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Is your child looking to experience driving for the first time? Well get the wheels in motion at Wicken Toys! We are proud to state that we have the biggest display of BERG Go Karts in the UK, so we are sure you will find a toy bike that will suit your child perfectly. It’s not just kids that we cater for at Wicken Toys, as our models range in size so much that our bigger models are available to be used by adults too.

Our display houses 24 go karts, with 7 models available to “try before you buy” and pedalled around our display. BERG bikes feature more standard features than any other model, hence why they prove to be our most popular go karts when customers visit our display site!

Our wheeled toys are perfect for children of all ages, giving them a sturdy platform to get out there and drive for the very first time. Best of all, some models are growable, so your child will be able to get years of use out of them, making them a guaranteed hit for any outdoor adventure. A range of balance bikes are new to the range, which are intended to help boost a child’s confidence so that they will get ready for the “real thing” a little bit sooner.

We stock and display many products, so feel free to come along and let your child try out whatever model you like before you buy. Whether you are looking for a kids trike to be the envy of your friends, or a BERG go kart, Wicken Toys have you covered!

Feel free to browse our large range of BERG products to see if there is one that catches your eye. If so, why not come down to our display site to see and try them for yourself? Directions are available on site. If you have a question you would like to ask about any of our products before you visit our display, then you can easily get in touch with us today! Fill out our online enquiry form to be put straight to one of the team, or email us at sales@wickentoys.co.uk. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 587 1066 to discuss your enquiry.

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  1. Buzzy basket yellow front.
    Out Of Stock
  2. BERG Speedo
  3. BERG Go2 Pink suitable for 10 - 30 months.
    Out Of Stock
    BERG Go2 Pink
    Special Price £75.00 Regular Price £89.00
    16% off!
  4. BERG Deluxe Passenger Seat
    As low as £87.00
  5. BERG Go2 Retro Pink.  With the pedals up the Go2 can be used to ride around on.  Fold the pedals down and you have a pedal option for older children.
    Out Of Stock
  6. BERG Go2 Sparx Yellow
    Out Of Stock
  7. BERG Roll Bar
    As low as £95.00
  8. BERG Reppy Racer
    Special Price £168.50 Regular Price £205.00
    18% off!
  9. BERG Reppy Rider
    Special Price £169.00 Regular Price £185.00
    9% off!
  10. BERG Reppy Roadster
    Special Price £175.00 Regular Price £205.00
    15% off!
  11. BERG Reppy Rebel with BERG Soundbox
    Special Price £184.00 Regular Price £205.00
    10% off!
  12. BERG Buzzy go kart Police
    Out Of Stock
    As low as £199.99
  14. BERG Reppy BMW
    Special Price £205.00 Regular Price £225.00
    9% off!
  15. BERG Reppy Rebel Black with BERG Soundbox - Limited Edition
    Special Price £217.00 Regular Price £229.00
    5% off!
  16. BERG Choppy Neo Go Kart with brake free wheel and air tyres.
    Out Of Stock
  17. BERG Buddy Lua
  18. Globber One K E-motion 15
    As low as £299.00
  19. BERG Buddy White
    Special Price £299.00 Regular Price £319.00
    6% off!
  20. BERG Buddy Graphite Go Kart
    Special Price £303.00 Regular Price £319.00
    5% off!
  21. BERG Rally Pearl
    Special Price £369.00 Regular Price £409.00
    10% off!
  22. BERG Rally Orange
    Special Price £369.00 Regular Price £409.00
    10% off!
  23. BERG Rally Force
    Special Price £389.00 Regular Price £409.00
    5% off!
  24. BERG Rally Jeep Adventure Go Kart
    Special Price £395.00 Regular Price £439.00
    10% off!
  25. BERG XL Basic Pure Blue BFR
    Special Price £459.00 Regular Price £489.00
    6% off!
  26. BERG XL Basic Rapide Blue BFR
    Special Price £499.00 Regular Price £529.00
    6% off!
  27. BERG XL Basic Super Red BFR
    Out Of Stock
  28. BERG Basic Super Blue BFR
    Out Of Stock
  29. BERG XL B.Super Yellow BFR-3 with rear mud guards and front spoiler - 5 year frame warranty.
    Out Of Stock
  30. BERG Race GTS BFR-3.  3 Gears to make life faster and or easier.
    Out Of Stock
  31. BERG Duo Coaster for Commercial / Leisure use.
    Out Of Stock
  32. BERG XXL B.Super yellow E-BFR
    Out Of Stock
  33. BERG XXL B.Super Blue E-BFR
    Out Of Stock
  34. BERG XL Basic Super Red BFR
    Out Of Stock
  35. BERG Gran Tour Off-Road
    Special Price £2,399.00 Regular Price £2,679.00
    10% off!
  36. BERG Grand Tour Racer
    Special Price £2,499.00 Regular Price £2,779.00
    10% off!

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Our display site is OPEN.  The whole family can try our products so why not come down and give them a go? Simply enter your postcode below for directions!

Whittlebury Rd, Milton Keynes MK19 6BJ

Call: 0800 587 1066

Try before you buy!

We have the BIGGEST display in the UK where you the children can try all of the outdoor climbing frames, trampolines, swings and go karts.

Whether you are looking at a go kart or an expensive climbing frame, you can get an idea from looking at a picture on a website but you can not beat actually seeing it and even giving it a shake to see how sturdy it is. We will come to see if you have any questions or would like any help but we will not chase you around while you are looking.