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traditional toys

  • Traditional toys for children – why they still matter

    Wicken Toys believes in keeping the spirit of traditional toys alive and well in these modern toy times. Children are raised more these days on electronic items and somewhere along the way in the last 20 years the value of traditional toys has been lost amidst the advancements in interactive technologies. Traditional toys promote creative thinking and the use of imagination.


    If you grew up n a time when toys were actual toys and operated solely on your own movements and interactions, you’ll remember having lived 1000 lives this way as a child. You could travel to distant planets from your bedroom, explore far away jungles and battle dinosaurs, build and create new worlds, invent characters and stories, outdoor toys in particular encouraged activity, adventure and exploration.


    These days you will see children wait very impatiently for batteries to charge or games to load simply because they have been inundated with instantly gratifying experiences that never requires them to move very far from where they are sat or apply some thought and imagination. This is not to say that computer games aren’t good for stimulating children through puzzles and platforms, but they lack the direct, tangible experience of interaction and thinking in practical terms. This kind of growth is essential to child development as much as eating the right things and sleeping the right hours.


    TP Forest Multiplay Play Set. Shown with optional slide extension.

    Another reason we will always triumph traditional toys over modern electronics for kids is that they are more simplistic in their application, yet those applications can be many.  Traditional toys don’t typically require batteries for them to work. The only limits to their use are the limits of a child’s imagination.


    You’ll find as a parent that children do tend to be drawn to traditional toys more than battery-operated, electronic toys for the simple fact that they can play with them instantly and they require no maintenance in order for them to be entertaining.


    In short, traditional toys provide children with a better quality of playtime than the modern counterparts whose shadow they have come to live in. What is so beguiling about the Toy Story films is that they clearly have this philosophy too. Woody and his gang are representative of the sense of imagination that children are capable of expressing.


    Outdoor toys are not easily broken either. They endure long past a not-made-to-last electronic toy. A child can take a seemingly inanimate object and use it to create a whole new world. We must appeal to that side of children through encouraging this kind of playtime for both mind and body to grow and develop in the best ways possible.


    Remember the toys that made your respective childhoods fun and try to embrace that once again for your own children. Pass on the traditions and keep playtime alive.

  • Rediscovering the magic of toys for children


    Rediscover the magic of childhood with Wicken Toys. This blog is for any of you who remember a simpler time where imagination and creativity played a major part in growing up. There was no such thing as Nintendo or iPhones, no concept of the Internet or satellite/cable in excess of 200+ channels, and no time to waste as childhood was a precious but fleeting period that would be over before we even knew it had truly begun.


    There is something inherently good and pure about those times as a child that we take for granted as adults with our own children. Kids today are missing that important sense of wonder and discovery in their playtimes. Rather than communicating with each other verbally and interacting direct, they are separated by mirco-chips, wires, text messages, digital barriers and addictive distractions that pop-up on screens and gadgets that vie for their attentions instead.


    What has happened to outdoor fun and outdoor toys? They have been sidelined by advanced technologies seemingly intent on making children lazier and more insular than ever before. More and more children aged between 7-12 are content to stay in playing computer games rather than playing in parks or with their friends in the outdoors.


    Even popular culture is reflecting this change in children’s attitudes and influences like the movies directed at them. Remember when you could have an adventure in your own back garden in films like the Explorers, The Goonies, E.T. and Flight of the Navigator? Nothing was more powerful nor more exciting than your imagination back then. These days contemporary films reflect today’s youth in less innocent terms with a sense of imagination squandered and the discovery of adventure stolen.



    So what can we do to rectify that?


    Wicken Toys is determined to bring back that lost childhood that most parents hopefully can still remember and look back on with fond memories. It is the responsibility of parents to instil this sense of fun, discovery, adventure and imagination in their own children. Only you can guide them to it.


    Think about the garden swings in the back garden in summer time with your children reaching to the skies.


    Make their world a fortress, a castle, a pirate ship, a cabin, a tower with outdoor playhouses tailored for adventure and playing pretend.


    Find a way to give them an active lifestyle by encouraging their fitness and health with wheeled toys from trikes to bikes and beyond!


    Get them to climb, to race their friends, to work out how to make their way to the top of the climbing frames.


    Give them the opportunity to jump higher than any other in an effort to take flight with trampolines.


    There are so many different ways of bringing joy and adventure into the lives of children whilst bringing back your own memories and sense of nostalgia. Outdoor toys are designed to keep the spirit of the past alive and to make sure that modern technology doesn’t destroy what made being a child so much fun in the first place.

  • A history of children’s toys by Wicken Toys


    What were the origins of toys? Where did their genesis begin and how did they evolve over the centuries?


    Well, Greek & Roman children played with a variety of simplistic toys (some which are still recognisable to us today) such as balls, hoops and spinning tops.  These were some of the earliest toys whereas games have always existed in one form or another even amongst the earliest of children who communicated with other children this way. Continue reading

  • The traditions and values of outdoor toys & playtime


    It could be argued that today, a large degree of the innocent magic associated with youth has slowly faded. There was a time when children revelled in the delights of the outside world. They could take nothing but their imaginations out to play with them and let their dreams be their guide. Continue reading

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