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Wooden Climbing Frames

A wooden climbing frame from Wicken Toys would make a wonderful addition to any family garden. These outdoor climbing frames allow children to explore their ever-growing skills and imagination – all without leaving the safety of their home or compromising the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Whether it’s a simple swings-and-slide combo or a multi-purpose play centre, we have a wide range of wooden climbing frames and outdoor structures available at Wicken Toys. From wooden teepees and huts on the ground to raised dens and rock climbing walls, we have something for everyone.


Wooden climbing frames from award-winning brands

Our selection of wooden outdoor play equipment is second to none, as we only supply products from accredited manufacturers with strong reputations in the industry. This includes well-made wooden climbing frames from premium brands like Plum, TP, Creative Playthings, and All Out Play.

Hardwearing pressure-treated timber is a sustainable choice for long-lasting climbing frames. These wooden climbing frames are easy to customise, with a variety of equipment and additional features to choose from. You can also paint them in any colour you like, or keep the natural wood look.

There are so many different ways to play with a wooden climbing frame. Kids can scale cargo nets and rock walls to reach tower platforms, swing across monkey bars or escape down a slide, make a secret den in a hideaway area, or play in a ball pit underneath. You can even add your own sandpit.

Depending on the wooden climbing frame brand and model you choose, you’ll find a selection of optional extras to extend the play experience – from picnic tables to firefighter poles, bubble windows to crawl tubes, you can create a truly custom playground for your child that they’ll never get bored of.

Whether you’re looking for wooden climbing frames with monkey bars or a wooden lookout tower to create the perfect backyard den, we have such an exciting variety of wooden outdoor climbing frames available that you’re sure to find a suitable model for your child here at Wicken Toys.


Inspire children with outdoor climbing frames

With so much to see and do, a wooden outdoor play centre guarantees hours of fun and exercise for little ones, lasting throughout their childhood. Most wooden climbing frames are suitable for 3-10 year olds, though some structures can still be enjoyed in their early teenage years from 12-14.

When young children have an outdoor climbing frame as a source of entertainment, they learn valuable life skills while they play. The various activities promote coordination, balance, and flexibility, encouraging problem-solving, building physical strength, and increasing social awareness.

wooden climbing frame is an excellent investment for your child’s future, helping them to grow up happy and healthy. Since you can paint and decorate the wooden structure however and whenever you like, it offers endless ever-changing possibilities as a bespoke outdoor adventure playground.

In particular, our range of Creative Playthings climbing frames is compatible with a variety of extra features that you can add, move around, or take away whenever you want to adjust the set-up. You can add lower floors and play walls, decorative dormer roofs, connecting bridges and ramps, seats and tables, or even a full playhouse with windows and a door – whatever and whenever you like.

The ability to customise the layout and features of your wooden play frame allows you to adapt it to the needs of your family and outdoor space over time – making it perfect for your child’s ever-changing needs as they grow. Modular jungle gym wooden climbing frames can truly make their childhood magical.


High-quality climbing frames and friendly service

We’re experts in all kinds of children’s play equipment here at Wicken Toys, so you can trust our seal of approval on every wooden climbing structure that we sell. We even show off some of the constructions at our display site, so you can take the kids along to try them out for themselves.

The Wicken Toys team is always happy to help, whether you need advice on assembly or more information about a product. If you need further assistance before or after placing an order for a wooden climbing frame, simply get in touch with us by calling 0800 587 1066 or 01908 571 233.

Alternatively, you can reach the team by sending an email to sales@wickentoys.co.uk, or by filling out and submitting our online contact form. We’ll reply to your enquiry as soon as we can, ensuring that you receive outstanding customer service so you can get the most out of your climbing frame.

An installation service is also available for most of the wooden climbing frames we supply for an added fee, so be sure to check the postcode eligibility on the product of your choice if you would prefer a professional climbing frame installation.


Wooden Climbing Frame FAQs

• Where should I put a wooden climbing frame?

Before you buy a climbing frame from Wicken Toys, you should first measure the area you intend to place it in. Keeping these measurements and planning permission restrictions in mind, you can consult the product descriptions for frames you like to check whether the dimensions match up.

Any children's climbing frame needs to be anchored securely and sit on flat, solid, and even ground. There should be a safety perimeter of at least 2 metres all around, with no obstacles in this area. The surface underneath should be a shock-absorbing material, such as sand, bark chips, or grass.

Look out for vertical constraints like washing lines or overhanging tree branches before you build the climbing frame. These structures can take a lot of time and effort to dismantle and rebuild if you need to move them, and installing them in an unsuitable place can also invalidate the warranty.

If you want to be able to add extra components to your wooden climbing frame as your child grows, you should place the original structure with enough space around it for the additional parts you have in mind. In some instances, you may be able to upgrade swings and slides without requiring much more room.

Otherwise, you may have to disassemble, relocate, and reassemble the wooden climbing structure, which will require significant planning, time, and effort. If you would prefer something simpler and more lightweight that’s easier to move, you could consider a metal climbing frame.


• Should I treat the wood on my climbing frame?

Wooden climbing frames are made with pre-treated timber to ensure that the structure is resistant to rot and mould, and immediately ready to assemble outdoors. However, weather exposure can reduce the preservative effects over time, so it’s a sensible idea to re-apply protective treatments.

You should only need to do this once a year, though you may prefer to treat the wooden climbing frame in autumn to fend off cold and wet winters, then again ahead of hot and humid summers. Seasonal temperature changes cause wood to expand and contract, which can result in cracks or splits if left untreated.

Sunlight can also bleach the colour of the wood, so you may want to use a tinted stain if you’d prefer to maintain a particular shade. Look for wood-preserving varnishes that aren’t just waterproof topcoats – avoiding oils and waxes that can make the wood slippery and unsafe for children to climb on.

When you carry out wood treatments on your wooden climbing frame, choose a day when the weather is dry and calm, and make sure that no children or animals have access to the structure while each coat is drying. Typically, you should only need to apply 1-2 even coats of wood preserver and 2 coats of wood stain or paint, depending on its transparency and the desired finish – but always consult and follow the product’s instructions for the best results.


• How to maintain a wooden climbing frame?

As explained above, regular re-applications of wood preserver will maintain the water-repellent properties that prevent rot, insect infestation, and the wood drying out so much that it splits. Little cracks in the wood are normal and shouldn’t affect the structural integrity of the climbing frame.

Wooden climbing frames are safe to use in winter, as long as they aren’t wet or icy, but some children may not want to play outside in the cold. However, you shouldn’t be tempted to cover the structure with a tarp or anything else in an attempt to protect it from the winter weather – this can actually cause moisture to build up underneath it and encourage mould to grow.

If you do notice mould or mildew on your wooden climbing frame, use a mild bleach solution or fungicidal treatment to target these areas. Bear in mind that these can strip away varnish and cause discolouration, as can pressure washing, so you may have to re-varnish and/or re-paint afterwards.

Keep children away from the climbing frame until it’s completely clean, dry, and safe. Always check that every part of the structure is working as it should before letting a child play on it. Every time your child wants to play, you should first look out for loose bolts and fittings, rusty metal mechanisms, and foreign objects on the frame or ground below.

If you notice missing or faulty parts, do not let anyone on the climbing frame until you have repaired or replaced them and made the structure safe again. It’s never worth taking the risk of a child injuring themselves by playing on an unsecure structure.


• Are wooden climbing frames safe for children?

Yes, all wooden climbing frames that we provide at Wicken Toys are safe for children, with size and age limitations listed in the individual product descriptions. Always double-check that outdoor play equipment is the correct size for your child’s height and weight and appropriate for their age range.

Follow the assembly instructions included with the product carefully to ensure that you set up the climbing frame and secure it to the ground properly. Due to increased fall heights, there must be a shock-absorbing surface extending all around the wooden climbing frame for at least 2 metres.

The manufacturer’s manual that comes with the product should explain how each part of the structure is designed to be used safely, so you should read through this when installing the structure and then teach your child the right way to climb and play on each feature from the start.

Check the equipment when your child wants to use it before allowing them to play on the structure, and supervise them the whole time. Never leave young children unattended when there is a risk of them falling from a height during reckless play.

If you notice splinters or rough patches on your wooden climbing frame, sand them down and re-seal and/or re-paint the wooden beams. Do not let children or pets near the frame until the treatment is complete and any seals, paints, or varnishes are totally dry.


• How long do wooden climbing frames last?

A well-kept wooden climbing frame should last for at least 10 years, staying safe and functional for most of your kid’s childhood. The wooden frames are made using sturdy and durable timber, as the climbing frame will be located outdoors, so it can survive consistent exposure to the elements.

To ensure that your child’s wooden climbing frame stays in good condition for as long as possible, you should stay on top of maintenance checks and treatments. Read the FAQs above for more information on where to position the frame, how to treat the wood, and which checks to carry out.

Don’t forget that metal and plastic parts need looking after, too – not just the wooden frame. You should clean these parts whenever you notice them getting dirty to prevent them from rusting. Similarly, if a swing makes a squeaking noise, you should lubricate the hooks and chains.

If you originally buy a climbing frame that’s suitable for smaller children, it’s likely that they’ll outgrow the swings and slides. However, it’s possible with some brands to replace these components with other compatible features for older children, allowing you to adapt the original frame as your child grows so they can enjoy it for longer.


• Can I paint my child's wooden climbing frame?

Just as you can paint a wooden playhouse, you can paint a wooden climbing frame if you want to. The range of wooden climbing frames at Wicken Toys are made of pre-treated natural wood, which provides a blank canvas for you to decorate however you choose – whether this is with stains or paints.

You could stain the wood a different colour, while still keeping it natural, or paint the structure in your child’s favourite colour. Whichever style you choose, only use non-toxic stains and paints. To achieve a long-lasting colour, you’ll need a water-based paint and undercoat specifically for exteriors.

Clean the surfaces where possible and smooth down any splinters with sandpaper before painting. Apply the undercoat first and allow it to dry before applying the first coat of paint. Allow this to dry before applying the second coat – if the colour isn’t solid enough, you may have to add another coat.

To keep the wood underneath in the best possible shape, you should avoid sanding and repainting too frequently. If you really want to change it up, once a year at the most should be enough to keep your wooden climbing frame looking and feeling fresh.


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