Our Top Ten Building Tips

Our Top Building Tips!


  • The biggest tip that we suggest is if you are building something that is for a time specific date like a birthday or Christmas, we need time to sort anything out that may be wrong.  Two or three days is ideal but the more the better.  If the item is not going to be built then check the pieces are all there and put them back in the box, if this is achievable.  Rest assured if something is wrong it will be corrected. 

  • Always try to find a flat level piece of ground on which to build your outdoor play set, this way you will find it goes together easier. 
  • Locate the instructions, if you have a modular set you may have several different sets of instructions.
  • Read through the instructions thoroughly.  If your set is modular pay attention as to how the different accessories will fix to the main structure.  You may find you can save time by not fixing parts on that you later have to remove.
  • Unpack the box or box’s, make sure that you keep the parts on the box that they were packed in.  The instructions usually have a page at the front that tells you which box each part is in (this can save time trying to locate a part when you need it).
  • Sort out the wooden or metal parts in length order, you can also stack the parts that are the same into a pile ie. wall boards and floor boards.  The easiest way of identifying a part is by its length.
  • Take special note of how many holes there are on each piece and where they are located. This helps with identification.
  • Sort all bolts into lengths and put into bowls, freezer bags, or at least into piles on a piece of card then (not onto the grass where they will get lost). Please note bolt lengths are VERY important and may only vary by a few of mm.  Once all bolts are sorted out mark the length down so you do not have to keep measuring them everytime you need one.
  • Before you get the play set fully built you may find it easier to locate the play set exactly where you want it.  Once it is all together it may be to difficult to move.
  • Don’t tighten ANY bolts until you have completed the build.
  • Don’t overtighten the bolts (you will distort the tube or pull them into the wood leaving it looking untidy)


All this preparation may all seem to take a long time, when all you want to do is press on and get your trampoline, swing or climbing frame built. But believe us, IT IS WORTH IT and will save you time in the long run!