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  • Sledge and Toboggan Buying Guide

    Is there any sound sweeter than the 'swish' of a sledge gliding over fresh, crisp, white snow?

    Unlike skiing, and ice skating, this winter sport is cheap, easy, and accessible to all members of the family.

    The temperature's dropped and the snow is on its way, so now's a great time to be looking for a new sledge.

    We offer a range of sledges and toboggans from basic models to traditional wooden sleighs.

    Although in Britain we tend to use the words toboggan and sledge interchangeably, they do have different meanings. A toboggan has a flat bottom, whereas a sledge is has a seating area mounted on runners.

    Here we take a look at the different forms of snow transport available from Wicken Toys.



    These are the easiest style to ride, as the bucket style shape helps children stay on-board. The low down seating position lets the kids trail their hands through snow as they go, and if you're really lucky they will gather up snow balls to pelt you with as you pull them along.

    A tow rope at the front lets mum or dad pull the sledge, so little children can enjoy the snow at a gentle pace, instead of speeding down hills. Many models feature handles to hold on to, and some even have built-in steering. We also sell a two seater toboggan so friends and siblings can enjoy the snow together. Make sure you stop regularly to tip any accumulated snow out of the toboggan or the riders will be getting very wet bottoms.

    Plastic Sledge


    These tend to be faster, and a little more fun to ride, but require a bit more effort to stay on. Children bundled up in multiple layers of clothes may find mounting one of these easier than crouching down and getting into a toboggan. The larger, more sturdy models are suitable for adults as well as children. Look for models, like the Snow Shuttle (pictured) with stainless steel blades, as these will last long, and provide a smoother, faster ride.

    Wooden Sledge / Sleigh


    These stunning sleighs are fun and beautiful all rolled into one. They are big and sturdy enough for adults to ride on, making them a great investment for the whole family to enjoy. Keep a wooden sleigh in tip top condition by ensuring it is fully dry before you put it into storage.

    All sledges come with an age recommendation, which you should pay attention to, although when it comes to fun in the snow, it's older children that need to take the most care. Younger children will be content to sit in the sledge while you trundle along in the snow, slowly pulling them behind you. Older children are more likely to throw themselves head first down the nearest steep hill. Before you let them loose with their new sledge give them a quick lesson on snow safety, including safe places to sled.

  • Outdoor play - keeping kids fit and active in the winter

    Winter is often a time when kids don't feel inclined to play outdoors. It is far more appealing to them to stay in their rooms and play video games or watch TV than to venture out into the cold yet magical world awaiting them outside. Playing outdoors is not as bad for your little ones as they'd have you believe. Providing they are wrapped up warm in winter coats, hats and scarves, and remain active while they are outside, then outdoor play can help your children stay fit and actually keep them warm.



    So in today's blog we thought we'd look at some great toys and activities to keep your little playing ones outdoors in the magical winter weather.


    Sledging may be an obvious one but if we continue to have the kind of weather we've been having of late then a sledge or toboggan will provide hours upon hours of outdoor fun for your children. Remember you can never be too soon when it comes to buying a sledge. It's always better to be pre-emptive than for your child to miss out when the snow finally arrives.

    Climbing frames

    A climbing frame is always a popular outdoor plaything. In the wintertime, clambering on one of these play structures will not only keep your little ones fit and active but also give them a great vantage point from which to view their wintery surroundings. A climbing frame can not only help your child's sense of balance and coordination but also help expand their imaginations as they imagine it is a spaceship or moon base.


    A trampoline is perhaps the most energetic way to keep warm and active whilst outdoors. The simple act of bouncing up and down outdoors is perhaps as magical and transformative as snow itself. Indeed, it's probably as close as your children will come to the magical act of flying that is so prevalent in children's storybooks and indeed their own imaginations.

    Garden swings

    This feeling of flying is mirrored in the classic garden swing. Children can occupy themselves for hours pushing each other back and forth. A swing is a classic for a reason. Swinging is quite simply, one of the most fun outdoor activities ever! Children love to play on the swings because of magical feeling of flying through the air. Likewise, unlike many children's play activities its one that adults can really feel a part of. As a parent you will be more than appreciated for taking up that all important role of "the pusher".

    So when it comes to wintertime, outdoor play is often a good thing for your children. Helping them to keep fit and active as well as developing their imaginations. Indeed, here at Wicken Toys, we are great advocates of outdoor play for this reason. It gets children away from the TV or games console and enables them to use their imaginations in creative role playing games. Outdoor plays are not only versatile but can also feed your little ones' imaginations; encouraging them to become cowboys, wizards and spacemen and to utilise their surroundings in a way that is good for both body and mind.

  • The return of snow days

    If you have been lucky enough to have time off work because of the recent wintery weather, then you'll know how much fun snow can be. This is particularly true if you have children. A snow day is a magical family memory to treasure forever. Waking up to find that your child's school is closed and that you are unable to get to the office can be a blessing in disguise, enabling you and your and your family to spend unpressurised quality time together, enjoying something that is both unique and transforming! Snow has the capacity to transform your familiar surroundings into a magical winter wonderland.



    However, we all know how disappointing it can be for us and our children when we go to fetch the trusty family sledge from the back of the shed or garage, only to find that it is lost, broken or has an obvious crack in it that will mean that it could easily shatter if put through its paces.

    For this reason it is always a good idea to check the condition of your sledge or toboggan in advance to ensure that a snow day is a go day when it comes to outdoor winter fun.

    We recommend that you go back in time to an era when sledges were simple and durable, and invest in a wooden one. Colint Davos 120 wooden sledge is a classic German built wooden sledge that is simple, practical and will last you many years if it is properly looked after.

    Here at Wicken Toys we value the simple well-made toys of the past and these wooden sledges are no exception. They are a nostalgic treat for parents, who will no doubt remember them from their own childhoods.  However, if wood is not your thing and you are looking for aero-dynamics and speed then take a look at the Super Sledge Firecom Red, which is suitable for older children who will be more experienced at sledging. This sledge is super fast and good in most conditions including ice and hardened snow or soft snow and sludge. Indeed, its wide plastic runners make it extremely stable on all surfaces.

    So if you've been caught out by the recent cold snap and were unprepared for snow day winter fun, then take a look at our Wicken Toys sledge range. There are plenty to choose from to suit all abilities and ages. So why not browse our range to find the perfect sledge for your family, then order it in advance to save disappointment next time it snows.

  • Snow days ahead at Wicken Toys

    Snow Days ahead at Wicken Toys

    Outdoor toys aren’t just for summer time contrary to what some may think. In fact, there’s no single season that kids don’t consider a good time to go out and play! So at Wicken Toys, we cater towards their needs all year around.

    As the winter approaches with the possibility of snowfall a major likelihood, if last year was anything to go by, we have to start thinking about preparing the kiddiewinks for some safe snow playtime! While all the adults in the country will groan as the winter wonderland of ice and snow freezes us into gridlock again, the children will surely rejoice. There’s nothing quite like a snow day.

    And what are the best outdoor toys for a snow day? Sledges of course!

    For beginners and for intermediates, Wicken Toys has an enviable collection.

    Sleds for childrenIf your children have never gone sledding before, introduce them to My First Sled made from a toughened plastic with a connecting rope, this is perfect for children or teenagers. It’s easy to operate and good to practice in, hence its name!

    Super Sledge Firecom RedFor the children that have done a bit of sledding previously we recommend them hopping aboard the Super Sledge Firecom Red – the ultimate sledding experience. The word super is not an exaggeration as this sledge has been designed for both children and adults with wide plastic runners ideally suited for snowy, slushy and icy conditions. Just make sure you wrap up warm when using it. Adult supervision is preferable when this sledge is being operated.

    The option to go really old school is always open at Wicken Toys.Back in the days when sledges were at their peak of popularity there was no fancy colours and overly elaborate designs. The sledges were simple, practical and for intents and purposes, the most satisfying to use. Take this Mountain Sled 100 wooden sledge as the pride and joy of the Wicken Toys sledge range.

    It’s a traditional wooden sledge hand built in Germany with the strongest emphasis on durability. They are guaranteed to last throughout this winter and many winters beyond it. Perfect for deep snow sledding experiences and are suitable for one adult with a child to take it for a spin.

    Snow Suttle BlueAlternatively, another 2 seat sledge that is much sleeker in its design and appearance is the Snow Shuttle Blue. While it is inspired by traditional toboggan designs, it is very much a modern looking piece of sledging mastery. It can be adapted for safe use for younger children with the addition of the all round seat.

    This winter give the kids an adventure in their own back garden and local parks by getting them a sledge for the snow days ahead. Wicken Toys has a wide selection to choose from so feel free to take a browse on our site to find the right fit for your family.

    At the time of writing there are only 80 shopping days left until Christmas! Santa Claus is coming...

  • Stay ahead of the snow and buy a sledge today!

    At this time of year we're only just starting to think about the possibility of snow. This year's mild weather has meant that it has been especially difficult to imagine the possibility of a sudden flurry of the old white stuff. However, as we all know, the British weather is notoriously unpredictable and an unseasonably warm spell can turn into cold snap overnight. And when the snow does come, there is nothing more frustrating than being snowed in, and unable to get to the shops to buy your sledge. Moreover, whilst in our day all we needed was a tea tray to have fun in the snow, today's youngsters are slightly more discerning. Likewise, in the health and safety conscious world of today, it's probably not advisable to be seen giving your children such a precarious alternative to an actual sledge or toboggan.



    After several years of mild Winters snow seems to be making a comeback. The past few years have had some fantastic snowfalls! Indeed, there's nothing more exciting for a child than waking up to a world in white, then trekking out on crisp untouched snow to the top of a local slope, mound or hill to try out their new sledge. This kind of outdoor play is especially important in an age where children shut themselves away in their rooms in front of games consoles, immersed in virtual playgrounds instead of the real thing.


    Here at Wicken Toys we understand the importance of outdoor play for child development. We remember a time when play encompassed the interaction between the real world and the world of the imagination; two things that are lacking from the video games of today. The outdoors was a world of dens, enchanted forests and space stations in treetops! In this sense, snow is very special thing, it has this magical capacity to transform the imaginative worlds of children, if only for a short time.



    Yet, in our increasingly busy lives it's hard to plan ahead for something seemingly as trivial as a snow day. However, ordering online at Wicken Toys couldn't be simpler. We have a super easy online payment system, fast delivery and we carry stocks of sledges and toboggans all year round. Despite our best efforts, however, once the snow arrives our extensive range of sledges and toboggans sells out very fast. So why not make sure you're ahead of the game and order a sledge from Wicken Toys today?

  • Benefits of Outdoor Play to Children

    If you’re currently reading this in your living room while your kids are sat on the sofa watching a cartoon then this blog is perfect for you!

    It’s time to switch that TV off and get your kids outdoors!

    Continue reading
  • Why is outside better than indoor for play?

    In the ever growing age of the computer screen and games console, playing outside is a trend that seems to be something some children can’t bear. However, that does not mean to say it isn’t an essential component to development.

    In fact, if anything, playing outside is something that should be encouraged whenever possible.

    The pre-school age and above can learn and develop so much in outdoor play.  When they jump, run or even leap they are actively keeping fit, improving their co-ordination and of course having fun!

    Even things like ball throwing or pushing a swing can all assist them in their handling skills and eye-hand co-ordination.

    So in this blog, we thought we would inspire you (and hopefully your children) to see outdoor play as something preferable to sitting in front of a television or computer to learn and experience the world around.

    Continue reading
  • Winter Fun & Games


    Of course Winter is not just a time to fear for your children’s safety, it’s a time like no other that can offer a huge variety of fun. No other season offers this one material that kids love to play with, a material that allows a versatile amount of games to be played; snow. When it snows, and if it snows hard enough, it can cause the whole country to shut down. Roads are closed. Public transport stops. Offices stay closed. At Wicken Toys we see this period as one to enjoy and relish. Continue reading

  • Why do children love to play outdoors?


    Kids love outdoor toys. It’s a fact. You can’t restrain a child’s need or want to be in the great outdoors. Children have a passion and affinity when it comes to playing out that adults don’t share. It’s where kids feel most comfortable, playing with their friends in the garden or elsewhere. Of course, parents have to be more vigilant about where their children spend their time playing these days. It’s sad to say, but it’s a different world to the one where parents grew up. That’s why it’s often more preferable for parents to invest in an outdoor toy for children. It gives children some freedom to play while parents can keep an eye on them and keep them safe. A safe play area for children is hard to come by these days and outdoor toys give parents back some peace of mind whenever their child wants to play outside. Kids aren’t made of cotton wool, but we do need to protect them as much as possible while they learn to find their feet. Continue reading

  • Oh what fun it is to ride on a Wicken open sleigh

    Wicken Toys is your first stop for quality outdoor toys this Christmas; it’s the only place where quality, safety and value come into play. We love Christmas here at Wicken Toys and we love getting children to play actively in the outdoors. That’s what Christmas should always be like for children. It's a happy time; it might be cold outside and snowy, but Christmases are times of magic and togetherness, where children can play and be happy with their families without a single care in the world. Continue reading

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