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  • Wicken Guide To Buying A Slide

    What’s not to love about a slide?

    Not only do they provide a great prompt for imaginative play, they encourage physical activity and give young minds a full sensory workout at the same time.

    Here we take a look at the benefits of incorporating a slide into your back garden playscape and how to go about choosing the best slide for your children.

    The Humble Slide: More Than Just A Fun Ride

    Sure a slide is fun, but it offers much more than that. In their eagerness to experience the thrill of the slide ride, your children will expend plenty of energy running around to the ladder and climbing back to the top. This raises their heart rate, which is good for overall health and well-being and works the big muscle groups in their arms and legs. Young children especially need to push and pull with these muscles everyday before their bodies are ready experience the stillness needed to achieve focus and concentration.

    The ride down itself also contributes to childhood development. In the few seconds it takes to ride to the bottom, your child is bombarded with sensory experiences - the feel of air rushing past, the sensation of their body moving over the surface of the slide, the sights of their surroundings zipping past them. Their brain works hard to process all these experiences and make sense of them. The more practice their brain gets in this type of processing, then more able it is to apply this processing skill to unfamiliar situations.

    So by now you should be well convinced that a slide will make a fun and useful addition to your garden. Now it’s time to decide which slide.


    Space Considerations

    Not only do you need space for the slide, but you also need adequate room for children to access the ladder, and an exclusion zone around the slide, free from obstacles, that can be covered with safety matting to provide protection in the event of a fall.

    When planning the position of the slide you should also be wary of the temptation to reach for things from the top of the ladder. Make sure your slide is far enough away from playhouses and other play equipment, so your children won’t be tempted to hop from one item to the other.

    Finally, consider the route your children will take from the bottom of the slide back around to the ladder. Make sure they won’t be running directly in the path of the swings, or need to navigate around any obstacles likely to trip them up.

    Stand Alone vs Climbing Frame

    At Wicken Toys we sell stand alone slides and climbing frames with slides attached. For smaller gardens a climbing frame may be the best way to fit a variety of play features into the space available.

    Slides attached to climbing frames tend to feel more sturdy, although stand alone slides can be staked to the ground.

    Finally, if your child wants an unusual slide such as a tube or a wave, there are a greater number of options to choose from if you opt for a slide attached to a climbing frame.

    Whatever size your garden, Wicken Toys will have play equipment suitable. Browse through our selection of slides and climbing frames online, visit our huge outdoor demonstration area, or call us to discuss your requirements.

  • What's the Easter Bunny got in store for your garden?

    Well who can believe we're already in to March almost and that Easter is but a few weeks away!

    If you're thinking of ways to inspire the children over the holidays then Wicken Toys can help! We all know the British weather can be challenging but Easter (even if the sun isn't quite shining) is  a fantastic time to get outside and enjoy the Spring!

    Whether it's having a game of footie in the garden or if you want something a little more grand, then we've got some inspiring ideas to get you thinking!

    Now, if you remember back when you were young, how much fun was the humble slide?  As a great activity and for some mini thrills, a slide is a wonderful way to encourage your children to be outside enjoying the fresh air. With a hint of trepidation at the steps, the ultimate result is always laughter or an exciting scream as the little ones make their way down to the bottom.

    Continue reading

  • Slide into spring

    Now that things are getting a bit warmer it’s time to encourage your little ones to break away from the TV or games console and get out in the fresh air. At this time of year the first signs of spring are starting to show. A few early spring flowers are beginning to pop up and many garden birds have started to sing their lovely spring songs!


    So in today’s blog we  thought we’d talk about an outdoor toy, which is bound to get your kids racing out into the garden, filled with the joys of  spring. A free standing slide is not only a staple of children’s playgrounds everywhere but also a great vantage point from which your little ones can spot the signs of spring such as rousing insects, emerging flowers and nesting birds.


    A slide is one of those outdoor playthings that are totally addictive. Like swings, kids beg to go to the park to play on them. There’s something extremely satisfying about climbing up high to shoot straight back down to the ground. Moreover children never tire of this simple activity. It would seem there’s much joy in repetition!


    Much like garden swings and climbing frames, these kinds of outdoor playthings are an immense source of pride for children. Up until the point that they have relied on you to take them to the park or recreation ground, and now, suddenly, they are independent and can play as much as they like. Moreover, they don’t have to wait for other children, to take their turn!


    So let’s take a look at some of the options available here at Wicken Toys.


    To begin with there’s the tp Kingfisher Slide Rainbow. This is a great starter slide, which is made from injection moulded polyethylene, with ultra violet stabilisers to stop it degrading. It also has three heavy duty steps with a grip pattern to help stop your little ones from slipping.


    Next up in the range we have tp Green Crazywavy Slide Body and Step Set, which has a very sturdy construction and wave form slope for a rollercoaster ride of gentle yet super fun bumps.




    For older and more confident children there’s the tp Rapide Slide Body and Stepset, which is an extra wide 3 metre straight slope slide with four steps. It is built on a highly rigid steel chassis for greater strength.


    So if you would like to encourage your youngsters to use the garden more at this wonderful time of year, then consider getting them a free standing slide or maybe even a climbing frame with a built-in slide for double the fun.

  • Benefits of Outdoor Play to Children

    If you’re currently reading this in your living room while your kids are sat on the sofa watching a cartoon then this blog is perfect for you!

    It’s time to switch that TV off and get your kids outdoors!

    Continue reading
  • Why is outside better than indoor for play?

    In the ever growing age of the computer screen and games console, playing outside is a trend that seems to be something some children can’t bear. However, that does not mean to say it isn’t an essential component to development.

    In fact, if anything, playing outside is something that should be encouraged whenever possible.

    The pre-school age and above can learn and develop so much in outdoor play.  When they jump, run or even leap they are actively keeping fit, improving their co-ordination and of course having fun!

    Even things like ball throwing or pushing a swing can all assist them in their handling skills and eye-hand co-ordination.

    So in this blog, we thought we would inspire you (and hopefully your children) to see outdoor play as something preferable to sitting in front of a television or computer to learn and experience the world around.

    Continue reading
  • Wicken Toys teaches you to prepare!

    We know the Christmas word seems far off but very often we have clearance items or sale items which make idea presents for birthdays or the big C.

    So in today’s blog we thought we would feature some of our best products, currently available at fantastic prices. So whether you want to start getting ready to spread the cost of the next big season or you want to find a bargain for your little one’s birthday, this blog should help you find some great bargains.

    If you’ve previously purchased a play trampoline from us and want to encourage more exercise and sport from your child, then our Performance Trampoline may be of interest.

    Designed to be heavyweight, this trampoline is of the same ilk as trampolines you would find in a sports hall or leisure facility. Therefore, it’s definitely for the more serious trampolinist!

    The great thing about this trampoline is that it is good for adults too! So as a bonding option, this trampoline can literally give the whole family hours of fun and fitness! It also allows for more advanced trampolining moves.

    At the moment this wonderful product is selling at just £699.00 with a list price of £1199.00 so it’s excellent value at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expect to pay.

    If you’re looking for something a little smaller and more geared towards the children – and if you want something that will fit in to your daughter’s bedroom then the tp Dolls House Book Case is an exceptional choice and is also on offer.

    For creativity in play, this dolls house is both durable and high quality. It’s also really easy to put together.

    It is currently retailing at £35.95 with a list price of £39.95 so if your little one is hankering after a dolls house you may want to take a look.

    And if you want something for the boys, you’ll be glad to know that the range also produces a boy’s version. The tp Castle Book Case retails at the same price and offers just as much creative play.

    If you’re planning on turning the garden into a play area for the children, then the tp Forest Multiplay Wooden Playset is ideal.

    It is a compact yet sturdy double swing frame and comes with a slide and platform and to avoid any squabbles can be ideal if you’ve got more than one little one to keep occupied.

    It currently retails at £249.95 from Wicken Toys with a list price of £349.00 which is a fantastic saving if you’re budgeting.

    We are always trying to find the best bargains for parents who want their children to do more than sit in front of the television or computer console, so remember to check back regularly to see what more fantastic offers we have.

    After all, we only get one childhood so it’s worth making it the best!

  • The Fun List - this summer with outdoor toys


    Everyone has their ideal of what summer should be. For children though, they only want one thing; as William Wallace once said, “Freeeeeedom!” It’s their time away from school where the world is their oyster, so to speak. Wicken Toys really gets this idea. Summer holidays are a time for children to really feel like children without the confines of school rules and regulations and classes and stuffy old learning! It’s their time to have FUN.


    We here at Wicken Toys have compiled our Fun List of activities for children plus the toys we think will best serve their summer of freedom and fun.


    1. It’s got to be the beach at the top spot!

    What kid doesn’t love to play in the sand and run amuck in the shallow waters of the sea? Beaches are the number one family holiday destination in the summer and they make for a great experience for everyone concerned, if the weather holds out of course.


    If you can’t make it to the beach every weekend with the kids you can always bring the beach to them! Get them a Forest Hexagonal Sandpit that fits at home in any garden. It’s ideal for building sandcastles and digging and certainly offers up the closest at-home equivalent of the beach. To match the sand of the beach with a sandpit you shuld also match the water of the sea for a pool.


    Get your hands on the Intex Fish Pool designed to be the closest thing to a safe water experience for young children at-home. There is enough room for mum and dad in this pool.  Deep side walls make this great for older children too. Intex are one of the worlds largest inflatable manufacturers and they inflate all their toys at the factory before they are packed.




    2. Water parks

    The next best thing to the beach is a water park. We don’t know quite what it is with kids and water but they seem to love going in it (unless it’s bath time!) Water slides are just a delirious treat for them but the parks can be very expensive, even for family special tickets. So if you’re not too keen on the idea why not build your own water park outside? It’s cheaper and just as much fun for the kids.


    The Aqua Slide is a very popular seller come summer time. It can be used with any normal slide or just lay it on the garden and away you go. Great fun made better by the extra slippy silicone surface which helps propel you down the garden at great speed. Guaranteed laughter for kids, Mum's and Dad's.  Yes, parents need to get involved too!



    3. Play Park

    When in doubt, the play park is always a safe bet. Swings, slides, seesaws, roundabouts, climbing frames, the whole works. There’s enough energy to spent there to make the kids exhausted by day’s end and allowing youa  break in the evening while they wind down to sleep.


    You can build your own play park of course by selecting from our range of garden swings, climbing frames and seesaws to create your own park package out back.





    This summer make it easier on yourselves by writing your own Fun List for the kids. It helps you to plan out activities and ultimately save some money in the long term.

  • This summer play parks need to invest in quality outdoor play equipment


    For every child there is nothing that really beats exploring the outdoor environments of a play park with their friends. At that age everything is a new discovery and imagination is king on the playgrounds. But every play park needs an outdoor play equipment supplier in order to kit it out with safe, durable and fun toys. This is where we at Wicken Toys step in.


    In our experience, play parks should have plenty for kids to play with and in this blog we create the ideal environment with everything you could possibly need to make a play park a success with children. The essential elements that make up an outdoor play area are garden swings and slides. Without these two toy sets, it’s not a park! Or at least, it’s certainly not a traditional one!


    Let’s swing into action shall we? Swings are the heart and soul of a play park, and for us the swings from Plum products are the safest bet to make that heart beat.


    The Plum Uakari swing set offers 2 compact swing positions with the addition of two very popular climbing apparatus; a large climbing net and tall rock wall. It’s a wooden swing set with soft rope for climbing. It’s a multi-purpose, multi-use garden swing set ideal for play park use. Moreover, it’s safe!



    Let’s not slide around the issue too much! Slides are quite simply the bees knees when it comes to play parks. Kids love them. So you need to make sure you have one that is smooth and safe. For us, this Green Spiral Slide is ideal for children aged 3-12 that consists of 8 gliding parts mounted around a central pole.

    Nobody likes a social climber, unless they are under the age of 12! CP Gable Fan and Dormer and climbing frame is a play park ready outdoor toy with roof, climbing apparatus and a tower. It’s big, bold and brilliant!



    What’s a play park without a sandpit too? The tp Sherwood Sandpit is a large play area suitable for 2 or more children to get messy and have a muck around in. It’s simple and safe.



    Alternatively, you could just get an all-in-one beast of a climbing frame that has a bit of everything.

    There’s the Spider Monkey from Plum products that is a compact climbing frame with climbing net, slide and optional swings.



    One of our favourites is the Playtime Lincoln wooden climbing frame with free accessories including a two child back to back glider, rock wall, cargo climber, lunch counter, clubhouse window panal and access ladder. It’s the king of play park climbing frames, that’s for certain!



    Wicken Toys has the largest outdoor display in the UK for outdoor toys, so if you would like to see some of these products up close and personal, don’t hesitate to come and visit or Contact Us for more information.

  • Great discounts on climbing frames, garden swings and more with Wicken Toys

    If you haven’t yet seen it, you may be interested to know that we have some fantastic discounts available for some of our most popular toys and we thought we’d give you the heads up on some firm favourites!

    As we approach the Spring, you’ll no doubt want the benefits of fresh air and exercise to impact on the children’s playtime so our list covers what we feel are some of the greatest toys you can do that with.

    Continue reading
  • The affordable option for outdoor toys this Christmas

    Wicken Toys is a leader in the UK when it comes to outdoor toys. We have the largest outdoor toy display for you to come and browse for the perfect Christmas gifts for the children and we also have some very affordable options for outdoor toys this Christmas. At Wicken Toys, we understand that families are on a much stricter budget this Christmas and have to make their money stretch farther when it comes to buying Christmas toys for the children. That’s why we have put together this blog to show you some of the more affordable options in our outdoor toy range.  Continue reading

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