Springfree Trampolines

The World’s Safest Trampolines…

That’s right, we’ve said it. It’s a big claim we know, but springfree trampolines give it plenty of substance.

Dr Keith Alexander, who is a professor in mechanical engineering, invented the Springfree trampoline with a singular goal in mind: to make it as safe as possible.

To do this, he examined the injuries caused by traditional trampolines and identified the causes of them. With this knowledge, he created a revolutionary new trampoline design that eliminated those problems. Springfree believe in their trampoline so much that they give it a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty!

Why do we love springfree trampolines so much?

Here at Wicken Toys, we have been selling trampolines for more than 20 years now. In that period, we have seen the prices of them plummet, but we have felt that little progress has been made in making them more robust, or safer for children to use, minimalising the risk of injury. We have always stocked products of the highest quality and safety standards, so once we saw what Springfree trampolines had to offer we were hooked!

How does a trampoline with no springs bounce?

Very well actually, we can tell you that for free!

The bounce mat is stretched across diagonal fibre glass rods and is under a high level of tension, giving it a great bounce! Each square inch of the mat is made from a soft material, and with there being no hard edges to avoid and no hidden springs to take the momentum out of your bouncing.

What is the difference between springfree and traditional spring trampolines?

The differences between a springless trampoline and one with traditional springs are very apparent. A traditional trampoline is made up of a metal frame, with a stretchy mat in the centre and attached to the frame with springs.

Our new springless trampolines improve on the traditional design by:

Eliminating hard edges – this is done as the frame is about 1ft below the mat, meaning that it is impossible to land on it. The Flexinet enclosure that surrounds the trampoline features flexible supporting poles that don’t hurt if you fall against them, giving you the peace of mind that whoever is using it will remain safe.

Providing more bounce space – a 10ft trampoline has a bounce mat that is only 8ft in diameter, but a 10ft Springfree trampoline has a mat with, you guessed it, a 10ft diameter. All of which is useable jumping space, giving you more room to have fun than ever before!

Come visit the biggest springless trampoline display in the UK!

At Wicken Toys, we understand that parents like to see outdoor play equipment in action before they invest it, so they can witness its qualities first hand. If you would like to see our range for yourself, then you are more than welcome to come and have a look around our outdoor display centre. We have a range of traditional and springfree trampolines on display so you can compare the models side by side and see the differences for yourself.

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