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wheeled toys

  • Lighter nights mean kids on balance bikes


    Now that the clocks have gone forward, it is a great time to start thinking about getting your toddler ready to learn how to ride a bike. Lighter evenings are a perfect opportunity to introduce your child to a small set of wheels which will begin to increase their abilities and most importantly, boost their confidence ready for the next step towards bike riding.

    There are many reasons why choosing a balance bike over a normal bike could prove beneficial for your child and their bike riding.

    ·         Balance bikes don’t rely on stabilisers unlike a normal starter bike. Without these your child’s independence and confidence will grow as they avoid becoming too reliant on them. It won’t be as scary for them as there is no big moment when the stabilisers have to come off and it is like learning to ride a bike all over again. As they move up to a bigger normal bike, it is unlikely that they will even notice the difference.

    • Balance bikes are available for as young as two years old meaning that you can get your child into riding a bike from a very young and quick-learning age. When you’re young you haven’t developed as many irrational fears and arguably, you are a lot more adventurous. So encourage them not to be afraid and instead, enjoy bike riding.


    • As the name demonstrates, these bikes encourage excellent balancing abilities; a great skill to develop at such a young age. Maybe your child could go on to become a gymnast.


    We have several wonderful balance bikes among our selection of wheeled products here at Wicken Toys.

    Kettler Speedy Balance Bike in blue

    This Kettler Speedy is a great choice for a first-timer and fantastic value for money. It has been designed to withstand lots of tumbles with its high-quality frame in scratch resistant polyester coating and synthetic tyres filled with foam. It also has a foam protector on the safety handles, child-sized hand brakes, and height-adjustable padded seats (ideal for those sudden growth spurts).

    Kettler Run Air Layana balance bike

    If you have a higher price range and something a bit fancier in mind, then take a look at our Kettler Run Air Layana. This has adopted standard features from other Kettler bikes of its kind along with its own more advanced characteristics. It also has a sturdy parking stand, air filled tyres, and easy access frame, and an ergonomic seat.

    Feel free to contact us for more information about all of our product ranges.


  • Farming their imaginations

    The countryside can be a fascinating place for children. There's always so much going on! Whether it's hedge cutters maintaining roadside hedges or farmers tending livestock or ploughing fields, there's always something fascinating for children to see. So why not encourage your little ones' love of the countryside and farming by giving them the opportunity to recreate those evocative farming moments at home?

    Continue reading
  • Grab a bargain Trike in time for Christmas

    If you are looking for a fun and engaging Christmas present for your toddler then there is nothing better than a trike. Imagine your little one unwrapping what will undoubtedly be the biggest present under the tree to reveal a colourful and exciting tricycle. This is a present that will provide instant fun as it requires no building and can therefore be used right away.


    Then it's simply a case of sitting back and watching your children and waiting for that magical moment when their imaginations kick in. Here at Wicken Toys it never ceases to amaze us how imaginative kids can be. Something as simple as a trike can become as spaceship, racing car or motorbike and before long your little ones will be racing around the house imagining that they are flying through space or riding across the desert. Moreover, like many of our toys, Kettler Trikes are in their element when they are outdoors. They are also a great excuse to take you children to the park or recreation ground  or simply to spend more time having fun in the garden.



    Trikes are very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for the festive season. Your little one can have great fun pushing the trike unaided around the house on Christmas day, and the can easily packed into the car for that post-lunch or Boxing Day walk.



    Kettler Trikes are German-made and  not only strong and resilient, but are also a fun way to get your little ones to learn about balance and motion. Moreover, the parent pole feature makes deciding on levels of interactivity easy. Whether pushing your toddler along in the park or letting them shuffle freely around the house, the detachable parent pole allows you to decide how much freedom you allow them. Our top of the range trikes like Kettler Top Trike Air Fly and Air Layana include air tyres and a freewheel function so the pedals won't hurt your child while you are pushing them along. They also feature extendable frame that allow you to increase the size of the trike to grow with your child. Our higher end also come with lockable handlebars to assist pushing, rear handbrakes and FREE harnesses for that extra level of safety.


    So if you are looking for an exciting and versatile toy that will have more longevity the sort of fad toys that might only hold your child's interest for one season, then why not consider getting your child a Kettler Trike this Christmas.

  • First steps to riding a bike

    The moment your child takes his or her first steps is a magical one matched only by a few things. Their first words, first length of a swimming pool or first mouthful of solid food. All these things are very special to you as a parent and to your little ones. However, besides these events, the moment your child pushes off and rides a bicycle for few yards without the help of stabilizers, a magical moment occurs. Not only a memorable highlight of parenthood, but a real confidence builder for your child.



    But this moment can be a long time coming and involve the precariousness and potential danger of that instant when you let go of your child's bike and expect them to have the confidence to ride unaided. The biggest problem associated with learning to ride a bike is gaining the confidence to balance in the first place. Children go straight from riding a bike with stabilizers to one without any safety features. And the disadvantage of this is that the skill of balance is not learned gradually over time but instead requires a leap of faith to attain. This is not only a worry for you as a parent but also incurs the extra expense of elbow and knee pads. Not to mention a few plasters or worst still, maybe even a plaster cast!

    At Wicken Toys we understand that you may want your children to have the freedom of their own bicycle and therefore, we have a range of balance bikes that are the perfect solution.

    Our balance bikes are much is smaller than  standard bikes, enabling the rider to walk with both feet on the ground, whilst sitting comfortably on the saddle. Whether you want to take them to the shops or to their favourite park, the balance bike will allow your child to gain confidence over time.



    While a balance bike imitates riding a regular bike, you can also be confident that they are perfectly safe, with you in control.

    Whatever age you want your child to start riding a bike, at Wicken Toys we know how you feel about letting them loose on a bike without the extra support and security of stabilizers. However, we can assure you that a balance bike is safe way for your child to learn to ride as they have control of their speed and are able to gain the confidence and ability that will enable them to ride a regular bike without the high risk of falling over and hurting themselves.

  • Burn some rubber with Wicken Toys...


    Anyone with any experience of being around kids at all knows they always seem to be on the move. Of course we want to encourage keeping our kids active to improve their health in later life, but keeping up with such high-speed fun and making sure they don't run into any harm can often be a tiring challenge for some parents.


    Thankfully though, there is a solution. A sit on tricycle or go-kart will keep your kids entertained for hours on end and let them get the exercise they need without wearing you out too. Brightly coloured go-karts and trikes make it easier to keep a watchful eye on your child safely at play without having to follow them at every step of the way.


    Not just that though, trikes and go-karts also fast become one of the most cherished toys for any child, whether male or female and whatever the age. As the trikes and go-karts at Wicken Toys are really built to last from sturdy reinforced plastic and are covered by warranty for several years, they are also one of the best value and most appreciated presents you can buy your children.


    It's worth mentioning too that learning to ride a tricycle or go-kart is a good first step towards teaching your child to ride a bike; a useful skill which could come in handy later in life and help them keep fit.


    Start off by introducing them to one of Wicken Toys large range of tricycles, built for the smaller kids out there from 2 years and up. Models in the range start from just £39.99 to suit all budgets and are available in an array of colours from candy pink to racy red and black. There are even 'gender-neutral' colour combinations on offer so you'll be able to pass the tricycle down to younger brothers and sisters once your eldest outgrows it. Each of the trikes in the range can also be used with a freewheel facility and 'parent pole' so you can guide the trike if your child is too tired to peddle while out on a walk.

    Once your little one outgrows their trike and wants to go peddling off on their own round the park or garden, it’s time to move on to one of Wicken Toys adventurous go-karts. Start with one of the models aimed at younger children such as the bright red Kettler Melbourne for 3-5 year olds; a sturdy-framed 4 wheeler featuring an adjustable seat, non-slip peddles and dual action brakes.

    Bigger kids aged up to 8 would be more suited to larger models such as the Daytona Air kart, with the same features as the Melbourne, plus high performance air tyres and an impact absorption strip in the backrest. This kart offers a more comfortable ride for older kids reaching higher speeds, meaning a bumpier ride, while the noise-reducing air tyres keep neighbours happy.

    Pre-teens can then move on to the Indianapolis Air or Kettquad Air karts, in racy black and red or orange colour schemes with fiery flame detailing on the paintwork for an ultra-cool look. The Indianapolis model features ball bearing wheels and longer bike cranks to increase traction and keep the kart from turning over even at speed, while the Kettquad model has a heightened seat position and off-road tires designed for rougher kart tracks. Both models additionally feature an enhanced sporty frame to support larger riders.

    In fact once they outgrow these final karts, within what seems like no time at all they'll be driving for real! What better reason than that to cherish their childhood years by giving them a toy they'll enjoy playing with day after day, month after month, year after year?


    Feel free to browse our ranges on the Wicken Toys site or Contact Us for further details.

  • Let’s ride! Children’s bicycle adventures this summer


    Anyone who remembers watching ET for the first time will recall the infectious wonder and magic experienced when seeing that bicycle take off for the first time; a beautiful moment that has since become an iconic image recognised around the world. Never has the adventurous spirit of children been so perfectly captured on film – and the film’s portrayal of children getting everywhere on bicycles led to a massive resurgence and demand for children’s bikes that year.


    The reason we mention this is because ET helped to get bicycles back into the hearts and minds of children as not just a way of getting around but also as vehicles for adventure. Wicken Toys has always been a firm believer in outdoor toys acting as both fun entertainment for kids and good exercise.



    Bicycles give children an independence that is very important at the developing ages and before puberty kicks in. It allows them to get to school, make paper rounds, go riding with friends, cycle around the block at weekends, have races in the park, and most importantly of all, give them a healthy day out where they are exercising in the open air.


    This summer we are encouraging parents to get their kids back on the bikes or teach them how to ride so they can eventually take off down the street on their own. Learning how to ride a bike is an important rites-of-passage for any child.


    We suggest starting them off with Balance Bikes. These have become hugely popular in the last few years in the UK promoting balance, co-ordination and confidence in children learning to ride.


    A balance bike provides the opportunity for children to feel stable and confident before moving onto the "real" thing. This range offers a wide choice to suit all needs including budgets.


    The Kettler Speedy Balance Bike is perhaps the best value for money with foam filled synthetic tyres and rubber tread, rear brake and safety handles with foam protector. Ideal for children 2 years and up.


    The Kettler Sprint Air Princess is more suited to girls sporting the same features as the Speedy Balance. It’s light, easy to assemble, extremely safe to learn on and it comes in pink so that reluctant little princesses might be more encouraged to try it out. Once again the age is 2 years and up.



    The Kettler Run Air collection (for both boys and girls) tops the range with an innovative easy access frame design, ergonomic padded seat, wire wheels and all the other standard features from the other models in the range. They are perfect for children to learn on.



    Seek out the Balance Bike most suitable for your child and set them on the path to independence and adventure this summer. For more information on our bicycles please contact us and we’ll help you pick the right bike for your little ‘uns!

  • Rediscovering the magic of toys for children


    Rediscover the magic of childhood with Wicken Toys. This blog is for any of you who remember a simpler time where imagination and creativity played a major part in growing up. There was no such thing as Nintendo or iPhones, no concept of the Internet or satellite/cable in excess of 200+ channels, and no time to waste as childhood was a precious but fleeting period that would be over before we even knew it had truly begun.


    There is something inherently good and pure about those times as a child that we take for granted as adults with our own children. Kids today are missing that important sense of wonder and discovery in their playtimes. Rather than communicating with each other verbally and interacting direct, they are separated by mirco-chips, wires, text messages, digital barriers and addictive distractions that pop-up on screens and gadgets that vie for their attentions instead.


    What has happened to outdoor fun and outdoor toys? They have been sidelined by advanced technologies seemingly intent on making children lazier and more insular than ever before. More and more children aged between 7-12 are content to stay in playing computer games rather than playing in parks or with their friends in the outdoors.


    Even popular culture is reflecting this change in children’s attitudes and influences like the movies directed at them. Remember when you could have an adventure in your own back garden in films like the Explorers, The Goonies, E.T. and Flight of the Navigator? Nothing was more powerful nor more exciting than your imagination back then. These days contemporary films reflect today’s youth in less innocent terms with a sense of imagination squandered and the discovery of adventure stolen.



    So what can we do to rectify that?


    Wicken Toys is determined to bring back that lost childhood that most parents hopefully can still remember and look back on with fond memories. It is the responsibility of parents to instil this sense of fun, discovery, adventure and imagination in their own children. Only you can guide them to it.


    Think about the garden swings in the back garden in summer time with your children reaching to the skies.


    Make their world a fortress, a castle, a pirate ship, a cabin, a tower with outdoor playhouses tailored for adventure and playing pretend.


    Find a way to give them an active lifestyle by encouraging their fitness and health with wheeled toys from trikes to bikes and beyond!


    Get them to climb, to race their friends, to work out how to make their way to the top of the climbing frames.


    Give them the opportunity to jump higher than any other in an effort to take flight with trampolines.


    There are so many different ways of bringing joy and adventure into the lives of children whilst bringing back your own memories and sense of nostalgia. Outdoor toys are designed to keep the spirit of the past alive and to make sure that modern technology doesn’t destroy what made being a child so much fun in the first place.

  • Playtime at school with outdoor toys


    Schools are now free to decide the length and structure of their school day including lunchtimes and breaks plus activities available during those breaks. The worry is that some schools might reduce unstructured playtime in exchange for promoting further academic study and curriculum time. There is a danger that schools are losing the sense of importance involved in providing their students with adequate playtime activity which is vital for children’s development and learning. Not only does playtime do this but it also helps encourage better classroom behaviour, improved motivation and boosts academic performance overall.


    Studies have highlighted that the more children play outside the more they are likely to do better in the classroom. With an epidemic of “indoor children” becoming more and more prevalent in the UK more and more pupils are aggressive, easily distracted and harder to manage in the classroom. A lack of outdoor play is affecting classroom readiness.



    Playtime at school should provide a range of activities and outdoor play equipment that helps to encourage the children to play freely without the constraints of routine and structure being imposed upon them. P.E. lessons on their own are not enough to do this. It has to be everyday at intermittent times throughout the day.


    School administrations have a critical role to play in reversing the negative impacts of the indoor mentality. Helping children to experience and appreciate the nature of the outdoors and outdoor toys has never been more important than it is today in 21st Century Britain.


    Children tend to be more physically active with open-ended play where the emphasis is on the non-competitive. This is where we at Wicken Toys come in.



    Supplying outdoor toys is our specialty and our years of doing so has helped us to draw the conclusion that nothing quite beats toys like climbing frames, swings and slides as tools for helping to keep children healthy and active. They help to foster an environment of freedom and energy that cannot really be matched in any other way.


    Pre-schools and primary schools should be able to provide these tools for their students to be able to use at their leisure when break times and lunch times come to pass. They can reinvigorate children within the space of minutes and get them interacting with each other on a different level to their interactions in the classroom.



    There is no structure necessary when it comes to outdoor toys beyond the structure the children create for themselves. Help to give your students a helping hand towards their development outside of the classroom by investing in outdoor toys.


    Contact us at Wicken Toys for more information on our product ranges available.

  • Boys will be boys with outdoor toys


    When the boys are at that particular age where they hit their peak of energy and enthusiasm for playtime, many parents find that peak will plateau and continue to last for a long time. This is part of growing up... and growing up can be a difficult experience when there is too much energy for them to expel and not enough challenges for them to exert it upon. Continue reading

  • Playing safe in winter – tips for parents and children Part 2


    In the last blog Wicken Toys introduced a selection of winter safe playing tips for children and how parents can keep their kids protected from the harshness of a British winter while they play outdoors or with outdoor toys. Getting into the specifics of why winter can be an appealing time for children and outdoor playtime it is clear that the allure of winter sports and games are at the core of it all. Winter sports can be a great way for children to stay active, but each sport presents its own unique hazards. Continue reading

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