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Outdoor Climbing Frames

Here at Wicken Toys, we stock a wide variety of outdoor climbing frames so children of all ages can benefit from the perfect playtime whenever they like! Our options are the perfect fit for any garden, no matter how big or small, so nobody has to miss out on the hours of fun that these pieces of play apparatus can bring.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to outdoor climbing frames, making them the perfect choice to get children’s imaginations going and bodies moving. Depending on the structure you choose, your child can learn to climb, slide, swing, and more – all from the comfort and safety of their own garden.


Climbing frames from leading brands

Climbing frames are a great way to encourage exercise and an adventurous attitude to life while learning new skills. When you choose from the broad range available on our website, you’ll be investing in your child’s future development. From galleon ships to forts, twin-towered play centres to toddler-friendly slide and swing sets, there’s something for everyone!

Here at Wicken Toys, we know how important is for young children to exercise their imaginations as well as their bodies, which is why we supply so many fun designs. We sell some elements separately, too, so you can take it a step further and build your own custom climbing frame. From crawl tubes to dormer roofs, firefighter poles to picnic tables, we stock everything you need to create the perfect garden play frame.  

As well as offering a wide variety of products, we always ensure that every item is manufactured to the highest standard, so children can get the most out of them whenever they want to play. That’s why we only work with industry-leading brands, so you can be assured that you’re making the best possible purchase.

Said brands include the well-renowned TP and Plum, both experienced in the creation of some of the finest and most imaginative children’s climbing frames on the market today. We also offer products from All Out Play and Creative Playthings, with an extensive range of accessories available to expand your child’s play capabilities.

Our catalogue also includes medium and large metal climbing frames from the BERG PlayBase collection. These offer a slimline alternative to wooden climbing frames, allowing you to choose the features you want the most to create a compact jungle gym from an assortment of swings, climbing walls, nets, and bars.

With such a wide selection of outdoor climbing frame designs and endless possible combinations for a customised climbing frame, you’re guaranteed long-lasting fun and satisfaction when you order from Wicken Toys.


Easy assembly to get to the fun part faster

All of our wooden climbing frames are delivered free of charge and flat-packed in boxes, with all the necessary components and easy-to-follow instructions included. We understand that the excitement can be too much to bear for some children, so quick installation is a must to keep them happy!

This hassle-free installation process allows you to assemble these structures securely in next to no time. With at least two adults working on the construction together, the kids will be clambering on their new outdoor play apparatus to their hearts’ content before you know it.

If you live in the Milton Keynes area, we may be able to provide an installation service for an extra fee – ensuring fast and professional construction, while saving you time and effort. To find out whether this service is available for your chosen product, please contact us first.

Once assembled, your sturdy new outdoor climbing frame should last for many years. Each product is made using premium pressure-treated timber, including Southern Yellow Pine, Redwood Pine, and European Spruce. The corners are planed and rounded, with domed or countersunk screws and bolts to ensure a safe playing environment.

As we only stock the best of the best, you’re sure to receive a high-quality product, regardless of the climbing frame brand you choose from the selection on our website. Whether you want to personalise them with wood stains or paint or leave them in their natural state, these outdoor climbing frames will look stunning in your garden.

Refreshing your existing outdoor climbing frame by extending the structure is easier than ever thanks to our selection of climbing frame accessories. You can add and remove compatible elements as and when you choose to make your children’s climbing frame feel new and exciting again as they age, providing more challenging features to engage older children.


Friendly, personal service

Making the right purchase when it comes to a kid’s climbing frame is vital in making sure that they’ll have bundles of fun for years to come, so why don’t you try before you buy? You’re welcome to come and do so at our display site, and take a closer look for yourself.

Wicken Toys is a family-run business, and our team strives to deliver friendly and personal customer service. If you have any questions about any of our climbing frames or want to know more about our wider range of products, then be sure to get in touch with our team today.

Simply give us a call on 01908 571 233 or email us at sales@wickentoys.co.uk. You can also fill out our online contact form and one of our experts will respond as soon as possible.

We’re always happy to advise on suitable products or point you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help choosing the best all-in-one garden play equipment.

Don’t forget to check out the full range of outdoor play equipment available on the Wicken Toys website – from wooden playhouses to inflatable play centres, stand-alone swings and slides to sandpits, wheeled toys to trampolines, we have everything needed for a happy childhood right here!


Outdoor Climbing Frame FAQs

• What are the benefits of climbing frames for child development?

Toddlers and young children develop very quickly as they grow and learn more about the world. As a parent or guardian, you’ll want to help them as much as possible, and there are many benefits to climbing frames for children – not least spending more time outside away from screens.

In addition to getting valuable Vitamin D from the sunlight and giving their young eyes a break from televisions and computers, kids can learn a lot by exploring a climbing frame. It not only inspires their imagination, but it also encourages them to develop their cognitive problem-solving skills.

While practising logic and critical thinking to find the best routes and tactics, children also learn how to assess risks. Having the independence to test their limits in a safe and supervised environment will give your child more confidence in new situations and stimulate their sense of adventure.

One of the most obvious advantages of climbing frames is that they help kids to develop their motor skills and physical strength. They’ll improve their dexterity and balance while staying active and healthy. Stretching, pulling and pushing, and jumping and landing are all good forms of exercise.

If you have more than one child, or if your child often has friends round to play, the climbing frame can also help them to develop social and emotional skills. They’ll learn how to take turns, help each other overcome difficult tasks, and share different ideas for playing  ‘pretend’ games.

Even just being outside to play on an outdoor climbing frame can be better for your child’s health than playing with toys inside. Getting some fresh air, seeing the sky, and feeling closer to nature in your garden can help to reduce stress and inspire children to want to learn more about the natural world around them.


• Where are the best climbing frames?

Wondering where to buy the best climbing frame for your garden? You’re already in the right place!

Here at Wicken Toys, we ensure that we provide the best toys around. We understand the need from both children and parents to have their very own fun-filled climbing frame in their back garden or outdoor space – who doesn’t enjoy the excitement of a jungle gym?

That’s why we’re committed to producing the finest collection of children’s climbing frames for you to choose from, guaranteed to provide your kids with extended periods of outdoor play to produce smiles all round. Take a look at our extensive list on our website now, and we’re sure you’ll find the ideal option that works for you.

We provide climbing playhouses in a variety of styles, from forts and castles to rockets and ships, so your child can go on an adventure without leaving the safety of your yard. There’s also a vast selection of accessories in endless combinations, whether you’re interested in slides and swings or rock walls and rope nets. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you choose to buy from Wicken Toys.

If you live in an eligible postcode throughout England, you can even add professional installation to your Wicken Toys order for an extra fee. This efficient service ensures that your outdoor climbing frame is constructed for you to the highest standards.


• How long do climbing frames last?

We always provide climbing frames to our customers that are safe and durable, so you can be reassured that you’re making a worthwhile purchase. Since it will be located outdoors, it will inevitably encounter the sometimes harsh weather that the UK has to offer, so we understand the need for long-lasting timber that can survive this with ease.

Of course, it’s important to keep on top of maintenance by regularly treating and cleaning the wood to protect it from damage. Parts made of metal and plastic should be cleaned periodically to prevent rust and corrosion, and swing hooks may need to be lubricated if they start squeaking when your child is swinging.

Though all the climbing frames we sell come with a manufacturer’s warranty, you must take good care of it to maintain its condition over time. Well-kept frames should comfortably last for around 10 years with the appropriate TLC – such as checking that all metal nuts and bolts are secure every few weeks or applying wood preservatives to timber climbing frames annually. The better you take care of the structure, the more value you’ll get out of your investment.

As the recommended age range for the outdoor climbing frames we sell varies from 3 years old up to 14 years old, it’s reasonable to expect the structure to last well throughout their childhood, from toddlerhood to early teens. You may need to update some of the play equipment to suit their size and capabilities along the way, though!


• How to maintain an outdoor climbing frame?

To keep your climbing frame in prime condition for as long as possible, you must perform regular checks and maintenance on the structure. Always make sure the area is clean, with even ground and no overhanging obstacles. If the structure is leaning or swaying at all, do not let children play on it.

Inspect the hardware and ground anchors to make sure that the frame is stable and secure. Tighten any loose screws and bolts, treat any rust with WD-40, and reposition or replace parts as required. If you find that the ground isn’t compact enough to hold the anchors properly, you may have to pour concrete to keep the structure securely in place.

Keep all plastic pieces clean using mild soap and warm water, and check that swing ropes or chains are still in good condition before letting a child use the swing. You may have to lubricate hooks and chains if they start making a squeaking sound.

Exposure to the elements can result in wood becoming rough or splintered, in which case you should smooth it down with sanding paper. You should also aim to top up protective coatings on wood at least once a year, using a suitable non-toxic varnish and/or stain.

This should prevent the wood from seriously cracking or splitting. Bear in mind that small fissures can appear in wood over time, but these shouldn’t be a cause for concern, as they shouldn’t impact the integrity of the structure.

The better care you take of the outdoor climbing frame, the longer it will last, and the more time your child will have to enjoy playing safely on it.


• Where should I put my climbing frame?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. These include the size of the space you’re working with, the age, height, and weight of your children, and whether you have any other outdoor play equipment in the same area that can’t be moved.

When browsing Wicken Toys to choose the perfect climbing frame for your children, you should already have taken the measurements of the available space. You’ll need these measurements to compare each product’s specifications against them and double-check whether the climbing apparatus would be a suitable fit for the area.

Don’t forget that vertical constraints should be considered, too – anything from plants and trees to washing lines could get in the way. You should be 100% sure of the positioning before you start building your purchase, as once it’s installed, you’ll have to deconstruct it again if you decide to move it somewhere else.

Wherever you position your outdoor climbing frame, there should be a minimum of 2 metres of clear space around it in all directions (including vertically). The ground underneath must be completely flat and even, and compact enough to secure the frame anchors. Be sure to consider the direction of water runoff in your garden, as wet soil can become looser and cause the structure to sink unevenly or rise out of the ground, making it unstable and unsafe to play on.

There must also be a shock-absorbing material on the ground underneath and surrounding the structure to reduce the risk of injury, such as grass, sand, or bark chips. You can also cover grass with protective rubber mats which connect together to form a more shock-absorbent play surface.


• Do you need planning permission for a climbing frame?

Much like playhouses, any large outdoor structure may require planning permission from the council – even though you’re constructing it on your own private property. Before committing to a climbing frame, you might want to contact your local council or check the Planning Portal for restrictions.

Generally, structures must have a maximum overall height of 4 metres (13 feet). However, if there is a flat roof, the maximum height will be 3 metres (9.8 feet). If the structure is within 2 metres (6.5 feet) of the property boundaries, then the height limit is further reduced to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet).

As long as the structure is within the limits, you shouldn’t need planning permission – but you should still let your neighbours know you’re installing it. Since platforms must be no higher than 0.3 metres (just under 1 foot), it’s likely you’ll still need permission for anything higher than this.

You’ll definitely need to apply for planning permission for your climbing frame if you want to build it between your property and a public highway (e.g. in your front garden), or if the structure will take up more than half of your garden. There may be stricter rules if you live in a conservation area.

Please be sure to consult your local authorities before placing an order if you aren’t sure about planning permissions, as Wicken Toys cannot be held responsible for purchases that are inappropriate for your outdoor space.


• Are outdoor climbing frames safe for small children?

Yes, when constructed properly and used as intended, all of our climbing frames are safe for young children. Each product description lists the age range and maximum weight limit for that specific item, so be sure to check this information when choosing an outdoor climbing frame for your child.

While we supply some elements that are suitable for infants as young as 6 months old, such as baby bucket swings, standard climbing structures are generally recommended for children aged 3 years to 12 years old. We do offer toddler outdoor play centres designed for 12 months to 18 months plus.

When it comes to the upper age limit, this tends to apply to specific elements such as swings and slides. As long as they don’t exceed the weight limit, older children and teens can still use climbing elements like rock walls, ladders, and rope nets, and use enclosed areas as a place to hang out.

The products we stock at Wicken Toys are all tested to British and European safety standards – you can find more information about this in the product manual. Bear in mind that they are for domestic use only; if you’re looking for a commercial climbing frame, those are tested to different standards.

Outdoor climbing frames are designed to be anchored securely to the ground with no sharp edges or exposed parts, ensuring safe play. As the structures are fairly large, there must be at least 6 feet of clear space around the climbing playset in every direction. If you’re concerned about children falling from a height, you can put down rubber safety mats, which we sell in small and large sizes.

Where smaller children will be using elements such as ladders and slides, you can also add climbing frame handles and hand grips. These give them something secure to hold onto to help prevent falls. If you’d rather purchase outdoor play equipment that doesn’t involve heights, we also stock sunken in-ground trampolines – which offer a safer alternative to traditional above-ground trampolines.


• Which climbing frame is best for my child?

Popular due to their space-saving and cost-effective way of combining multiple types of outdoor play equipment into one convenient structure, there are so many climbing frame variations that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The two most important factors in this decision will be your child’s age and the size of your garden, as these determine how big the jungle gym should be.

The type of outdoor playset you need to look for should reflect your child’s age and interests. For example, a younger child is likely to enjoy elements like swings, sandpits, and playhouses – especially if they have a fantasy theme, like castles or rockets. They’ll also benefit from sensory climbing frame accessories to steer their imagination, like a ship’s wheel, submarine periscope, or toy telephone.

As children grow, their ways of playing and developmental needs will change. Older children are more likely to want something physically challenging to play on, so a more extensive structure with adventurous elements like rock walls, monkey bars, and chain climbers would be better. You can check the restrictions in the description of each product to find an age-appropriate climbing frame.

One of the great things about the outdoor climbing frames we stock is that even if you purchase a ready-made design, you can still detach certain pieces and install new ones as your child grows. For example, you can swap toddler swings for ‘big kid’ swings, add a larger slide, or replace a ball pit with a picnic bench. Just make sure that the product is compatible with your frame before you buy!


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