go-karts for younger children have solid tyres, as these are more reliable (they can't get punctures). However, older children, who are naturally a little heavier benefit from air tyres which give them a smoother, more comfortable ride.

    Why Kettler?

    We pride ourselves on sourcing products from high quality manufacturers with reputations for reliability and value for money. All of our go-karts are made by Kettler, a company with more than 50 years experience making pedal go-karts. The range includes models suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years, with every kart built to last.

    Taking Care Of Your Go-Kart

    To help your go-kart stay looking good and functioning well, keep it stored in a sheltered location, especially over the winter months.

  • Fun With Formula One Inspired Games

    The launch of the 2014 Formula One season is upon us, and it's a good excuse as any to blog about F1 inspired games.

    Make Your Own F1 Car Probably you should also involve the children, as they will get bored just watching you make it all on your own. Grab any cardboard, plastic, newspapers and other junk you have lying around, and spend a sunny afternoon creating your own racing car. It doesn't need to actually move, just the shell will provide the inspiration your children need for play.

    Red Light, Green Light This is a great game to play with younger children to teach them to pay attention and follow instructions (well you can try and teach them that). Make up a paddle board, with one side painted green and the other painted red. The idea of the game is they need to run around until you say 'stop', and show the red side, then they must stay still until you say 'go' and show the green side. When they can do this comfortably, make the game more complicated by giving them another task to concentrate on. For example, during the 'go' phase they could be moving blocks from one side of the garden to the other, or transporting water. Because they are focusing on the task at hand, it is harder for them to tune into your instructions. This level of multi tasking is exactly what will be required of them in a classroom, so it's good to practice it at home.

    Draw A Race Track Use chalk to draw out a race track on a quiet footpath or around your patio, to race around on scooters or go karts. Add tight turns, and extra challenges such as a pick up and drop off point.

    Pit Crew Set up a garage area and bring bikes or go karts in for the once over. Teach your child how to check the toy over for maintenance and repair issues, then encourage them to give it a good wash down with damp clean cloth. Talk about the safety importance of checking the bike over and what they should do if they suspect there is a problem.

    Time Trials If you don't want to risk igniting the flames of fierce sibling rivalry, you could run time trials against different modes of transport. Ask you children to make predictions about which will be quicker: running, the scooter, or their bike. Then time laps on each one to see if they were right.

    Practice Pit Stops This is a great game for teaching safe bike / scooter use, and an appreciation of how long it can take to stop when travelling at speed. Using chalk, mark out a pit box. The aim of the game is to get from the start line to the pit box as quickly as possible, but the bike / scooter must stop cleanly in the box. Your children might be surprised to find how hard it is to stop when travelling at speed.

    As the Spring approaches, stay tuned to the Wicken blog for more play ideas.

  • Gift Wrap Your Go Kart In Style

    If you've bought a go-kart for you child this Christmas, firstly, let us congratulate you on being such an awesome parent. Your child is going to be beside themselves with excitement.

    To help you squeeze some extra mileage out of this epic gift, we've got some ideas for gift wrapping it in style, and some amazing accessories to give with it.

    Planning The Grand Unveil

    Think about how you want to reveal this brilliant present on Christmas morning. Firstly, will it be in the house or outdoors. If it's inside you will need to wrestle it outdoors before your child can ride it, but at least it will stay clean and dry if it's tucked under the tree.

    Secondly, do you want to completely conceal its existence by hiding it behind a sofa or in a different room, or do you want to have it in plain view.

    Finally, are you going to gift wrap it, or throw an old sheet over the top?

    Awesome Accessories

    If your little one is a racing fan, here's some ideas for go-kart add-ons that will make this present even better.

    * A branded baseball cap for their favourite racing team. * Racing overalls. You can get these from shops that sell dressing up outfits, or buy a child-sized boiler suit and sew on your own patches. * Racing drivers rely on a complicated hydration system that delivers liquid to them via a straw. You can replicate this with a hydration backpack, or 'bladder' as it's sometimes called. * Make your own pit board with large letters and numbers so you can give your little racer a message. * Buy a cheap stop watch so they can measure their lap times, and a clipboard so you can act as head coach and write them down. * Get some white chalk so you can mark out a race track on the path. * If your child would like a racing helmet, or you would feel more comfortable with them wearing protective head gear, a child-sized full face BMX helmet, looks like the real deal. * All the best racing drivers have a pair of leather gloves. Try to get a colour that compliments their overalls and / or go-kart. * Make up a car-wash set with bucket, sponge and liquid soap so they can take care of their own cleaning and maintenance. * Small training cones, like the ones included in football training sets, make good obstacles to negotiate when practicing driving skills.

    Games To Play WIth The New Go-Kart

    Whizzing around in circles on their new go-kart will only keep them occupied for so long, before they want some parental interaction. Don't get sucked into chasing them about as this is exhausting and far too much like hard work. Instead, offer to play one of these go-kart games: * Time how long it takes them to complete a lap of a course they have set out. You are the head coach / team manager, so your job is to stand still, start the stop watch and record the times. * Shout out 'stop' and 'go', a great game for developing listening skills. * Set up a pitstop area and time how long it takes them to clean all four wheels of the go-kart.

    Above all, make sure you have a video camera ready to capture the moment your child realizes they have the most awesome Christmas present ever, and try not to feel bitter about Santa taking all the credit.

  • Go-Kart Games For Budding Jenson Buttons

    The Hungarian Grand Prix is only a few days away, and with no less than four Brits lining up on the grid, it’s clear we’ve become a nation of motorsport lovers.

    If you’ve got a budding Button at home, here’s some ideas to help them hone their karting skills.

    Time Trial Maths Work-Out

    Set up a simple circuit at home, and do time trials. Record how long each lap takes, then depending on the age and ability of your child, play around with the numbers.

    Younger children can spot which laps were the fastest and slowest, and may be able to order all the laps inbetween.

    Older children can calculate the differences between lap times, and the more advanced junior statisticians could even work out the average lap time.

    Route Finder

    As all the great racers know, the quickest route between two points is always a straight line, but what about three points, or four points?

    Set some markers out in your garden, and ask your little driver to map out a few different routes, then time trial each one to see which is the quickest.

    Not only is this great exercise, but helps develop problem solving skills too.

    Simon Goes Karting

    Do you remember that electronic game Simon, where the aim of the game is to remember the longest sequence of lights? It’s fun, and frustrating, but did you know that game also helps develop your memory skills.

    For this game you will need to set out a circuit with a number of task points on it, such as:

    • Pick up soft toy
    • Wash the go-kart
    • Refuelling
    • Tyre change
    • Buy some shopping.

    Play the game by asking your child to complete a task on their first lap. On the second lap, ask them to complete that task again, plus one other. Then for each lap, continue like that, adding a new task to the existing sequence.

    This game is great for developing auditory memory and short term serial recall.

    The Obstacle Course

    Take half a dozen or so plastic buckets, and place them upside down around the course, leaving enough space for the go kart to pass either side. Put a tennis ball on top of each bucket.

    Your junior driver needs to get around the track as quickly as possible without knocking any balls off. Add a penalty for each missed obstacle.

    For more advanced, and patient racers, add a reversing challenge.

    Negotiating obstacles helps develop spatial awareness, and learning to steer while driving backwards is an especially tricky skill to master.

    Here at Wicken we stock a range of Kettler go karts to suit children from as young as 3 years, right through to 12 years old, so if your kart is looking a little on the small side, or maybe your child is yet to have their first set of wheels, head on over to see the range.

  • Go with Go-karts


    Now that the days are getting sunnier and it isn’t going dark until around 8:30 in the evenings, it may dawn on you just how tired last year’s summer garden toys are looking. Your children will have probably noticed a change too. Their outdoor play equipment will appear to have shrunk (most likely due to a year’s worth of fast growth spurts).

    Pretty much all of our products are suitable for the outdoors and will provide lots of fun during lighter evenings however; one of these in particular is our selection of Kettler Go-karts.

    It wasn’t too long ago that Kettler Go-karts reached their 50th year anniversary which meant that they were able to celebrate a reputable history of building these toys with pedals.

    In purchasing one of these, you are acquiring years of expertise and innovation. We currently have six different models in our range. Our bestselling ‘Kettcar’ is this; the Kettler Nitro Extreme. This plush model is aimed at older children who have experience of using these. This is because its high performance air tyres have made it a much faster model with a strong frame to match.

    Kettler Nitro Extreme Go kart

    Kettler Melbourne go kartAt the other end of the scale is the Kettler Melbourne (above) as one of our cheaper retro Kettlers. This is for younger children who have never rode pedal Go-karts before. It has a great freewheel facility which means that the pedals don’t spin and hit the child’s feet when the kart is being pushed along.

    One of our middle of the range karts is this very attractive Kettler Silverstone Air (below). It is the aerodynamic qualities and styling, like its sleek nose cone, that have made it worthy of the Silverstone label. This isn’t just known for its good looks though; it also has substance with its sturdy frame, high performance air tyres, front spoiler, non-slip pedals, freewheel lever, and dual-action handbrake. Plenty of personality!

    Kettler Silverstone Air go kart

    Kettler Daytona Air go kartAs one of their newer designs, the Daytona Air (above) also comes at an affordable mid-range price and is an upgrade of the Daytona model. This has the same jet black colour of the Nitro Extreme and a similar sleek front design as the Silverstone Air. The stand-out feature for parents is the seat’s safety feature. This is a unique absorption strip which has been fitted to the seat to protect children’s backs and spine. It shares many of its other features with the Silverstone model including: non-slip pedals, a durable frame, a front spoiler, adjustable seat, a dual action brake, and a freewheel facility.

    There are still a few Kettcars that we haven’t yet discussed but you can view the rest of these by clicking here. Don’t forget that you can come along to the Wicken Toys store where you children can try out these products for themselves.

  • The wonderful outdoors!

    In modern times, entertainment has become an industry. Television enchants young children with bright colours and playful characters. Video games offer a window of interactivity into a vibrant world. The Internet provides a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and new experiences. It’s not hard to see why, even when the sun’s out, many children still choose to stay indoors.

    Here at Wicken Toys, though, we still firmly believe that kids need to experience the great outdoors, as it provides a stable base for development – not just physical, but emotional, social and cognitive development too. It seems we’re not the only ones...

    All learning is based on sensory information, meaning what a child can see, hear, feel, smell and taste. The outdoor environment can provide stimulation for all these senses – think of an outdoor picnic in a verdant forest, the scent of dew fresh on the grass, with a blackbird singing nearby.

    Continue reading
  • Go Karting at Christmas!

    Every child's dream is to wake up on Christmas morning to find a go kart under the tree. From the moment you child first glimpses the unusually large car-shaped object, it will be apparent that this is no ordinary Christmas present. A go kart is something really special. It is not simply another toy to clutter up your child's bedroom but a rite of passage and moreover something they will remember forever. Moreover, unlike the latest toy or games console, a go kart is something that will encourage your child to get away from the TV and go outside.

    Here at Wicken Toys we know the value of outdoor play. In particular the elements of play that promote interaction and healthy competitiveness between children. Go kart racing is something that facilitates imaginative play as children pretend they the real-life racing drivers they have seen on TV. Moreover, not only will a go kart be used all year round but is also something that children will always want to play with and won't go out of fashion like Power Rangers, Teletubbies and all those other Christmas fad toys.

    Our range of Kettler go karts are particularly special. These are high quality toys that have been built and beautifully engineered in Germany. These go karts not only very resilient metal frames with scratch resistant paint, but also have many other fantastic features like no-tool seat and a freewheel facility for safety.  These go karts are some of our best selling toys and sell out fast during the festive season despite our best efforts to re-stock. So order one today to avoid disappointment!

    So now let's have a look at a couple of go karts from the range. Firstly, the Kettler Melbourne is the perfect kart for a first time racer.  It is a sturdy little car that will stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday play. Moreover, it is a tough little competitor and will have no trouble handling those every day challenges.  It possesses all the features of the larger cars in the range.



    At the top end of the range we have the Kettler Nitro Extreme, which really is built for speed. It is designed for older children, who love its smooth handling and super fast performance. This is a great car for racing and will be sure to get your child to the finish line first.



    If you are thinking of getting your child a go kart for Christmas then it's probably best for you to order sooner rather than later. However, if you are in the Milton Keynes area then feel free to come along and let your child try one of the go karts we have on display before you buy.

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