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BERG Trampolines

Every parent wants their child to have fun and stay physically active, enjoying playing outdoors in a safe way. That’s where BERG trampolines come in – when you choose this brand, you’re choosing high quality, safety, and countless hours of hassle-free fun!

As one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor play equipment in Europe, you can be sure that BERG trampolines always meet the highest design and safety standards. With a reliable BERG trampoline, you won’t have to worry about your child’s welfare as they jump around.

Every BERG trampoline goes through rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure that the model you build in your back garden is the best possible version of that design – and with a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect kind at Wicken Toys.


Why choose BERG trampolines from Wicken Toys?

With several decades of industry experience under their belts, it’s no wonder that BERG produces some of the best outdoor trampolines available around the world. Premium materials and robust construction allow every BERG trampoline to offer a superior bouncing experience.

Manufactured with connecting pins to reinforce the frame and protected edges to prevent fingers and toes from getting trapped in the springs, BERG trampolines are an excellent choice when strength and safety are your top priority – but they also have the benefit of a sleek and sporty appearance.

With multiple collections available to suit different jumping styles, outdoor spaces, and budgets, there’s an ideal BERG trampoline out there for you – whether that’s a dependable Favorit, high-performance Champion, or pro-level Elite model. Above-ground or in-ground, with a built-in safety net or without, the choice is yours. Fun for kids of all ages is just a click away, so browse our stock below today.


BERG Trampoline FAQs

• Which BERG trampoline sizes and shapes are available?

As a leading trampoline brand, there are multiple ranges of BERG trampolines to suit every age range, skill level, and outdoor space. There are three common shapes – round, oval, and rectangular – but also several designs with different features and sizes.

On top of this, there are three possible installation styles (regular, InGround, or FlatGround), and each BERG trampoline is available in three colours (grey, green, and black), with the additional option of a safety net in either ‘comfort’ or ‘deluxe’ designs.

Round BERG trampolines are a common choice, which is why they have the widest range of sizes:

  • BERG Favorit – 6ft 6" / 9ft / 11ft / 12.5ft / 14ft
  • BERG Champion – 11ft / 12.5ft / 14ft / 14ft Levels

The Favorit range is the best for basics, while the Champion range takes a step up. Both are available as regular above-ground trampolines or InGround sunken trampolines. However, the BERG Levels trampoline comes with additional active play features.

The middle-ground of trampoline shapes and sizes are oval BERG trampolines, which come in:

  • BERG Grand Favorit – 17ft x 11ft 4"
  • BERG Grand Champion – 11ft 6" x 8ft 2" / 15ft 5" x 10ft 2" / 17ft x 11ft 4"
  • BERG Grand Elite – 17ft x 11ft 4"

These combine the strength of a round frame with the larger jumping surface of a rectangular mat, and are also available in either regular above-ground or InGround sunken styles.

At the top end of the trampoline spectrum you’ll find rectangular BERG trampolines. These are better for larger spaces and users who are a bit more serious about trampolining, available in:

  • BERG Ultim Favorit – 9ft 2" x 6ft 2" / 11ft x 7ft / 13ft 5" x 8ft 2"
  • BERG Ultim Champion – 11ft x 7ft / 13ft 5" x 8ft 2" / 16ft 4" x 9ft 10"
  • BERG Ultim Elite – 16ft 4" x 9ft 10"
  • BERG Ultim Pro Bouncer – 16ft 4" x 9ft 10"

The unique BERG Airflow design increases airflow and bounce power by up to 50%, and the top-tier versions of these trampolines are also available in the BERG FlatGround design – an adjustment that puts the trampoline flush with the ground rather than a little above it, promising a better bounce with carefully secured springs and edges.


• What is the best BERG trampoline model?

While it’s true that there are dozens of well-known trampoline manufacturers out there to choose from, BERG is more than that – they’re an internationally established producer of quality outdoor play equipment, including go-karts for kids and teens.

When you buy a BERG trampoline, you know you’re getting a well-designed product with durable materials that’s safe for kids to use (and often young adults, too). Every model is vigorously tested for safety and quality standards before making it to the market.

With optimal frame padding, rust-resistant galvanised steel components, and an eightfold-sewn mat, each BERG trampoline promises long-lasting family fun. There are also BERG trampoline ladders and ladder platforms available, plus practical BERG trampoline weather covers.

If you want to make trampolining even more enjoyable, you can also purchase a BERG TwinHoop double basketball net, which allows people both inside and outside the trampoline enclosure to shoot hoops at the same time. Or, you can invest in a BERG AirHive, perfect for teens and young adults who can download the app on their smartphone to track their activity.

At the end of the day, the main difference between BERG trampolines and other brands is the comfort and quality, which consistently offers a great bouncing experience across every model.


• How are BERG trampolines different from other brands?

At Wicken Toys, we stock the majority of BERG trampoline lines. The right BERG trampoline model for you depends on several factors, such as the age of the user, the size of the installation space, and the installation method – and, of course, your budget.

The most affordable BERG trampolines are the Favorit range, which is still high-quality but with a more basic round frame design. These are ideal for smaller gardens, starting from sizes with a diameter in the 6-7ft range, and great for younger kids to grow into.

Next is the Champion range, which steps up the performance level and accordingly the price level a little. These trampolines are larger with a heavier frame and longer springs, featuring a wider protective edge to make sure more energetic jumpers still say safe within the mat boundaries.

If you have older children with a keener interest in athletics, particularly gymnastics, then upgrading to a model from the Elite range may be the best investment. Extra-long springs for high jumping, an extra thick safety edge, and a black-coated T-section frame with 8 support legs make this a sporty and stylish option. Take a look through the BERG Grand and BERG Ultim collections for more ideas.

Additionally, you’ll have a choice of BERG trampoline installation styles. Some people prefer an above-ground trampoline with feet, while others find sunken in-ground trampolines both safer and less visually obstructive. BERG manufactures both types for most of their ranges, and they even offer some of the higher-end designs as FlatGround models with advanced Airflow jumping mats.


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