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Whether your child wants to race around in a stylish and safe kids’ go-kart or you want to get back behind the go-kart wheel yourself as an adult, Wicken Toys has what you’re looking for. We provide a wide selection of BERG Go-Karts in a variety of sizes and designs to suit every age range. Young or old, we believe that everyone should get to experience the joy that a BERG pedal go-kart can bring.

Go-karts are one of the most fun ways to get around for kids and adults alike, and high-quality pedal go-karts from Dutch manufacturer BERG Toys are the ideal vehicle for outdoor play. Our collections of BERG Go-Karts cover a range of heights, weights, and driving styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your child or yourself!


Why choose a BERG Go-Kart from Wicken Toys?

Active playtime is crucial for physical and mental health at any age, and what better way to fulfil these needs than hours of fun on a go-kart? As fun as they are, we also recognise the importance of go-kart safety at Wicken Toys. This is why we only sell these products from a trusted supplier – BERG Toys has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing quality-assured play equipment.

Parents can allow their kids to enjoy carefree play knowing that their BERG Go-Karts are ISO 9001 certified for quality management. These products are safety-tested and expertly developed for safe use in the designated age, weight, and height categories. This also means that if it’s an adult Go-Kart, you know that it’s safe for a fully grown person to use.

Regardless of age or gender, there’s an ideal go-kart for you on the Wicken Toys website. You can search by collection, age range, pedal mechanism, or price using the filters in the left sidebar, so it’s easy to find the perfect BERG Go-Kart for your budget. Not to mention our extensive range of go-kart accessories to customise your ride!


Order your BERG Go-Kart from Wicken Toys today

The mission statement for BERG Toys is to inspire active play, with creativity, connection, and innovation as their core values. We couldn’t agree more at Wicken Toys, where we’re all about inspiring children, parents, and people of all ages to find fun and laughter in outdoor play. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help if you need to contact us with an enquiry.

If you have any questions about the BERG Go-Karts we stock at Wicken Toys, or any other products on our website, feel free to call us on 01908 571 233 or email us at We’ll gladly provide more information on these market-leading go-karts.

Please note that the BERG Classic Go-Kart and BERG Compact Go-Kart ranges have now been discontinued, and BERG Toys will no longer be manufacturing them. From 2021, the new BFR Go-Kart system is replacing the older models – you can find the new BERG Go-Kart models on the Wicken Toys website.




Which pedal mechanisms do BERG Go-Karts use?

As you can see from the categories in the sidebar to the left, there are several different mechanism styles for BERG pedal go-karts. The Automatic Freewheel style (BERG AF) is no longer being produced, but these old-style go-karts can drive both forwards and backwards. The new style is Brake, Freewheel, and Reverse (BFR) – this means that the go-karts can reverse from a standstill, with a back pedal coaster brake to stop and the freewheel system keeping the pedals still while the wheels are in motion.

There are several types of BFR Go-Kart to choose from, including E-BFR, which provides pedal support via an electrical motor. There’s also E-BFR-3 models, which have three gears to make them even faster and more powerful. When you want to keep things simple, direct drive go-karts have a single gear with a rear-axle brake, making them easier to operate for younger go-kart drivers.


What does the BERG Go-Kart BFR system mean?

There’s no need to be confused by the newer BFR Go-Karts – they’re simply an upgrade from the older models! The BERG BFR system makes it simple to understand which type of frame, gears, and motor you can expect a model in each category to have. These BFR ratings apply to the larger BERG Go-Karts, for children 5 years old and up (and adults, where specified).

The standard BFR go-karts have an XL frame and can easily brake and reverse via the pedals. For faster speeds, they’re available with three gears as BFR-3 go-karts. The XXL BFR go-karts are the same, but with an XXL reinforced and extended frame, making them more comfortable for taller and bigger users. Then you have the E-BFR go-karts, which feature an XXL frame plus an electric motor with a rechargeable battery for extra pedal power. Again, you can upgrade to three gears with E-BFR-3 go-karts.


Which BERG Go-Kart is best for my child?

It’s easy to find the best fit for your child using the age range filters. Then, you can click on a specific model and check the weight and height restrictions (if any) to make sure that it’s suitable for your child’s size. For a child’s first go-kart, they can learn to push and pedal with a BERG Go2 from as young as 10 months old.

From 2 to 5 years, the BERG Buzzy range is most suitable, or they can discover the sporty racing style of a BERG Reppy Go-Kart from 2.5 years old. From 3-8 years old, kids can get a bit bigger and bolder with the BERG Buddy range. For a lightweight and adjustable pedal go-kart, the BERG Rally range is suitable for children between 4 and 12 years old.

When kids get to 12 years and above, including teenagers, they can benefit from the bigger frames and more advanced driving systems of BERG BFR models. Adults can use most of these large go-karts, too, meaning that parents can drive along with the kids for family fun. There are lots of colours, themes, and accessories to choose from, including streamlined racers, cool off-roaders, and even John Deere tractor-style go-karts!

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  1. Buzzy basket yellow front.
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  2. BERG Speedo
  3. BERG Go2 Pink suitable for 10 - 30 months.
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    BERG Go2 Pink
    Special Price £75.00 Regular Price £89.00
    16% off!
  4. A BERG go kart cover will help to keep your go kart in the best condition possible.
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  5. BERG Deluxe Passenger Seat
    As low as £87.00
  6. BERG Go2 Retro Pink.  With the pedals up the Go2 can be used to ride around on.  Fold the pedals down and you have a pedal option for older children.
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  7. BERG Roll Bar
    As low as £95.00
  8. BERG Reppy Racer
    Special Price £168.50 Regular Price £205.00
    18% off!
  9. BERG Reppy Rider
    Special Price £169.00 Regular Price £185.00
    9% off!
  10. BERG Reppy Roadster
    Special Price £175.00 Regular Price £205.00
    15% off!
  11. BERG Reppy Rebel with BERG Soundbox
    Special Price £184.00 Regular Price £205.00
    10% off!
  12. BERG Buzzy go kart Police
    Out Of Stock
  13. BERG Reppy BMW
    Special Price £205.00 Regular Price £225.00
    9% off!
  14. BERG Reppy Rebel Black with BERG Soundbox - Limited Edition
    Special Price £217.00 Regular Price £229.00
    5% off!
  15. BERG Choppy Neo Go Kart with brake free wheel and air tyres.
    Out Of Stock
  16. BERG Buddy Lua
  17. BERG Rally Pearl
    Special Price £369.00 Regular Price £409.00
    10% off!
  18. BERG Rally Orange
    Special Price £369.00 Regular Price £409.00
    10% off!
  19. BERG Rally Force
    Special Price £389.00 Regular Price £409.00
    5% off!
  20. BERG Rally Jeep Adventure Go Kart
    Special Price £395.00 Regular Price £439.00
    10% off!
  21. BERG XL Basic Pure Blue BFR
    Special Price £459.00 Regular Price £489.00
    6% off!
  22. BERG XL B.Super Yellow BFR-3 with rear mud guards and front spoiler - 5 year frame warranty.
    Out Of Stock
  23. BERG Race GTS BFR-3.  3 Gears to make life faster and or easier.
    Out Of Stock
  24. BERG Duo Coaster for Commercial / Leisure use.
    Out Of Stock
  25. BERG XXL B.Super yellow E-BFR
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  26. BERG XXL B.Super Blue E-BFR
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  27. BERG Grand Tour Off-Road - 2021 Model
    Special Price £1,999.00 Regular Price £2,299.00
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  28. BERG XL Basic Super Red BFR
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  29. BERG Grand Tour Racer Commercial use Go Kart front view.
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