Plum Wooden Climbing Frames

Keeping the kids entertained in your back garden can be a challenge at the best of times. So, have you considered a Plum climbing frame to provide them with an endless source of fun and laughter? These amazing climbing frames, swing sets, or combinations of the two are sure to put smiles on faces for hours on end as the ultimate way of having fun outdoors.

Any child can benefit from a Plum Play climbing frame, as our collection is suitable for kids of all ages and sizes. Whether you’re on the lookout for a small-scale first climbing frame for your little one, or your child is ready for a super-sized adrenaline rush better suited to a larger Plum wooden climbing frame, we have you covered here at Wicken Toys!


Wooden Plum Play Climbing Frames

Inspiring active and imaginative outdoor play since 1988, Plum is one of the most popular brands when it comes to high-quality outdoor play equipment. Blending exercise and creative stimulation, Plum climbing frames are perfect for helping young children to stay healthy. The possibilities are endless for exploring adventurous play.

Nurture your child's natural curiosity and give yourself peace of mind with a sturdy and safe wooden climbing frame from this highly-regarded brand. You’re guaranteed great quality with any Plum Play equipment, and these pressure-treated timber structures are no different. The FSC-certified wood comes from eco-friendly sources, too!

All of our Plum climbing frames that we supply at Wicken Toys use strong materials and reliable construction to promise durability and safety. This is the number one concern for most parents and guardians when buying outdoor climbing frames, after all. You don’t have to worry with a Plum Play climbing set, because the structure won’t falter under pressure.

Not only will a Plum Toys climbing frame be an excellent source of entertainment for your kids, but they can also be an attractive feature in your garden. The natural colour of the timber can blend into any surroundings, so they won’t be an eyesore – it’s actually quite easy to incorporate these Plum climbing frames into your outdoor design.

Whether you choose a set with a swings or a slide, a lookout tower or a teepee hideaway, every product comes with a variety of fun and engaging features that will keep kids happy and give them an outlet for expending excess energy for years to come.


Order a Plum Climbing Frame online today

When you purchase a Plum climbing frame from us, we will deliver it flat-packed with all the parts required to install it outside your home. This includes pre-drilled components and anchors for securing swing sections to the ground safely.

Of course, this also includes a manual with detailed instructions, so you can complete the installation as thoroughly as possible. The more hands on deck to help set it up, the sooner you can stand back and let the kids start playing to their hearts’ content.

Please note that these Plum outdoor playcentres are for domestic use only, and not recommended for public or commercial settings. Each system will have a weight limit and maximum number of children that can safely play on the climbing frame at the same time, so please check the product information before ordering if you have a large family.

Ready to choose the Plum climbing frame of your child’s dreams? Wicken Toys can provide you with the perfect Plum outdoor climbing frame; all you have to do is look through our excellent selection. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or have any questions about the Plum wooden climbing frames we supply, you can always contact us for assistance.

Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with any answers you need. Feel free to get in touch with them directly – we’re always on hand to help! The Wicken Toys team is available via telephone on 0800 587 1066, or please email us at for a swift response.


Plum Climbing Frame FAQs

• What size Plum climbing frame should I buy for my child’s age?

Here at Wicken Toys, we pride ourselves on offering products that any child can enjoy, no matter how big or small! We understand that kids grow at a fast rate, so they may soon discover that a Plum climbing frame that once suited their size isn’t as appropriate anymore. If this is the case, then a new climbing frame may be on the cards.

To decide on which size is the best for your child, we recommend carefully reading the dimensions of each of our offerings and comparing them to the size of your child. In most cases, a simple eye test is enough to decide on whether your child is not only too big/small for a climbing frame, but also if they’re ready for the upgrade.

If you feel like your child may experience fear and discomfort on a larger Plum wooden climbing frame, there is no harm looking for a slightly smaller model to ensure they receive as much enjoyment as possible.


• How long do Plum climbing frames last?

Due to the durable nature of the materials used in the construction of a Plum play climbing frame, you can be sure that you’re going to receive many years of use. This makes them some of the most exceptional value-for-money options around. No matter how rigorously they are used by your child or many children, the FSC-certified pressure-treated timber that we use ensures they will stand tall for the long term.

You can benefit from a Plum climbing frame for at least 10 years, ensuring that it can stick with your child for the majority of their childhood. Even if your outdoor space is met with challenging weather conditions during the lifespan of your climbing frame (which, let’s be honest, is inevitable), then your climbing frame will still be able to maintain its durability and strength during the toughest seasons.


• Which is the best Plum wooden climbing frame?

In truth, all of them! At Wicken Toys, we make sure that we offer a Plum climbing frame that is suitable for any child. Not only through their size, but also with a range of features available to suit any preference. For example, would your child prefer a well-rounded solution that includes many additional extras? If so, be sure to check out a Plum climbing frame with slide from our website or display site today!

If you want something a little more simplistic that takes up a smaller area, then a standard Plum climbing frame may be all you need. Regardless of what you think is best for your child, we have all of the solutions to increase the likelihood of finding your ideal frame.


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  1. Plum Wooden Monkey Bars with Metal Rungs - For Lookout Tower
    Special Price £229.95 Regular Price £239.99
    4% off!
  2. Plum My First Play Centre - front
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    Plum My First Wooden Play Centre
    Special Price £249.95 Regular Price £289.99
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  3. Plum Uakari Swing Set
    Special Price £269.00 Regular Price £499.99
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  4. Plum Toddlers Tower Wooden Play Centre
    Special Price £269.95 Regular Price £329.99
    18% off!
  5. Plum Premium Wooden lookout Tower
    Special Price £399.95 Regular Price £549.99
    27% off!
  6. Plum Great Wooden Teepee Hideaway
    Special Price £399.99 Regular Price £499.99
    20% off!
  7. Plum Discovery Woodland Treehouse
    Special Price £399.99 Regular Price £479.99
    17% off!
  8. Plum Giant Baboon Swing Set
    Special Price £449.95 Regular Price £599.99
    25% off!
  9. Plum Climbing Pyramid Wooden Play Centre
    Special Price £469.99 Regular Price £799.99
    41% off!
  10. Plum Climbing Cube Wooden Play Centre
    Special Price £499.95 Regular Price £749.99
    33% off!
  11. Plum Woolly Monkey II Wooden Swing
    Special Price £499.99 Regular Price £699.99
    29% off!
  12. Plum Grand Wooden Teepee Hideaway
    Special Price £549.00 Regular Price £779.99
    30% off!
  13. Plum Premium Wooden lookout Tower with Swings
    Special Price £549.00 Regular Price £749.99
    27% off!
  14. Plum Climbing Pyramid Wooden Play Centre with Swings
    Special Price £549.99 Regular Price £979.99
    44% off!
  15. Plum Premium Wooden lookout Tower with Monkey Ladder
    Special Price £628.00 Regular Price £789.98
    21% off!
  16. Plum Premium Wooden lookout Tower with Swings and Monkey Ladder
    Special Price £769.00 Regular Price £989.98
    22% off!
  17. Plum Warthog Wooden Playcentre
    Special Price £1,799.99 Regular Price £2,299.99
    22% off!
  18. Plum Bison Outdoor Playset
    Special Price £2,299.00 Regular Price £2,799.99
    18% off!
  19. Plum Wildebeest Outdoor Playset
    Special Price £3,399.95 Regular Price £3,999.99
    15% off!

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