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table tennis

  • Guide To Buying A Table Tennis Table | Play Ping Pong At Home

    Oh how we all giggled when Boris proclaimed 'Wiff Waff is coming home', but one year after London hosted the 2012 Olympics, the nation is filled with table tennis lovers.

    If all that running around Andy Murray-style looks a little hot and exhausting for you, but you enjoy the thrill of a furious rally, then ping pong is the sport for you.

    It's a great game for all ages to enjoy together, and as such makes a fun addition to any family home.

    Buying a table tennis table (try saying that three times fast) is a significant investment, so it's worth doing some reseach before making your purchase.

    Here's a few points to consider before parting with your cash.


    Do you want it to fold away for storage, or be a permanent fixture?

    It's an attractive idea, having a foldable table, so when it's not in use you can free up the entire room that it occupies when you are playing. However, be realistic about the amount of effort it takes to pull the table out, set it up, then put it away again. Will this amount of preparation and tidying away put you off using the table? If your table is out all the time there will be plenty of spontaneous rallies, played on the spur of the moment, when you have just a few minutes to spare. Also consider that even when the table is folded away, it will still be a considerable size, so do you have somewhere suitable to store it?

    On the other hand, think about what might happen if you leave the table out all of the time? If your family home is prone to clutter corners, are you going to use the table as yet another dumping ground, making it difficult to play a game when you want to? You can combat this problem by keeping a two baskets ontop of the table. One is for the table tennis bats and balls. The other basket if for clutter, so that when you want to use the table you need only temporarily move the basket, rather than transport a mountain of bits and bobs.


    Do you want to use your ping pong table outdoors?

    Of course you can take an indoor table and use it outdoors, if the weather is good enough. But regularly using an indoor table outdoors, will eventually damage it.

    Outdoor tables are made differently to indoor tables. They are more expensive, but being able to leave them erected on your patio gives you plenty of opportunity for spontaneous ping pong games, without needing to give up a room in your house.

    Outdoor table tennis tables are designed to endure all the weather our British climate can throw at it, but naturally the table will last longer if you protect it with a purpose built cover, and/or you store it in a shed or garage over the winter.


    Other points to consider:

    • If you like top practive solo, look for a folding table, that allows you to prop one half up and use it as a backboard to practice against.
    • Before you buy, make sure you know what the price includes so you are not disappointed on delivery. You will need a net, at least two bats, and some ping pong balls.
    • Look for a ping pong table with wheels, as these will make it much easier to move out of the way when not in use.

    We stock both indoor and outdoor table tennis tables, plus a selection of accessories.

  • Rain delay – indoor toys and game ideas


    For all our talk of summer we really haven’t seen that much of it this year, which is a real shame. Wicken Toys loves the sun. We’re really big kids ourselves and enjoy summer as much as any child! So all this rain has caused us to reassess what children can get up to over the summer holidays if the outside is too wet to play.


    Any parent knows that keeping kids busy at home on rainy days can be a challenge. Kids want to play outside, rain or shine. It’s in their nature and their energy levels cannot be debated or reasoned with!


    So here’s the Wicken Toys guide to indoor toys and games for children to play on those rainy days.



    What better way to deal with a rain delay than some indoor Table Tennis?


    We have a range of four tables to suit different ages and room sizes.


    The Kettler Stockholm Indoor table is one of the best selling Kettler indoor tables. It’s actually great for everyone in the family – not just kids. You can play one-on-one or double up on two-versus-two matches. Kids versus parents? You could play some odds – if you win they have to clean their rooms. If they win you have to let them stay up an extra hour before bed! Increase the stakes accordingly.


    All Kettler indoor tennis tables are great value for money and of an exceptional quality. In fact, the Stockholm is used often in school playrooms. Due to its foldaway and rollaway functions it’s an economic space-saving option for the home.



    Playhouses that are suitable for indoor use as well as outdoors is a good place to go to. They can provide a home within a home for children looking to make-believe. If you have some space in the lounge or a play room, you can move the playhouse in there for the duration of the rain delay.


    We’re specifically thinking of the Forest Cabin Wooden Playhouse. Hopefully, you will bring it inside anyway, out of the rain, so why not put it to use?


    The forest cabin wooden playhouse is a compact lodge with window frames and fabric door, ideal for indoor playtime.



    There are other, more simple options for parents looking to save money of course!


    Chairs and pillows already in the home can be made up to become indoor forts or there’s always the classic game of hide and seek too!


    Don’t let a little rain keep your kids parked on the sofa all day. There’s always games that can be played and activities to participate in that don’t require going outside in the wet and windy outdoors.

    We'll be writing up a list of more ideas for you and the kids to do when the rain comes falling down.

  • Mum and Dad’s Excellent adventure this summer


    Okay, you know that the kids are going to have a totally awesome summer holiday whether they are playing outside in the sun, indoors watching television, or playing video games in their bedroom! They don’t have to go to school and that’s the whole point. But what about Mum and Dad? You poor things always have to put the kids fun times first before your own. Well today in Wicken Toys blog we will take you through how you can enjoy yourselves too!


    Mums and Dads have the hardest job... period. Raising children is the most important responsibility in the world, well, next to nuclear weapons release...


    This summer you can join in with the kids in activities designed to suit both you and them.


    If the weather fits... slide it!


    Outdoor Slides in the garden is a perfect way to mix both fun for kids and fun for adults too. Setting up one of these bad boys out back presents plenty of good times to be had by the whole family. Crack out your swimwear because it’s going to get wet!


    Tp Aqua Slide is what we are referring to here. You can use it with any slide or just lay it on the garden and away you go. Great fun made better by the extra slippy silicone surface which helps propel you down the garden at great speed. It’s guaranteed laughter for kids and parents.



    On the other hand, if you are more of a sporty Dad or Mum, perhaps getting your kids involved in an active sport would be the best answer to this conundrum of resolving the disparity between an adult and child’s idea of fun.


    It’s the season of sport – Euro 2012, Roayl Ascot, Wimbledon, and of course the Olympics! So why not get your back garden to be a participating arena for your own set of football frolics and table tennis tournaments.


    We have Tp Giant Goals which are a great way for Dads to get in on the football action. They work for both children and adults. If your sons are keen football fanatics then this is the ideal choice of garden toy.



    Alternatively, you can always go for the more relaxed, but just as challenging, Kettler Stockholm Outdoor Table Tennis. It’s an indoor indoor table too with strengthened undercarriage & playback facility. Perfect for use inside or outside, depending on the temperature and weather. It’s a beautiful little package that Mum and Dad’s can play against each other or their offspring.


    There’s a little something for everyone. The more the outdoor play equipment translates to the hardworking parents, the better we say!


    Enjoy your summer with your children and get in on the adventures!

  • To me, to you – ball games this summer


    Okay, so it seems premature talking about a summer that seems to be holding back from arriving on our fair shores over here in the UK, but the truth is that sun will get here eventually and when it does, you want to be ready.


    The kids will be on summer holidays in less than two months so you need to start thinking “activities!” Believe it or not but kids will want to play outside when its sunny! And if that’s the case then the best way to encourage that i to make sure that they have plenty of games and outdoor toys to go to.


    Ball games is what we’re focusing on here this week at Wicken Toys. Who’d have thought that just having a ball and a net would be enough to keep them entertained all day? Well, just ask schools! They always keep the children occupied at playtime and in P.E. lessons through ball games. Plus, it’s fund for adults to join in to.


    What we’re looking at today is specific ball games.



    Yes, it’s the nation’s crown jewel this sport and many children get into it from a young age. Why not challenge the little ones by getting a Giant Goal so they can actual have a real game with each other? It’s all well and good giving them a ball but in order to complete the game they need to have the other main ingredient.


    The tp giant Goal is big enough for Dad’s and teenagers to enjoy as well as the younger family members. If you’re boys are football crazy then this is the best place to start their summer with.




    Traditionally netball is played more by girls than boys but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a mixed sport at home, after all this tp Netball complete set doubles as a basketball net too. This is one of those team sports that really gets kids to co-ordinate and work together, more so than most and also teaches them excellent hand-eye co-ordination. Netball set with fully adjustable ring and net height, from just above the base up to 10 feet.  It’s ideal to encourage even very young players.



    Table tennis

    If the summer proves to be more rainfall than sunshine, then indoor ball games are always an alternative option. None more so a better one than table tennis. The Kettler indoor table has a strengthened undercarriage & playback facility. It’s Kettler's best selling indoor table. INCLUDES FREE 2 bats, 3 balls and a net.

    That said if you already have a table or decide to put together a make shift one, all you need is the bat and balls.

    You can get a Kettler Table Tennis pack of balls and Kettler tennis table bats to play like pros do. It’s a lot of fun and ocne again very, very good for hand-eye co-ordination.



    Talk to Wicken Toys about sports and games this summer whether it’s for a kickaround in the back garden or a championship game of table tennis indoors, we can promise you that when it comes to these activities we’ve got the balls for it! ;-)

  • Christmas toys cometh from Wicken


    There’s less than 60 shopping days left until Christmas! It may seem like a long time, but we’re almost in November now and Christmas shopping is already underway for many families this year. We’re even taking advance orders to beat the Christmas rush.


    So start making those lists and find out what the kids want this year.


    Wicken Toys has an unparalleled range of outdoor toys to choose from and we’ve prepared for every eventuality for this coming festive season.  If you follow our blog then you’ll see over the next few weeks just how many Christmas gift ideas we have to impart to you.


    You’d think buying Christmas toys for the kids would be the easiest thing, but with such a wide variety of choices available these days it can be a bit of a nightmare to hunt down the best ones. We believe that playtime should keep the children active and what better way to encourage them to do that then with outdoor toys such as climbing frames, playhouses and wheeled toys?


    So let’s start ticking off that list of possible gift ideas shall we?


    For the active, sporty kids we always recommend getting them toys that help them to continue their active pursuits...


    Take this tp Basketball Game Set. This is a great way to keep them on the go and it saves on garden space too. The basketball set fits directly onto a wall or if you purchase a mounting kit with it, it can fit onto any of our giant swing frames or climbing frames. Without overstating the pun; it’s a slam-dunk choice for kids this Christmas.



    Okay, maybe you’re thinking, “We want to keep the kids active but it might be too cold this winter to have them playing in the garden all day long.” So, here’s an alternative idea...


    The Kettler Stockholm Indoor table ideal for table tennis and ping pong matches in the cosy comfort of your home.  This is actually a great gift for the whole family as it offers super value for money and a range games that all ages can get involved with. The Stockholm is equally suitable for clubs and schools too. It’s both rollaway and foldaway efficient so it doesn’t take up any space when not in use. Christmas Day could be a great opportunity for the family to go head-to-head for some serious ping pong matches!

    Wicken Toys knows that some kids just want to have toys that they can play with a la Buzz Lightyear! So we have introduced a range called SIKU Diecast Models, which include toys such as lorries, buses, cranes and farm machinery model toys.


    For more than 50 years SIKU has fascinated children and adults alike with its model toys. The range of SIKU toy farm models is as captivating and varied as the real world of agriculture with many different implements available for the different model tractors. The SIKU Deere tractor and trailer set is a popular seller.



    These are just a few of the Wicken suggestions and options for Christmas toys this year. We’ll be back with more blogs and more Christmas gift ideas for the kids and the whole family. For more information on any of our products or ranges, please Contact Us.

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