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Climbing Frame Accessories

Of course, having the ultimate climbing frame for your garden or outdoor space is going to be towards the top of your priority list. But what about the small additions that can really bring the best out of your mainstay? We’re talking about climbing frame accessories that add a new element of fun to your structure and can enhance your child’s imagination even more. All of the climbing frame accessories that you need for frames made out of either wood or metal are found in this category, so you needn’t look any further for the most complete range of climbing frame accessories in the UK.

We understand that, depending on which imaginary world your child wants to create, you will need different accessories to accommodate this. For example, your climbing frame may be turned into a pirate ship, meaning that a pair of binoculars could be the ideal addition to this made-up scenario.

Not only are these excellent small extras to your existing structures, but they can totally repurpose your outdoor play area into something that can provide children with even more enjoyment. For example, if you feel like your child is becoming a little bored with your climbing frame, you could add a slide, swing, or both into the mix to provide even more fun for hours on end.

Please be aware that accessories from one manufacturer or range are not always compatible with others. If an accessory is compatible with a particular climbing frame it will be shown as a ‘related product’ on the same page as the climbing frame. If you are not sure which accessories are best suited to your existing climbing frame, then be sure to get in touch with the team at Wicken Toys today. We can use our in-depth knowledge to recommend the most ideal playhouse accessories for you.

If you are making your own climbing frame, then you can purchase the accessory on its own. However, it’s worth noting that you may have to have it customised externally to ensure that it is the right fit.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our unique range of climbing frame accessories to find your most suitable additions. If you’ve still got any questions about any of the products you see below, or any other aspect of our service, then be sure to get in touch now. You can call us on 0800 587 1066 or 01908 571 233, or even email us at sales@wickentoys.co.uk if you prefer. You can also contact us via our online enquiry form, where we will reply as soon as we can.


Can climbing frame accessories be used on my existing climbing frame?

Here at Wicken Toys, we aim to offer some of the most accessible climbing frame accessories in the UK. This means that, no matter what your existing climbing frame structure may be, our accessories will be able to fit their shape. Of course, the simple eye test is useful here - if it looks like your chosen accessories will not be a good fit, then this will likely be the case. You may want to compare measurements to be certain.

If you’ve purchased a climbing frame from Wicken Toys, then you can be sure that any accessories you add to these will fit seamlessly onto your existing structure, as accessories from the same brand are usually compatible.

If you would like to check if any accessories are suitable for your current climbing frame before you buy, then get in touch with our team today. We can give you the answers you need so you can be completely confident in your purchase.

Can climbing frame accessories make my climbing frame safe?

Of course! Your climbing frame will have passed rigorous safety tests, but if there is something you notice during use, then adding some accessories could ensure that your child is kept safe at all times.

Some examples of the climbing frame accessories that we have on our site which enhance safety include lower play walls. These are, as the name suggests, walls installed close to the ground so that small children who may not be so steady on their feet can remain upright. A play floor works in tandem with play walls to ensure that the floor below is safer than bark, for example.

Be sure to check out our full range of climbing frame and playhouse accessories to find more products with safety at the forefront.

Are climbing frame accessories suitable for everyone?

The beauty of the individualism of climbing frame accessories is that the decision on their suitability is entirely up to you! We can assure you that each of our accessories is safe to use if operated properly, but you can take a look through our complete range for yourself to decide on your favourite.

We know that some of our accessories may not suit the imagination of all children, which is why our selection is so wide-ranging! Why not go through our collection of climbing frame accessories with your children themselves so they can decide on their own favourite? There is something ideal for every child when it comes to making their existing climbing frame even better.

Whether they prefer a small addition or something that could totally transform their play experience, we have you covered here at Wicken Toys.

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