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Junior trampoline

  • Bouncing benefits


    In our blog post earlier this week we considered the advantages of balance bikes for children as the best option to start learning how to ride a bike. Like our balance bikes here at Wicken Toys, we also have starter outdoor trampolines which are always a fantastic addition to any garden; they provide your kids with a healthy and safer alternative to jumping on their beds.

    They come in a range of sizes and although you might already be aware of them, there are rather small starter trampolines available for you children; your choice isn’t limited to those huge ones that frequently appear in blooper home video TV programmes with people falling off them. We do have larger models for children like these except they are surrounded by precautionary net which acts as an enclosure for extra safety in case of stumbles over the edge. Starter models help young children to increase their confidence and improve before trampolining on a bigger model.

    For instance, these outdoor trampolines (below) which measures 6ft wide have the option of a pink or blue enclosure. The zip door in the safety surround provides easy access for getting in and out. It is a suitable model for children even as young as three years old and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    Pink Plum trampoline and enclosure

    TP junior trampoline

    We also have starter trampolines like the one in the photo above which are suitable for children as young as one year old due to their even smaller sizes and supportive handles.

    In case you are undecided about a new piece of outdoor play equipment like one of these, Wicken Toys have explored the top reasons why trampolines could benefit your children.

    Exercise which is fun

    It is essential that children from a young age learn about the importance of exercise and realise that they should try and do it on a regular basis. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to encourage children to enjoy exercise by finding a physical activity which they enjoy. Trampolining is not just an exercise; it is an exciting and entertaining form of exercise which will be easily accessible in your garden ready for hours of summer fun.

    Good for their bones and joints

    Trampolining is an activity which, unlike jogging or running, doesn’t have a lot of strain on the body’s joints. Furthermore, this exercise strengthens your bones. This is because it is an activity which works against gravity and the repetitive nature of it, with only the small amount of joint stress, builds the musculoskeletal system to be strong.

    Enhances other skills

    In addition to the above points, jumping up and down on a springy surface regularly can greatly improve coordination, rhythm, and especially balance. These are all useful skills that will benefit your child in other types of sport.  

    Click here to browse through our range of outdoor trampolines, first trampolines, and accessories to match.

  • Trampoline funtimes to put a spring in their step

    The trampoline is a surprisingly modern device that has its origins in the circus. Bouncing apparatus was used in 19th century French circuses and a in the early 1900s circus performers performed acrobatics on a bouncing bed, which was a trampoline covered with bed clothes. However, it was not until 1936 that the first modern trampoline was designed and built by two America gymnasts George Nissen and Larry Griswold.

    Now, of course, trampolining is an Olympic sport. In the London 2012 Olympics Canadian Rosie MacLennan won gold and Briton Kat Driscoll captured everyone’s imagination; missing out on the final by a tenth of a mark!  At this level it is not uncommon for a skilled athlete to bounce to a height of 10 metres (33 ft) as they perform multiple somersaults and twists.  They are also used as cross-trainers for other sports including in diving, skating, gymnastics, and freestyle skiing.

    For parents of older children the purchase of a trampoline is also an opportunity to engage them in the basic laws of Physics, including the conversion of potential energy into kinetic and Isaac Newton laws of motion. Trampolines are in essence simple machines; it is well known that they have formed an integral part of the American and Soviet space programmes to prepare astronauts for the experience of zero gravity.

    However, one of the main reasons people buy a trampoline is the fantastic health benefits it offers. In particular trampolining improves co-ordination including balance, agility, rhythm, and timing; the fine motor skills that are so receptive to development in children and teenagers.  Regular trampolining sessions have been seen to improve the spatial awareness of young people, boosting confidence and self-esteem: enhancing performance not just on the sports field but in the classroom too.



    In addition to specific gains in terms of co-ordination and agility, like any cardio work-out use of a trampoline has fantastic long-term health benefits. In a recent study conducted by the Colorado State University it was shown that short bursts of exercise have the same health benefits at prolonged exercise routines; improving fitness and burning calories. Likewise, an ongoing study by Professor Jamie Timmons a leading expert on exercise has shown that short-burst exercise of as little as three minutes a week can deliver the same health benefits as hours at the gym by boosting the stamina and fitness of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. This is good news in an age when we are increasingly concerned about childhood obesity. A trampoline can ensure that your children are getting short bursts of exercise without as much as a thought about their exertion. And all this is without mentioning the benefits of outdoor play that we at Wicken Toys are so found of telling you about!

    So, even without considering the obvious health benefits of trampolining for youngsters, what better way to get them away from sedentary activities like watching TV and playing video games and playing outside in the spring sunshine than a trampoline?  We have a large choice of trampolines in stock here at Wicken Toys, ranging from little ones with support bars for infants such as the TP Junior, through to TP SurroundSafe tramps, which are enclosed and very safe, for older and perhaps more boisterous children.

  • Jump Town - trampolines for children this summer


    Everyone can appreciate the health benefits of exercise – the lowered risk of heart problems, keeping obesity at bay, the buzz you get from the release of endorphins...  Whether you pay daily visits to the gym or just try to walk or cycle as often as possible, the effects of exercising are widely understood.  It’s important to teach your children to take care of themselves and their bodies, and Wicken Toys has the perfect combination of fun and exercise to keep your kids healthy and happy...


    A remarkable amount of skills can be taught with the use of trampolines – from basic safety precautions and spatial awareness to balance, motor skills and rhythm.  This activity engages both sides of the body unlike many other sports, with tennis and football being examples where one side is favoured.  In addition, time on a trampoline can boost the confidence of those little ones who don’t feel they get along with more ‘traditional’ sports.



    Trampolines are a form of impact exercise – however, they offer enough give to be considered a much lower impact practice than, for example, jogging, which uses a completely solid surface and is consequently not as beneficial.  Exercising on a trampoline stimulates the cardiovascular muscles, leading to a healthier heart, while the low impact nature of the motion reinforces bones and joints.  We stock a great range of First Trampolines, ideal for getting the young ones bouncing from as early an age as possible – we would recommend items like our TP Junior Trampoline for users aged 12 months and up.


    When the little ones get a bit more competent, take a look at our selection of Safety Trampolines to reduce the risks while they increase in confidence and competence.  Many of these larger trampolines are also suitable for adult use – we’re sure you’ll get a lot more use out of it than you think you will!


    Perhaps you have a little extra space spare and would like to go for the premium trampoline we offer – have a look at the Wallaby High Performance Trampoline from Super Tramp.  Suitable for professional as well as recreational use, this is the perfect choice for the bouncing connoisseur!  Sporting the rigidity, bounce and all-round performance of sports hall trampolines at a fraction of the cost, the Wallaby is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.


    12ft Jumpfree Trampoline


    If you’re thinking about starting a new exercise routine but prefer not to go far from the home, a trampoline would be the perfect addition to your garden – but you might have to fight the kids off it first!

  • Toys for your Toddler this summer


    Wicken Toys is proud to offer quality toys for children of all ages, taking some of the stress off the hands of busy parents by keeping their kids occupied whether they're cute little angels or boisterous teens. Summer is more or less here, which means the school holidays will indeed be taking households by storm! For the little kiddie-winks they will be really keen to play and have fun during this summer solstice of freedom.


    The first few years of any child's life can be so pivotal in their development so we take extra special care to provide a range of options to entertain younger toy lovers. That means choosing our toys to cater for sensitive little people who need a bit of extra care and attention, making sure they discover the world of play in a safe environment.


    This can seem like a bit of a challenge when it comes to picking exciting new toys to add to the range, but we've managed to put together quite a collection. Forget the unimaginative toys you might have had as a kid, today even the tiniest toddlers have a world of fun possibilities available to them.


    Take the plum first play centre, for example; an ingenious multi-purpose play set aimed at teaching your children to explore and become more independent. This mini climbing frame includes a low, shallow slope slide, a small horizontal climbing net and rock wall and a hollowed out play-den to hide in. With all these features built into one compact playset small enough to fit most gardens, your toddler will be occupied for hours.



    Another brilliant Wicken Toys creation for any child in the 1+ years age bracket is the tp Junior Trampoline, a tiny square trampoline suitable for indoor or outdoor use with attached handrail for stability. Playing will this will not only make your toddler bounce and giggle with joy, it will also help them learn to stand and develop balance, all for just £30.75.



    At an even more impressive price of £7.95, the Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool is another of Wicken Toys entertaining play-things suitable for smaller kids. Teach your child to love splashing about in the shallow water pool during the hot Summer months or fill with ball-pit balls for an indoor Winter alternative.



    Continuing with the watery theme, we present the Safari Sandboat sandpit, a ship-shaped covered sandpit complete with Captain's steering wheel appropriate for kids aged 3 and over. This adventurous playset allows your child to learn to create sandcastle masterpieces or pretend to be pirates on the high seas, developing their imagination and creative skills.


    Finally, we come to the Kettler Supertrike, a portable toy for parents on the go. This model is suitable for all children over 2 and comes in a range of different colour options to appeal to both genders. Let your kids peddle for themselves in preparation for learning to ride a bike or push them along using the parent pole and free-wheel capacity for a fun alternative to a pushchair.



    That just leaves one piece of advice from Wicken Toys to parents of younger kids and toddlers; enjoy watching them play with their new toys while you can, as they always grow up sooner than you think! Contact Us for more information.


    Summer holidays are just around the corner!

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