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  • Top Tips For Buying A Toy Kitchen

    We aren't just about outdoor play here at Wicken Toys. When we spotted these gorgeous wooden kitchens from Plum, we just had to stock them. Plum are renowned for the quality of their wooden outdoor toys, and we were excited to see that expertise applied to smaller indoor playsets.

    If you are looking to buy a new toy kitchen for your little one, here's a few points to consider.


    Gender Neutral Or Pink Perfection

    For a long time manufacturers fell into the trap of thinking that homemaking games were just for girls. Of course this is wrong, and boys enjoy playing with toy kitchens just as much as girls do. Happily now the selection of gender neutral or boy-friendly toy kitchens is on the increase. If you have a a daughter, you might be tempted to buy a very feminine looking kitchen. Before you do so, consider the life of the product. Wooden kitchens are designed to last years, and if you might have a son in the near future, you will get better play value from a more neutral colour scheme.


    Wooden Or Plastic

    Toy kitchens are always either wooden or plastic.

    Noise levels are about the same, but in different ways.

    Plastic kitchens are quieter when they are being played with, as wooden doors and draws can make a loud noise when being closed.

    On the other hand almost all plastic models take batteries and will deliver lights and sounds for interactive entertainment. This may be fun and engaging for the first ten minutes, but it won't be long before you are confiscating the batteries, and pretending the sound effects are broken so you can enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet.

    Wooden kitchens tend to be heavier, and therefore more sturdy when you play with them. Plastic kitchens have a tendency to scoot across the floor while they are being used, and they are quite tempting to turn upside down and use as a make shift slide.

    Plenty of use and love over the years tends to show more on a plastic model as the stickers used to decorate it will peel and scuff.


    Quality Over Quantity

    Wooden kitchens tend to be more expensive. When choosing how to spend your budget your options will be between an attrative, quality wooden toy kitchen, or a larger plastic model with dozens, possible even hundreds of accessories. Although a six foot long, multi-station kitchen-themed play centre, with 100 pieces of cutlery and 50 pieces of cooking equipment will certainly have the 'wow' factor, think about how that will practically fit into your home and family. How many of those accessories will get used? How quickly will they get lost under the sofa or mistakenly put away in the wrong boxes? It's not about how much you get for your money, it's about how much play value you get for your money.


    Additional Expenses

    If you're on a budget, don't forget to account for additional costs like play cooking equipment and pretend food. Often the accessories that come included are not particularly good quality, so save some money back (or ask relatives) to buy some beautiful extras to accompany the kitchen.


    You can see our selection of beautiful wooden kitchens here.

  • The wonderful outdoors!

    In modern times, entertainment has become an industry. Television enchants young children with bright colours and playful characters. Video games offer a window of interactivity into a vibrant world. The Internet provides a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and new experiences. It’s not hard to see why, even when the sun’s out, many children still choose to stay indoors.

    Here at Wicken Toys, though, we still firmly believe that kids need to experience the great outdoors, as it provides a stable base for development – not just physical, but emotional, social and cognitive development too. It seems we’re not the only ones...

    All learning is based on sensory information, meaning what a child can see, hear, feel, smell and taste. The outdoor environment can provide stimulation for all these senses – think of an outdoor picnic in a verdant forest, the scent of dew fresh on the grass, with a blackbird singing nearby.

    Continue reading
  • Want to buy a climbing frame but don’t know where to start?

    Whenever the purchase of a climbing frame is on the agenda there are some essential things to ask before coming down and buying one.


    Preparation is the key to finding the very best climbing frame for your garden and so we here at Wicken Toys thought it would be useful to offer some general guidance on what you need to do before choosing your next climbing frame.



    So what do you need to know?


    The first thing to ask is probably obvious but it’s often the thing that isn’t always considered!  What can you fit in your garden and what safety implications are there?

    Continue reading
  • Maybe baby – finding the perfect baby toys


    With autumn already bearing down upon us and the impending Christmas season, now is the time to start thinking about baby toys and garden swings for the smallest members of your growing family. British winters are becoming more traditional over the past few years, with snowfall becoming a more prominent feature of the winter period. And there’s nothing quite like the cold weather and snow for bringing a family together. Make this winter special with some outdoor toys for baby, toddler and child alike.


    The TP QuadPod is a great addition to any family garden swing and it won’t break the bank. This swing seat incorporates four seats into its design and suits ages from 6 months to 8 years. This seat is ideal for babies because it gives full back and neck support, which means that you can bundle baby up and take them to play on the swing without any worry. Think of the fun you could have as a family playing with this outdoor toy.




    Another fun little baby toy is the TP Deck Chair Seat. Themed like a summer deck chair to bring back memories of warmer summer days, this one suits ages 6 months to 3 years. There are no sharp corners, so the kids are safe when playing with this toy for babies. It makes your current garden swing a love-letter to a British summer in winter.




    Of course, Wicken Toys can offer you even more than that in outdoor toys. We’ve got our TP Growable Acorn Swing Set. This set includes two seats and is adjustable, so you can grow the swing set as baby gets older. For a lot of families having to watch their pennies, that’s a big bonus because it allows you to get more use out of the swing for a longer period of time. It’s the outdoor baby toy that grows with your baby.


    If your baby is a bit older and a bit more daring, give them a challenge! TP Challenger Climbing Frame Low Height Set 1 is a climbing frame set that will delight and astound adventurous toddlers and encourage them to be more active in the great outdoors. With a bumpy slide, ramps and a secret den for them to play in, this will keep them engaged, happy and playing for years into the future.




    What child doesn’t love a trampoline? TP Folding Trampoline is a fun baby toy for confident babies over 12 months. The fact that it can fold-up means that it can be an outdoor toy in calmer weather and an indoor toy when it’s too rough, wet or cold outside. Kids can have endless fun on a small trampoline like this, whatever the weather.




    Even though the weather is starting to turn, there’s still lots of fun to be had with outdoor toys for children in autumn and winter. Whatever the weather, kids can wrap up warm and get out into the garden to get some fun in the world outdoors with the family by their side.


    Wicken Toys has the biggest display of outdoor toys and garden swings in the country. Bring the family down and try them for yourselves!

  • Snow days ahead at Wicken Toys

    Snow Days ahead at Wicken Toys

    Outdoor toys aren’t just for summer time contrary to what some may think. In fact, there’s no single season that kids don’t consider a good time to go out and play! So at Wicken Toys, we cater towards their needs all year around.

    As the winter approaches with the possibility of snowfall a major likelihood, if last year was anything to go by, we have to start thinking about preparing the kiddiewinks for some safe snow playtime! While all the adults in the country will groan as the winter wonderland of ice and snow freezes us into gridlock again, the children will surely rejoice. There’s nothing quite like a snow day.

    And what are the best outdoor toys for a snow day? Sledges of course!

    For beginners and for intermediates, Wicken Toys has an enviable collection.

    Sleds for childrenIf your children have never gone sledding before, introduce them to My First Sled made from a toughened plastic with a connecting rope, this is perfect for children or teenagers. It’s easy to operate and good to practice in, hence its name!

    Super Sledge Firecom RedFor the children that have done a bit of sledding previously we recommend them hopping aboard the Super Sledge Firecom Red – the ultimate sledding experience. The word super is not an exaggeration as this sledge has been designed for both children and adults with wide plastic runners ideally suited for snowy, slushy and icy conditions. Just make sure you wrap up warm when using it. Adult supervision is preferable when this sledge is being operated.

    The option to go really old school is always open at Wicken Toys.Back in the days when sledges were at their peak of popularity there was no fancy colours and overly elaborate designs. The sledges were simple, practical and for intents and purposes, the most satisfying to use. Take this Mountain Sled 100 wooden sledge as the pride and joy of the Wicken Toys sledge range.

    It’s a traditional wooden sledge hand built in Germany with the strongest emphasis on durability. They are guaranteed to last throughout this winter and many winters beyond it. Perfect for deep snow sledding experiences and are suitable for one adult with a child to take it for a spin.

    Snow Suttle BlueAlternatively, another 2 seat sledge that is much sleeker in its design and appearance is the Snow Shuttle Blue. While it is inspired by traditional toboggan designs, it is very much a modern looking piece of sledging mastery. It can be adapted for safe use for younger children with the addition of the all round seat.

    This winter give the kids an adventure in their own back garden and local parks by getting them a sledge for the snow days ahead. Wicken Toys has a wide selection to choose from so feel free to take a browse on our site to find the right fit for your family.

    At the time of writing there are only 80 shopping days left until Christmas! Santa Claus is coming...

  • Wicken Toys teaches you to prepare!

    We know the Christmas word seems far off but very often we have clearance items or sale items which make idea presents for birthdays or the big C.

    So in today’s blog we thought we would feature some of our best products, currently available at fantastic prices. So whether you want to start getting ready to spread the cost of the next big season or you want to find a bargain for your little one’s birthday, this blog should help you find some great bargains.

    If you’ve previously purchased a play trampoline from us and want to encourage more exercise and sport from your child, then our Performance Trampoline may be of interest.

    Designed to be heavyweight, this trampoline is of the same ilk as trampolines you would find in a sports hall or leisure facility. Therefore, it’s definitely for the more serious trampolinist!

    The great thing about this trampoline is that it is good for adults too! So as a bonding option, this trampoline can literally give the whole family hours of fun and fitness! It also allows for more advanced trampolining moves.

    At the moment this wonderful product is selling at just £699.00 with a list price of £1199.00 so it’s excellent value at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expect to pay.

    If you’re looking for something a little smaller and more geared towards the children – and if you want something that will fit in to your daughter’s bedroom then the tp Dolls House Book Case is an exceptional choice and is also on offer.

    For creativity in play, this dolls house is both durable and high quality. It’s also really easy to put together.

    It is currently retailing at £35.95 with a list price of £39.95 so if your little one is hankering after a dolls house you may want to take a look.

    And if you want something for the boys, you’ll be glad to know that the range also produces a boy’s version. The tp Castle Book Case retails at the same price and offers just as much creative play.

    If you’re planning on turning the garden into a play area for the children, then the tp Forest Multiplay Wooden Playset is ideal.

    It is a compact yet sturdy double swing frame and comes with a slide and platform and to avoid any squabbles can be ideal if you’ve got more than one little one to keep occupied.

    It currently retails at £249.95 from Wicken Toys with a list price of £349.00 which is a fantastic saving if you’re budgeting.

    We are always trying to find the best bargains for parents who want their children to do more than sit in front of the television or computer console, so remember to check back regularly to see what more fantastic offers we have.

    After all, we only get one childhood so it’s worth making it the best!

  • Score a goal in the garden with some football fun


    As a nation, there's one sport that kids and adults alike in the UK like more than any other, and that sport is football. From the tiniest kids kicking a ball around their garden to grown men cheering on their favourite team at the local stadium, football is something people up and down the country are always getting involved with, whatever their age.


    More than just a fun past-time though, for many kids football is a great way to make friends by joining their school team, and an enjoyable way to learn the value of teamwork. Perfecting their technique with an at-home goal can sharpen their football skills and show them that practice and hard work really do pay off, which are useful lessons for later life.


    Of course the real joy to be had from getting your kids a football goal has nothing to do with these useful side effects though; you'll just love seeing their happy faces when they score against their friends! As we understand the universal appeal of football in Britain, Wicken Toys offers 5 different goal sets to put your kids' footballing prowess to the test and help them perfect their aim.


    To start your youngsters out on the footballing pitch, we have the compact and impressively easy to put up Spring Up goal by Tp, which pops straight up in your garden and can be packed back down into an easy-to-carry bag. This means you can take this lightweight goal anywhere you like, though its smaller size means its ideal for children to use in even small gardens.

    A slightly bigger but still compact alternative is the 6 x 4 foot Tp Goal for £23.50, an easy-to-assemble goal made from galvanised steel and rot resistant nylon netting with a lifetime guarantee against rust damage. Either of these two models are perfect for younger children just beginning to discover the joys of football.

    As your kids get bigger, of course, so do the goals. Move on up to the tp Super Goal which comes with an attachable training panel containing several ball-sized holes. This will challenge your children to get the ball through these holes, giving a narrower target than the open goal which can be used for individual practice play when no other kids are around to take a turn in goal. This goal is suitable for children of up to around age 10 and has been enhanced with fix-in ground stakes for added stability.

    On the other hand, if your child wants to practice their goal-scoring accuracy but you don't have space for the 2.13 by 1.52 metre Super Goal in your garden, you might prefer the innovative tp Baloopa. This inventive creation is a free standing raised hoop which allows your child to test their skills when space is tight and costs just £16.75.


    For those lucky enough to have a big, spacious garden though, there really is nothing that compares with the tp Giant Goal; a 3.05 by 1.95 metre professional standard goal. This huge goal is so big that even adults will want to join in with the fun, so your little ones can keep playing with it when they're no longer so little.

    With a goal to suit every garden, every budget and every child, there's nothing standing in the way to helping your child develop their footie skills. Who knows, they could just end up being the next big thing in the football world.  Contact Us for further information on our products or browse the site to see for yourselves.

  • Toys for your Toddler this summer


    Wicken Toys is proud to offer quality toys for children of all ages, taking some of the stress off the hands of busy parents by keeping their kids occupied whether they're cute little angels or boisterous teens. Summer is more or less here, which means the school holidays will indeed be taking households by storm! For the little kiddie-winks they will be really keen to play and have fun during this summer solstice of freedom.


    The first few years of any child's life can be so pivotal in their development so we take extra special care to provide a range of options to entertain younger toy lovers. That means choosing our toys to cater for sensitive little people who need a bit of extra care and attention, making sure they discover the world of play in a safe environment.


    This can seem like a bit of a challenge when it comes to picking exciting new toys to add to the range, but we've managed to put together quite a collection. Forget the unimaginative toys you might have had as a kid, today even the tiniest toddlers have a world of fun possibilities available to them.


    Take the plum first play centre, for example; an ingenious multi-purpose play set aimed at teaching your children to explore and become more independent. This mini climbing frame includes a low, shallow slope slide, a small horizontal climbing net and rock wall and a hollowed out play-den to hide in. With all these features built into one compact playset small enough to fit most gardens, your toddler will be occupied for hours.



    Another brilliant Wicken Toys creation for any child in the 1+ years age bracket is the tp Junior Trampoline, a tiny square trampoline suitable for indoor or outdoor use with attached handrail for stability. Playing will this will not only make your toddler bounce and giggle with joy, it will also help them learn to stand and develop balance, all for just £30.75.



    At an even more impressive price of £7.95, the Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool is another of Wicken Toys entertaining play-things suitable for smaller kids. Teach your child to love splashing about in the shallow water pool during the hot Summer months or fill with ball-pit balls for an indoor Winter alternative.



    Continuing with the watery theme, we present the Safari Sandboat sandpit, a ship-shaped covered sandpit complete with Captain's steering wheel appropriate for kids aged 3 and over. This adventurous playset allows your child to learn to create sandcastle masterpieces or pretend to be pirates on the high seas, developing their imagination and creative skills.


    Finally, we come to the Kettler Supertrike, a portable toy for parents on the go. This model is suitable for all children over 2 and comes in a range of different colour options to appeal to both genders. Let your kids peddle for themselves in preparation for learning to ride a bike or push them along using the parent pole and free-wheel capacity for a fun alternative to a pushchair.



    That just leaves one piece of advice from Wicken Toys to parents of younger kids and toddlers; enjoy watching them play with their new toys while you can, as they always grow up sooner than you think! Contact Us for more information.


    Summer holidays are just around the corner!

  • Classic outdoor toys for spring


    This winter has been incredibly mild compared to last. We’ve had no major snowfall, barely any icy conditions and no torrential rain to speak of. December and January (so far) have both been warm and it looks like spring is on its way to us now. We can look forward to the days getting longer and the weather starting to warm up nicely in a month or so, so our little Wicken Toys team has been thinking about outdoor toys for springtime. Continue reading

  • Protect your wooden climbing frames!


    The first time you bring your Wicken Toys wooden climbing frame home is a proud moment for any parent. You can't imagine until you've experienced it for yourself how joyful your child's face will look when they see their luxurious new wooden fort or slide and swing set. Continue reading

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