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Wooden Swings

What’s a more classic feature of a family garden than a wooden swing set? Boasting sturdy timber frames and a beautiful natural woodgrain finish, wooden swing frames look good in any back yard. Not to mention the endless levels of fun they provide for young children looking to expend some energy outdoors!

Whether you need a compact swing set for a small garden or a multi-purpose wooden swing climbing frame to keep kids entertained, you’ll find the ideal solution at Wicken Toys. Browse our exciting selection of Plum wooden swings below to choose the perfect outdoor swing set for your family today.


Wooden swings for kids

The range of Plum swing sets available to order online from Wicken Toys are suitable for children aged 3 years old to 10-12 years old, helping to keep your children active outdoors throughout their childhood. Baby swing seats are available for the youngest, while blow-moulded backless swing seats promise comfort and safety for older kids.

Choose a simple single swing set for individual play or a double swing set to allow two children to play together. For more adventurous kids, we also stock ‘monkey swing’-style nest swings that can fit two children at the same time. These can also double as a hammock for lazier days, when kids can swing gently while reading or just daydreaming.

When the kids get older, such as 5 years old and above, they may get a bit restless with a standard wooden swing set – which is why a set with extra fun features is always a good investment. Some of the larger wooden swing frames we offer come with apparatus like climbing ropes, nets, or ladders, or even rock walls, slides, or double glider swings.

To help you adjust your wooden swing set to suit your growing child, it’s possible to buy Plum swing seats separately that are compatible with most Plum swing frames. The ‘snap shackle’ attachments make it easy to swap between different seats, allowing you to add a high-back baby swing for the littlest one or upgrade to a nest swing for bigger kids.


Durable wooden swing sets

Having fun through physical activity and playing safely should go hand in hand for children. That’s why the Plum swing sets we supply are made using FSC-certified timber from managed forest to create sturdy wooden poles. Some designs, such as the Playtime Deluxe, use square-cut American yellow pine for an alternative style of wooden swing frame.

Every wooden swing set is supplied flat-packed and pre-drilled for easy assembly, complete with all the necessary hardware and thorough instructions. It should take 2 adults approximately 1 hour to assemble one of these structures. Most require installing metal ground anchors with concrete, but some use the ‘magic bracket’ system with concrete-free wooden ground pegs.

These wooden swing sets come with a 5-year warranty against wood rot and a standard 1-year warranty on all parts, though incorrect installation or using the equipment outside the manufacturer’s guidance can invalidate these warranties.

If you have any questions about the products on this page, or would like to enquire about wooden swing set installation along with your delivery, please contact us at Wicken Toys. Give us a phone call on 0800 587 1066 or send an email to sales@wickentoys.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.


Wooden Swing FAQs

• How long do wooden swings last?

Each of the wooden swing sets sold at Wicken Toys is designed with durability in mind. Nobody wants to make an investment only for it to rapidly deteriorate, after all. Using long-lasting timber and robust construction methods is especially important for outdoor play equipment, as any faults can deem them unsafe and lead to injuries.

Most swing sets last for around 15–20 years, giving you plenty of time to get maximum use out of them. Despite the trials and tribulations of unfavourable weather, the pressure-treated timber used for these wooden swing sets can outlast even the worst conditions, ensuring that you’ve made a smart investment that stays with your family as you grow.

Inevitably, any outdoor swing set will encounter some wear and tear over time, but regular maintenance will help to keep the structure in the best possible condition. It’s normal for small cracks and splits to appear in the wood as it expands and contracts in response to temperature and humidity changes, but these don’t affect the frame’s integrity.

To prevent more serious issues developing that could cause severe cracking or weakening of the timber, such as rot and mildew, it’s recommended to treat wooden outdoor playsets at least once a year by applying a suitable wood preservative treatment.


• Are metal or wooden swing sets better?

Both wooden swings and metal swings are strong and reliable options if you want a swing set that not only looks the part, but is also made to last. Both materials are designed to cope with any pressure directed their way, whether from the elements or vigorous use, but wooden swing sets are often considered to be the superior choice.

Metal is often the more affordable option if you have a limited budget, as this material is cheaper to produce. Metal swing frames also tend to include fewer extra features, which keeps the cost down, as well. On the other hand, thick and sturdy wooden swing frames are a bigger investment, with more attachments available to customise your playset.

Similarly, wooden swings have a more natural appearance, lending them a traditional aesthetic that fits in well with garden fences, sheds, and outdoor furniture. Metal swing frames tend to look more modern – which isn’t a bad thing, but depends on personal taste. If you do want a modern-looking wooden swing set, you can simply stain it or paint it.

Many people believe that metal outdoor play equipment is low maintenance compared to its wooden counterparts, but this isn’t necessarily true. Yes, you’ll need to re-apply wood treatments annually to prevent the timber from rotting, but metal is susceptible to damage from moisture as well – meaning you’ll need to apply anti-rust treatments regularly.

In the end, it depends on what you’re personally looking for from a swing set, and whether you can find everything you need in a wooden swing frame or a metal one.


• Where can wooden swings be used?

In most cases, wooden swings can be used wherever you like! All kinds of places can be turned into play areas that provide hours of fun for youngsters – and a wooden swing frame is one of the go-to pieces of outdoor play equipment when it comes to kitting out children’s playgrounds. That said, these swing sets are designed for domestic use only.

Wooden swing frames are typically installed in residential back gardens, creating a private playground for your family. Regardless of the size of the frame, they require a minimum of 1.8 metres or 6 feet of clearance – meaning you must have enough space for the frame, plus about 2 metres of clear space in all directions around it.

The safest location for a wooden swing set is an area with flat and level ground, and no obstacles or safety hazards nearby. The ground must be a suitable material for securing the ground anchor pegs that will hold the swing set in place.

It’s a good idea to lay some kind of cushioning material on top of hard ground underneath a swing set, especially if there are climbing frame elements included. This could be bark chips, sand, or rubber mulch, for example. Even with grass below the frame, you might want to invest in some Plum Protektamats to create a safer play environment.


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