Garden Swings

At Wicken Toys, we stock a large range of wooden and metal swing frames to bring hours of fun to your back garden. Wooden swing sets not only look great, but they also blend perfectly with other garden features – such as sheds or fencing panels. However, if you prefer a more eye-catching frame, look no further than our painted metal swings. Our selection of kids garden swings offers the best products from major brands including TP Toys, Creative Playthings, and Plum, plus a variety of innovative swing accessories. Our full selection of sturdy designs all include durable frames and are supplied with ground anchors, ensuring that your child can safely swing to their heart’s content. 


Children's swing sets from Wicken Toys

As a proud provider of some of the best kids garden swings on the market, we guarantee that our children's swings are skilfully crafted from the highest quality materials. They're designed to withstand weathering and boisterous play for hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of play time – promising a childhood with many years of happiness and adventures at home. Our selection includes swings for children from 6 months up to 12 years old, so all the kids can get in on the fun.

Our garden swing sets by TP Toys are ideal for smaller gardens. Designed for use by younger children, their size is in proportion, allowing younger children to still experience the enjoyment of a swing set whilst being safe and secure in their seat. Meanwhile, our high-back bucket swings are perfect for babies and toddlers due to their smaller frames. More adventurous kids might like to try something a little different, such as a tyre swing or standing swing from Creative Playthings, or even trapeze rings to get their imagination soaring.

Another alternative to double swings is a nest swing, which allows 2 children to play together on the same swing. As kids get older, they’re likely to want to test their skills even more, and what’s better than an exciting children’s swing set with a slide or glider? Some of our wooden swings from Plum feature additional elements like rope ladders and climbing walls, turning your kids garden swing into a jungle gym for older kids to spend hours of laughter on.


Strong and safe swings for kids

All of our swing sets offer fantastic quality and value for money, but if you’re searching for a premium swing frame for your garden, then Wicken Toys also offers the Playtime deluxe swing frame. This is the ultimate in children’s garden swings, made from square-cut American yellow pine to ensure maximum durability. The frame uses a clever “magic bracket” system, which reduces sideward movement in the frame, keeping the swing secure to the ground and enhancing safety.

Be sure to browse our website now and find the perfect garden swing for your child. Not sure which swing is best for your baby or which style of swing your child would need? Check out our children’s swing FAQs below to learn more about kids swing sets, or get in touch with Wicken Toys for expert advice. Give us a call on 0800 587 1066 or send an email to and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect kids garden swing for your home and family.


Garden Swings FAQs

What size garden swing should I buy?

The size of swing you should choose depends on the size and age of your child or children, plus the size and style of your garden or outdoor space. If you have more than one child, you’d be better off investing in a double swing set or a swing set with additional play equipment, such as a slide or climbing ropes. You don’t want anyone to be left out or start fights over whose turn it is to use the swing. However, these larger outdoor playsets might not be suitable for families with smaller gardens, where a simple smaller swing set should suffice.

The type of children’s swing you buy will also depend on the age of the child or children who’ll be using it. Bucket-style baby swings are available as separate seats, which can be attached to swing frames and then removed when the child gets older and needs a big kid swing instead. You need to make sure the swings you choose are designed for the age and weight range of your child, as it won’t be safe to use the product otherwise.

Baby and toddler swings tend to be for the 6 months to 3 years age range, with a lower maximum weight. Our kids garden swing sets for older children are suitable for ages 3-10 or 3-12 years weighing up to 45-50kg. Always consult the instruction manual for appropriate use guidelines before allowing children on the swings. It’s important to observe your child’s comfort when they’re using a kids swing – if you feel like they’re outgrowing their current seat, then you should look at a larger replacement so they can continue enjoying their outdoor play equipment for as long as possible.


How do I set up a kids swing?

On the face of it, it may appear that swing sets are difficult to install. After all, they can be quite tall and wide structures that take up plenty of space in your garden. At Wicken Toys, we guarantee that our children’s swing sets are easy to install, so your kids can start playing on them in no time.

Each of our products come flat-packed, minimising the risk of damage in transit, and the durable wood comes pre-drilled with all the necessary holes. Every kid’s garden swing comes with a detailed yet easy-to-follow instruction manual to aid you in a speedy but safe assembly. We estimate that the average time spent assembling our kids’ swings is approximately 1.5 hours for 2 adults, though larger and more complex swing playsets will take longer.

To prepare for your children’s swing, choose a suitable place for it and take measurements to ensure the structure will fit. You’ll need an area with several feet of open space around it for safe swinging and running around, away from overhanging obstacles like tree branches, power lines, or roofs. Don’t forget obstructions on the ground either, such as rocks and stones, sprinklers, and utility lines both over and underground.

If your garden area is uneven, you may need to level the ground by raking and redistributing the soil before you can securely install a kids swing set on it. The instruction booklet will explain how to anchor the structure to the ground for safety. It’s fine to install swings on grass, but if the ground is hard then you should create a more protective surface with impact-absorbing materials. This could be rubber mats, sand, woodchips, mulch, or pea gravel.

When the time comes to set up the long-awaited swings, make sure excitable children and any pets are kept out of the way, and remove any obstacles like stones or garden equipment from the installation area. Read through the booklet and lay out the parts carefully to check that you have everything you need before proceeding to assembly. You should never try to build a children’s swing set by yourself in case of injury – the process is much faster and safer if at least 2 adults work on it together. Check that the frame is secure and the swing seat is attached properly before allowing children to use the play equipment.


How long do swings for kids last?

We understand that purchasing any swings for kids can be quite the sizeable investment, so our products only use the highest quality timber, guaranteeing that even the most well-loved kids swing set will last throughout their childhood. The lifespan of our swings is between 15-20 years, allowing ample time for them to put smiles on your children’s faces.

However, it’s inevitable that a garden swing will encounter some wear and tear over its lifetime, so regular maintenance and care is crucial. Installing the set well and frequently checking for damp, dirt, and other signs of damage will keep deterioration at bay. Keep moving parts lubricated and clean the swing set at least semi-regularly to fight off rust, mould, and other unwanted pests.

Wooden swings tend to outlive plastic and metal, but only if you treat them annually with preservative wood stains. Swings for babies and toddlers tend to be made from plastic or vinyl, as they’re usually only intended for use for around 3-5 years, whereas a solid wood children’s swing set should last well beyond the kids outgrowing it. To lengthen the life of the swing set, teach your children how to use it properly and never exceed the manufacturer’s weight restrictions.

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  1. Plum Protektamat Black 2 Pack
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  2. TP Foldaway baby swing seat.
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  3. Plum Highback Baby Seat
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  4. tp QuadPod
  5. This nest swing can be used by 1 or 2 children together,
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    TP Nest Swing
  6. Plum Jupiter metal swing set
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    Plum Jupiter Metal Swing Set with Glider - clearance
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  7. Plum Glide Nest Swing Accessory
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  8. Oval Nest Swing Accessory
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  9. Plum wooden single swing including one moulded swing seat.
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    Plum Wooden Single Swing
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  10. Plum wooden double swing set including 2 moulded seats
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    Plum Wooden Double Swing Set
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  11. Plum Bush Baby
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  12. Plum Loris wooden swing with 2 deluxe seats and 1 button swing seat.
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    Plum Loris Wooden Swing set
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  13. Plum Bush Baby and baby seat
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  14. Plum Quoll 3 in 1 swing and upgraded metal corner brackets.
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    Plum Quoll Wooden Pole 3 in 1 Swing Set
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  15. Plum Marmoset Swing set
    Special Price £199.95 Regular Price £229.99
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  16. Plum Spider Monkey wooden swing set.
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    Plum Spider Monkey Swing
    Special Price £229.95 Regular Price £259.99
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  17. Plum Premium Spider Monkey with Glide Nest swing and upgraded metal corner brackets.
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    Plum Premium Spider Monkey Wooden Swing Set with Glide Nest Swing
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  18. Plum Colobus Wooden Swing Set
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  19. Plum Gibbon Swing set with Free Protektamats (Pack of 2)
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  20. Plum Orang Utan Swing Set
    Special Price £289.95 Regular Price £349.99
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  21. Plum Uakari Swing Set
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  22. Playtime Deluxe Wooden Swing Frame
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  23. Plum Giant Baboon Swing Set
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  24. Plum Woolly Monkey II Wooden Swing
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