Biggest Outdoor Display!



You can find us here:  Wicken Toys Ltd, Whittlebury Rd, Wicken, Milton Keynes, MK19 6BJ


There is no where else in the UK that has more climbing frames, trampolines or swing sets on display, we have the biggest display of outdoor play equipment in the UK!


You can come and view alot off the items that are on our display site.  On each product page under 'Additional Information' it is clear to identify which items are on display for you to try.  If an item is modular it will say if the display module is configured slightly different. 


Whether you are looking at a trike or an expensive climbing frame, you can get an idea from looking at a picture on a web site but you can not beat actually seeing it and even giving it a shake to see how sturdy it is.  We leave you alone while you look and try the different items but we are available if you do have any questions or would like any help but we will not chase you around while you are looking.  For directions and instructions on where to find us go to the 'Visit Our Display' page



We have many different wooden plays sets for you to try!




 Wooden and metal swing frames!



Trampolines built up so you can try different sizes and makes.


Trampoline display area at Wicken Toys Ltd