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Springfree Trampolines

Known as the world’s safest trampolines, is it any surprise that we proudly stock a selection of Springfree trampolines here at Wicken Toys? It may seem like a big claim, but it’s true! These innovative springless trampolines offer a new way for kids to bounce safely without worrying about exposed springs and sharp edges.

Dr Keith Alexander, a mechanical engineering professor, had a singular goal in mind when he invented the Springfree trampoline design: making it as safe as possible, without sacrificing an ounce of bounce-ability. After examining the causes of common trampoline injuries, he created a revolutionary new design to eliminate those problems.

As 100% spring-free trampolines, these models feature more usable jumping space, with durable rods below the mat instead of taking up some of the bouncing area above. These strong and well-cushioned outdoor trampolines are ideal for keeping rambunctious young children safe while allowing them to experience the joys of outdoor play.


Safe above-ground trampolines from Springfree

The unique design of Springfree trampolines eliminates the risk of most trampoline-induced injuries, which tend to come from exposed components, hard edges, and lack of safety nets. Instead, Springfree models have hidden frames, no springs, soft edges, and a zip-closed flexible net. Under-mat rods provide a smooth bounce, while shock-absorbing edges and net support rods cushion jumpers and direct them back towards the middle of the mat, always out of harm’s way.

The bounce is enabled by plastic-coated fibre-glass rods that are out of reach and covered, so kids can’t accidentally hurt themselves on them while jumping. Since there aren’t springs around the edges of a frame, like a traditional trampoline would have, a 10 ft diameter Springfree trampoline actually has 10 ft of bouncing space – whereas a regular 10 ft model would only have around 8 ft to bounce on, as the springs would take up some of the room within the frame.

Available in round, oval, and square shapes, and in several different sizes, there’s a Springfree trampoline to suit every child’s needs and every family’s garden space. What better way to allow kids to get hours of engaging play and physical exercise than the ultimate safe Springfree trampoline?


Springfree Trampoline FAQs

• What’s the difference between Springfree and traditional spring trampolines?

The differences between a springless trampoline and one with traditional springs are very apparent. A traditional trampoline is made up of a metal frame, with a stretchy mat in the centre, which is attached to the frame with springs.

Springless trampolines improve on the traditional design by:

Eliminating hard edges – the frame is about 1 ft below the mat, so it's impossible to land on it, plus the Flexinet enclosure surrounding it features flexible supporting poles that don’t hurt if you fall against them, giving you peace of mind that whoever uses it will remain safe.

Providing more bounce space – a 10 ft trampoline has a bounce mat that is only 8 ft in diameter, but a 10 ft Springfree trampoline has a mat with a 10 ft diameter which is all useable jumping space, giving you more room to have fun than ever before!


• Why are Springfree trampolines so popular?

Here at Wicken Toys, we have been selling trampolines for more than 20 years. In that period, we have seen the prices become more and more affordable for the average family, but little progress was made in making them more robust. We have always stocked products of the highest quality and safety standards, so once we saw what Springfree trampolines had to offer, it made perfect sense to stock outdoor trampolines that were totally safe for children and specially developed to minimise the risk of injury.

It was only a matter of time before parents everywhere began to hear about these super-safe trampoline designs, and that interest soon translated into sales! Springfree above-ground trampolines are the safest of their kind, and maintain their position as one of the top options for families everywhere.


• How can you bounce on a trampoline with no springs?

Very well, actually! Springfree trampolines are just as enjoyable to bounce on as any regular above-ground trampoline – they're just safer to use.

This is because the bounce mat is stretched across diagonal fibre-glass rods with a high level of tension. The mat also has more porosity, pumping less air and transferring the energy back to the jumper, allowing them to achieve good heights even without traditional springs.

Every square inch of the mat is made from a soft and stretchy material, with no hard edges to avoid, and no hidden springs to take the momentum out of your bouncing.

While the bouncing experience is still similar enough to a standard trampoline, Springfree trampolines provide a deeper and smoother bounce, which is actually much more gentle on the jumper’s knee and ankle joints.

This non-jarring jumping experience makes these springless trampolines ideal for smaller children who can’t control their bouncing very well yet, and perfect for older people who want to use the trampoline for low-impact exercise.


• What makes Springfree trampolines the safest trampoline brand?

The reason that Springfree trampolines can claim to be much safer than others is that they have uniquely designed safety features that others don’t. Springfree has managed to eliminate the risk of the majority of trampoline-related injuries by:

  • Replacing springs with flexible composite rods concealed beneath the jumping surface
  • Using a hidden frame that’s impossible to fall onto (and also has 3 layers of rust protection)
  • Removing hard edges by adding a SoftEdge™ mat with 30x more shock absorbency
  • Adding a FlexiNet™ enclosure to form a flexible safety net without hard metal poles

With these measures to cushion jumpers and prevent dangerous falls, plus a strong long-lasting frame made from high-quality materials, you can rest assured that your child is safe whenever they play on their Springfree trampoline.

Of course, any trampoline is only as safe as the way it’s used. Parents still need to teach children the proper ways to use outdoor play equipment like this, and make sure to supervise them playing on it.


• Why choose a Springfree trampoline for your child?

As a top-quality trampoline brand with an exclusive design, you can be confident that ordering a Springfree trampoline will give your kids a totally safe way to have fun outside for many years.

These trampolines are arguably the safest option on the market, thanks to the unique features that you can find out more about in these FAQs. The spring-free trampoline design removes the risks of injury from misplaced springs and metal poles, ensuring that kids can bounce in a safe enclosure.

The safe design and durable construction with quality materials make this outdoor play equipment ideal for promoting physical activity. Every parent knows how important it is to encourage children to engage in active play and exercise, but how difficult it can be to pull the kids of today away from televisions and tablets. This is why the Springfree Tgoma provides a best-of-both-worlds solution.

You have the option of turning your equipment into a Springfree smart trampoline by combining it with the technology of the Springfree Tgoma interactive gaming system. It connects to your tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to access single-player games that are entertaining and educational.

If you’re supervising your child while they play, you can spend some quality time in the garden, too, helping them with the fun fitness activities to improve your child’s physical and mental wellbeing.


• What kinds of Springfree trampoline models are there?

Springfree trampolines come in several different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your family’s needs regarding both your children’s ages and available garden space. Round Springfree trampolines are the most common and cost-effective choice, offering a consistent bounce with a central sweet spot. We supply round models in compact, medium, and jumbo sizes.

If you want something a little bigger but also slimmer, oval Springfree trampolines have multiple spots for optimal bouncing and often fit more easily into outdoor spaces without overwhelming your home’s exterior. However, if you have the space to spare, a square Springfree trampoline is sure to boost their jumping experience, with five sweet spots around the mat offering the best bounce.

The larger the trampoline, the more likely it is that adults can enjoy it, too. Most of the Springfree trampolines we supply have a maximum weight of 100kg or 16 stone, meaning adults up to this weight are free to rediscover the childlike wonder of bouncing on a trampoline whenever they like.

Don’t forget that you can also tailor your trampoline with Springfree trampoline accessories. For example, you can order black mat rods to change the default white look, a safety step for easy access, or a basketball hoop or Tgoma interactive system to make playtime even more exciting.


• How long do Springfree trampolines last?

A premium above-ground trampoline like any model from leading brand Springfree should last anywhere between 5–10 years, but this depends on factors such as how the equipment is used and how well you maintain it.

Springfree tests their trampolines more extensively than any other manufacturer in this market sector, up to 3 million jumps. They also provide a manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing that all parts should last up to 10 years under reasonable use.

After you have ordered and received your Springfree trampoline from Wicken Toys, the instruction manual that comes with it should explain how to register with Springfree for your 10-year warranty, which should only take a few minutes to set up online.

However, to make sure your trampoline doesn’t wear out or break prematurely, you should set ground rules for how your family uses it. Avoid exceeding the weight limits and don’t let children bounce too aggressively or use the trampoline for wrestling matches!


• Do Springfree trampolines require maintenance?

Maintenance is one of the biggest factors that can affect how long your outdoor trampoline lasts, so it’s important to visually inspect the equipment on a regular basis and clean off any debris each time before anyone jumps on the trampoline.

Every trampoline requires routine checks and cleaning to keep everything in good condition, but since they don’t have springs, you won’t have to worry about cleaning and lubricating metal coils to prevent rust and squeaking with a Springfree trampoline.

All you need to do is wash the trampoline with soapy water when it gets noticeably dirty, and allow it to dry before letting anyone use it. Avoid cleaning chemicals, as these can damage the trampoline parts and cause discolouration.

Galvanised steel frames and UV-stabilised mats ensure that Springfree trampolines are generally weather-resistant, but if you’ll be leaving the equipment outside year-round, you may want to invest in a weatherproof cover to keep debris off the mat.

It’s also a good idea to take down the net enclosure and either bring the frame indoors or make extra efforts to anchor it securely if it is extremely windy.

If there is an issue with a component of the Springfree trampoline, you can contact the manufacturer directly to order a replacement part or claim under the manufacturer’s warranty, if this applies.


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