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  • Outdoor Education: Making The Most Of Awesome Autumn

    Each new season brings new educational opportunities for our children.

    They learn a lot simply by outside, engaging with nature, and being aware of how their environment changes throughout the year.

    As much as the Wicken team like children to be playing outside, we appreciate you can only make an autumnal walk outdoors last so long, before eventually you need to return to the warmth and shelter of home.

    To help keep the kids entertained when you are at home this half term, here are some structured activities that make the most of the weather and time of year.

    Seasonal Taste Test

    Set up a food challenge that will encourage your children to try something new, as well as teach them about the seasonality of foods.

    You will need: * A six hole muffin tin; * A piece of paper with the muffin tin drawn on it and the holes numbered; * Some seasonal foods such as apple, blackberries, potato (cooked), plums, corn on the cob.

    What To Do: Fill each dip in the muffin tray with a different food. Then ask your children to first try to identify any foods they can by sight alone. Them encourage them to try each food in turn. Ask them to describe the food's flavour and texture, then take a guess as to what it is. You can then talk about where the food comes from, and why it is in season at this time of year.

    Go Bonkers With Maths Conkers

    Children are always collecting conkers and acorns, so embrace their hoarding tendencies and put their natural treasures to good use. Here are a few ideas for maths games you can play with your enormous conkers collection: i) Line the conkers up in a row according to size order. ii) Draw a grid of ten on the playground / patio, using chalk. Fill some of the squares with conkers, then ask how many more conkers are needed to fill the grid. Look online for 'numicon games'. Most of these games can be replicated with the conkers and a hand drawn grid. iii) Arrange the conkers in times table sets, and use chalk to write the sum above them. For example set out 3 rows of two conkers, then a pool of six, and write out "3 x 2 = 6".


    When Halloween has been and gone, the supermarkets often have a plentiful supply of pumpkins left over, and available at bargain prices. Entertain your kids by buying a small pumpkin, hollowing it out and using it as a volcano. Put some bicarbonate of soda inside the pumpkin, then add vinegar and watch the foam spew out. Measurements are pretty much up to you. The more bicarb you use, the more violent the reaction, and increasing both quantities will produce more impressive results. For a small mixing bowl sized pumpkin, I use 3 tablespoons of bicarb, and about 100ml of vinegar.

    Make A Pine Cone Bird Feeder

    This craft provides a good opportunity to talk about how birds survive the winter, and why they need extra help feeding themselves. The simplest way to make a bird feeder is to smother a pine cone in peanut butter, then dip it in bird seed. Hang the feeder well clear of any outdoor play equipment or suffer the consequences of bird poop on your slide.

  • Want to buy a climbing frame but don’t know where to start?

    Whenever the purchase of a climbing frame is on the agenda there are some essential things to ask before coming down and buying one.


    Preparation is the key to finding the very best climbing frame for your garden and so we here at Wicken Toys thought it would be useful to offer some general guidance on what you need to do before choosing your next climbing frame.



    So what do you need to know?


    The first thing to ask is probably obvious but it’s often the thing that isn’t always considered!  What can you fit in your garden and what safety implications are there?

    Continue reading
  • Maybe baby – finding the perfect baby toys


    With autumn already bearing down upon us and the impending Christmas season, now is the time to start thinking about baby toys and garden swings for the smallest members of your growing family. British winters are becoming more traditional over the past few years, with snowfall becoming a more prominent feature of the winter period. And there’s nothing quite like the cold weather and snow for bringing a family together. Make this winter special with some outdoor toys for baby, toddler and child alike.


    The TP QuadPod is a great addition to any family garden swing and it won’t break the bank. This swing seat incorporates four seats into its design and suits ages from 6 months to 8 years. This seat is ideal for babies because it gives full back and neck support, which means that you can bundle baby up and take them to play on the swing without any worry. Think of the fun you could have as a family playing with this outdoor toy.




    Another fun little baby toy is the TP Deck Chair Seat. Themed like a summer deck chair to bring back memories of warmer summer days, this one suits ages 6 months to 3 years. There are no sharp corners, so the kids are safe when playing with this toy for babies. It makes your current garden swing a love-letter to a British summer in winter.




    Of course, Wicken Toys can offer you even more than that in outdoor toys. We’ve got our TP Growable Acorn Swing Set. This set includes two seats and is adjustable, so you can grow the swing set as baby gets older. For a lot of families having to watch their pennies, that’s a big bonus because it allows you to get more use out of the swing for a longer period of time. It’s the outdoor baby toy that grows with your baby.


    If your baby is a bit older and a bit more daring, give them a challenge! TP Challenger Climbing Frame Low Height Set 1 is a climbing frame set that will delight and astound adventurous toddlers and encourage them to be more active in the great outdoors. With a bumpy slide, ramps and a secret den for them to play in, this will keep them engaged, happy and playing for years into the future.




    What child doesn’t love a trampoline? TP Folding Trampoline is a fun baby toy for confident babies over 12 months. The fact that it can fold-up means that it can be an outdoor toy in calmer weather and an indoor toy when it’s too rough, wet or cold outside. Kids can have endless fun on a small trampoline like this, whatever the weather.




    Even though the weather is starting to turn, there’s still lots of fun to be had with outdoor toys for children in autumn and winter. Whatever the weather, kids can wrap up warm and get out into the garden to get some fun in the world outdoors with the family by their side.


    Wicken Toys has the biggest display of outdoor toys and garden swings in the country. Bring the family down and try them for yourselves!

  • Burn some rubber with Wicken Toys...


    Anyone with any experience of being around kids at all knows they always seem to be on the move. Of course we want to encourage keeping our kids active to improve their health in later life, but keeping up with such high-speed fun and making sure they don't run into any harm can often be a tiring challenge for some parents.


    Thankfully though, there is a solution. A sit on tricycle or go-kart will keep your kids entertained for hours on end and let them get the exercise they need without wearing you out too. Brightly coloured go-karts and trikes make it easier to keep a watchful eye on your child safely at play without having to follow them at every step of the way.


    Not just that though, trikes and go-karts also fast become one of the most cherished toys for any child, whether male or female and whatever the age. As the trikes and go-karts at Wicken Toys are really built to last from sturdy reinforced plastic and are covered by warranty for several years, they are also one of the best value and most appreciated presents you can buy your children.


    It's worth mentioning too that learning to ride a tricycle or go-kart is a good first step towards teaching your child to ride a bike; a useful skill which could come in handy later in life and help them keep fit.


    Start off by introducing them to one of Wicken Toys large range of tricycles, built for the smaller kids out there from 2 years and up. Models in the range start from just £39.99 to suit all budgets and are available in an array of colours from candy pink to racy red and black. There are even 'gender-neutral' colour combinations on offer so you'll be able to pass the tricycle down to younger brothers and sisters once your eldest outgrows it. Each of the trikes in the range can also be used with a freewheel facility and 'parent pole' so you can guide the trike if your child is too tired to peddle while out on a walk.

    Once your little one outgrows their trike and wants to go peddling off on their own round the park or garden, it’s time to move on to one of Wicken Toys adventurous go-karts. Start with one of the models aimed at younger children such as the bright red Kettler Melbourne for 3-5 year olds; a sturdy-framed 4 wheeler featuring an adjustable seat, non-slip peddles and dual action brakes.

    Bigger kids aged up to 8 would be more suited to larger models such as the Daytona Air kart, with the same features as the Melbourne, plus high performance air tyres and an impact absorption strip in the backrest. This kart offers a more comfortable ride for older kids reaching higher speeds, meaning a bumpier ride, while the noise-reducing air tyres keep neighbours happy.

    Pre-teens can then move on to the Indianapolis Air or Kettquad Air karts, in racy black and red or orange colour schemes with fiery flame detailing on the paintwork for an ultra-cool look. The Indianapolis model features ball bearing wheels and longer bike cranks to increase traction and keep the kart from turning over even at speed, while the Kettquad model has a heightened seat position and off-road tires designed for rougher kart tracks. Both models additionally feature an enhanced sporty frame to support larger riders.

    In fact once they outgrow these final karts, within what seems like no time at all they'll be driving for real! What better reason than that to cherish their childhood years by giving them a toy they'll enjoy playing with day after day, month after month, year after year?


    Feel free to browse our ranges on the Wicken Toys site or Contact Us for further details.

  • Toys for your Toddler this summer


    Wicken Toys is proud to offer quality toys for children of all ages, taking some of the stress off the hands of busy parents by keeping their kids occupied whether they're cute little angels or boisterous teens. Summer is more or less here, which means the school holidays will indeed be taking households by storm! For the little kiddie-winks they will be really keen to play and have fun during this summer solstice of freedom.


    The first few years of any child's life can be so pivotal in their development so we take extra special care to provide a range of options to entertain younger toy lovers. That means choosing our toys to cater for sensitive little people who need a bit of extra care and attention, making sure they discover the world of play in a safe environment.


    This can seem like a bit of a challenge when it comes to picking exciting new toys to add to the range, but we've managed to put together quite a collection. Forget the unimaginative toys you might have had as a kid, today even the tiniest toddlers have a world of fun possibilities available to them.


    Take the plum first play centre, for example; an ingenious multi-purpose play set aimed at teaching your children to explore and become more independent. This mini climbing frame includes a low, shallow slope slide, a small horizontal climbing net and rock wall and a hollowed out play-den to hide in. With all these features built into one compact playset small enough to fit most gardens, your toddler will be occupied for hours.



    Another brilliant Wicken Toys creation for any child in the 1+ years age bracket is the tp Junior Trampoline, a tiny square trampoline suitable for indoor or outdoor use with attached handrail for stability. Playing will this will not only make your toddler bounce and giggle with joy, it will also help them learn to stand and develop balance, all for just £30.75.



    At an even more impressive price of £7.95, the Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool is another of Wicken Toys entertaining play-things suitable for smaller kids. Teach your child to love splashing about in the shallow water pool during the hot Summer months or fill with ball-pit balls for an indoor Winter alternative.



    Continuing with the watery theme, we present the Safari Sandboat sandpit, a ship-shaped covered sandpit complete with Captain's steering wheel appropriate for kids aged 3 and over. This adventurous playset allows your child to learn to create sandcastle masterpieces or pretend to be pirates on the high seas, developing their imagination and creative skills.


    Finally, we come to the Kettler Supertrike, a portable toy for parents on the go. This model is suitable for all children over 2 and comes in a range of different colour options to appeal to both genders. Let your kids peddle for themselves in preparation for learning to ride a bike or push them along using the parent pole and free-wheel capacity for a fun alternative to a pushchair.



    That just leaves one piece of advice from Wicken Toys to parents of younger kids and toddlers; enjoy watching them play with their new toys while you can, as they always grow up sooner than you think! Contact Us for more information.


    Summer holidays are just around the corner!

  • Protect your wooden climbing frames!


    The first time you bring your Wicken Toys wooden climbing frame home is a proud moment for any parent. You can't imagine until you've experienced it for yourself how joyful your child's face will look when they see their luxurious new wooden fort or slide and swing set. Continue reading

  • Outdoor toys for little ones at Christmastime

    Babies and Christmas fit together so perfectly that it just seems absolutely magical. Christmas is really all about the children. Their faith and belief in Father Christmas, the excitement that drives them and the pure, simple joy in their eyes is worth a thousand presents. Continue reading

  • Get on your bike for the wheel deal


    As one of the biggest outdoor toy retailers in the country, we at Wicken Toys specialise in some of the most fun outdoor toys to get children fit and active all year round. Apart from the impending arrival of Halloween and Bonfire Night, October can mean only one thing: that Christmas is inching nearer and nearer with every passing second. Christmas is the time for getting your children their first bike.


    Learning to ride a bike is one of the most fun milestones of childhood. The moment you start to learn to ride a bike is the moment you experience your first taste of independence in the wide old world; it’s the moment where a child feels liberated and grown-up for the first time as they pedal off under their own steam (or feet).


    It’s not without its tears and recriminations, of course. No matter how fast a learner the child is, there are always falls and tears and us, the doting parents, telling the bikes off to make our children feel better when they come tumbling off onto the concrete. Well, Wicken Toys has a range of balance bikes and trikes to ease children into the great outdoors and the trials and tribulations of learning to ride.


    Trikes are the easiest way into getting kids excited about riding from a young age. They give your children stability while encouraging them to start to ride for themselves. The Kettler Supertrike from Wicken Toys is fantastic value for money as toddler’s first trike. It comes with a parent pole for parents to keep control of the bike around busy areas; it also features a sturdy tubular steel frame that brings important durability to the trike. The red and yellow colour-combo also makes it a great unisex trike for boys and girls alike.



    If your child is slightly older and looking to establish themselves as a bike pro, our range of balance bikes help to teach children the importance of balancing in riding a bike successfully. They help to build a child’s confidence and prepare them for the more difficult step of balancing, pedalling and steering all in one go. (A daunting task for anyone learning outdoors for the first time!)


    The Kettler Run Air Fly balance bike makes learning to ride a bike outdoors an absolute breeze for eager children. This easy-to-assemble balance bike would make a great gift for kids who might be nervous about riding. It comes with air tyres for maximum comfort, an ergonomic and comfortable seat and a scratch-resistant coating on the frame. The handlebars are cushioned with foam padding and there is a durable parking stand to prop the bike up between use. Balance bikes teach children the basics and help to develop their coordination for when they take up the real thing.



    If you’re unsure of the right choice for your child this Christmas and you live locally, you can pop down to Wicken Toys to see our outdoor toys display, where we have a huge range of balance bikes, trikes, garden swings, climbing frames and other exciting outdoor toys to get children energised  for the great outdoors.

  • Beat the Rush - Why Now's the Time to get a Sledge


    While snow used to be quite an infrequent occurrence in the UK, the past few years have brought with them more extreme Winters than we've seen in a ages, with flurries falling on a regular basis. This has meant many more lucky children have got to enjoy the fun of playing in the snow than in previous decades, especially appreciating the chance to experience the thrills of sledging.


    Of course, with such unanticipated weather, most people will leave it until the last minute to buy their very own speedy sledge from Wicken Toys. Unfortunately, this means we often sell out leaving some children without the sledges they so desperately want. Not just that, but sometimes by the time you've bought your little one their sledge, the snow is already starting to melt.


    If you ever enjoyed the fast-paced fun of sledging yourself as a child, you'll be able to understand just how disappointed kids can be at having missed out on the opportunity to make the most of the cold weather. That's why it pays to place an order for the sledge of your choice before the snow starts falling and everyone starts rushing to buy the last sledge on the shelves at Wicken Toys.


    Clever forward-planning parents have many different options to choose from where sledges are concerned, with a model to suit every budget. Prices for the basic yet sturdy My First Sledge model start at just £14.95 at Wicken Toys, offering you a saving of £9 under the recommended retail price.

    Slightly further up the range is the reasonably priced £30 Snow Star, available in many different colours. This model, which is suitable for all children up to young teens, includes hand-operated brakes for increased safety plus a pulley strap for taking the sledge up the slopes.

    Moving on from the smaller sledges, we come to the Super Twin Sledge; a sit-in toboggan style sledge made from toughened plastic in an array of colours, built slightly longer to accommodate older teenagers and adults. This design features hand operated brakes which also aid steering, plus the fun addition of snowball holders for daring fights on-the-go.

    For those that prefer a sit-on classic style sledge, there's the 2 seat Snow Shuttle, a toughened plastic design suitable for 2 riders which is fitted with steel runners for enhanced speed. An attachable seat can be added to this design to improve safety for younger riders or just increase comfort levels.

    Finally, we come to the daddy of all sledges, the Mountain Sled 115 Wooden Sled, a traditional and sturdy sit-on sledge hand-built from solid Beechwood with added steel runners for a smoother slide across the snow. This larger design is perfect for 2 adults or up to 3 children, meaning all the family can have a go.

    Of course, whether you opt for the bargain-price My First Sledge or the gleaming wooden Mountain Sled, your kids are bound to be the envy of all their friends once the snow starts falling. What's more, the Wicken Toys seal of quality means they'll be able to re-use their new toy year after year.


    We hope you enjoy your new sledge and look forward to seeing you back when the sun starts shining again and the kids are clamouring for a climbing frame!

  • Welcome to the Wicken Toys Blog


    Hello there and welcome to the brand new Wicken Toys blog where we will be keeping you up-to-date on what’s going on in our toy universe!


    Wicken Toys Ltd. has been established since 1992 and is a family run business. “Family” being the operative word – we understand what families need to keep the kids entertained.



    Over the years we have concentrated our efforts on developing amazing ranges of quality, value for money outdoor toys. If you’re looking for an outdoor trampoline to give some bounce to the garden or a garden swing set to help you swing through the seasons – we’ve got plenty in-stock!


    If you haven’t heard, Wicken Toys have the biggest display of outdoor toys in the entire country and for kids it’s probably the most awesome sight they could ever hope to see in their young lives!


    Our toy specialties include climbing frames, garden swings, trampolines and garden toys. Our essential goal is to provide safe but exciting toys for the kids to play with and enjoy outside in the sunshine.


    If you like, feel free to browse our site for toys galore from wooden climbing frames to outdoor trampolines, we have it all!


    We look forward to blogging for you. For information on our products and services please Contact Us.

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