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2 Wheel Scooters

There are several good reasons why the traditional two-wheel scooter is the definitive design for scootering. With a stylish retro aesthetic and aerodynamic designs offering a riding experience so steady it feels like surfing the pavement, who wouldn’t enjoy travelling around on one of the stunning 2-wheel scooters available from Wicken Toys?

Great for growing kids, adolescents, and adults alike, two-wheeled scooters have one wheel in the front and another in the back, steered by the handlebars like a bicycle. Designed for more independent riders who are completely confident in their scootering skills or ready to level up, you’re sure to find the best two-wheel scooter for your needs below.

Children’s 2-wheel scooters

If your child is old enough to ride a bike without stabilisers, then they should now be big enough to be able to ride a two-wheeled scooter safely. While they aren’t recommended as scooters for 2 year olds, who won’t have developed their balance and co-ordination skills yet, these models are suitable for kids around 5 years old and up.

Of course, the classic two-wheel scooter is a staple for teenagers and some adults, too – with scootering becoming a popular way to get around for more eco-friendly modern lifestyles. So, if you need a 2-wheel scooter for adults, you can find more grown-up 2-wheel Micro Scooter models for sale at Wicken Toys, as well!

Just because they’re slimmer with typically smaller wheels doesn’t mean that two-wheel scooters aren’t as smooth – in fact, their streamlined designs allow an even smoother ride than ever. Our selection features some of the best 2-wheel scooters on the market, including models with adjustable-height stems and foldable versions for convenience.

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