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The exciting sensation of sliding down from up high makes children’s slides a firm favourite when it comes to outdoor play equipment for kids. That’s why Wicken Toys stocks a selection of garden slides, so your child can enjoy all the benefits of a slide set without leaving the safety of your own backyard.

Browse our collection of outdoor slides below and find the perfect slide to guarantee hours of family fun for your kids and their friends!


Kids’ Outdoor Slides

Our kids’ slide collection includes a variety of sizes and styles for sale, making it easy to find the ideal fit for both your outdoor space and your children’s age range. If you’re hoping to create the play haven of your kids’ dreams, then a children’s slide from Wicken Toys is a must-have.

Whether you want a free-standing slide or slides for outdoor play structures, you’re sure to find the solution here. Many of our slide bodies are suitable to add to our children’s climbing frames, if you already own such a structure without a slide and are looking to expand your child’s playscape. Alternatively, if you’re building your own DIY outdoor playset, you can purchase a slide body on its own to suit your chosen height.

Looking for something bigger and more spectacular? We also offer more creative outdoor slide options for larger climbing frames. These are suitable for platform heights of 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft. They’re ideal for thrill-seekers, but still completely safe due to the enclosed sides.


Bouncy Castles with Slides

If you prefer the idea of a non-permanent outdoor play structure that isn’t always taking up space in your garden, why not choose an inflatable play centre? Simply assemble the air blower equipment and your children can enjoy hours of fun bouncing, climbing, and sliding before you pack it all away neatly when they’re done.

As long as you have a flat, clear area large enough to accommodate the inflated structure, your children and their friends can play outdoors safely with a bouncy castle play park. The Plum Mega Slide allows two children to slide down at the same time, while the Plum 11-in-1 Play Centre offers a variety of stimulating play options in addition to the inflatable slide.

When we’re speaking about blow-up slides, we’d be remiss not to mention inflatable water slides. If that’s what you’re searching for, look no further than the Plum Mini Water Park from Wicken Toys, which offers endless opportunities for splashy summer fun.


Take a look at our selection of slides for kids today

From kids’ plastic slides to blow-up water slides, we have something for everyone at Wicken Toys. Whichever slide you choose for your kids’ play structure, you’re guaranteed a high level of quality and fun for years to come with every product we sell.

If you’d like more information about any of our kids’ slides for sale, please contact Wicken Toys by calling 0800 587 1066 or by sending an e-mail to Our team of toy experts are always happy to help. Should you need to see our slides in person for that final nudge before you purchase one, you can always visit the Wicken Toys display site.


Children's Slide FAQs

How do I clean an outdoor slide?

Like any outdoor play equipment, slides can be prone to gathering dirt and grime. If your outdoor slide is left out in the rain, there’s also the risk of moisture build-up leading to mould or mildew. To keep your slide looking as good as new and in a safe condition, you should clean it at least once every couple of weeks. If it’s excessively muddy or dusty, cleaning sooner rather than later will make the job much easier.

To keep your child’s slide at its slippery best, use a solution of mild detergent and warm water to wash the structure, scrubbing any stubborn marks with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can cause unwanted damage. A power washer or garden hose might speed this process up. When the accumulated dirt is gone, let the surface dry before applying a coat of wax.

Waxing the slide makes the experience smoother and more fun, but only if you use a child-safe wax product. You can use a wax spray, or even rub wax paper onto the sliding surface, but always check that whatever you use won’t degrade the slide material. It must also be non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-staining, as it will come into contact with clothing and skin.


At what age can a child use a slide?

Slides for kids offer an exhilarating feeling of speed and freedom, without having to worry about safety risks. Of course, the more a child grows, the less fun smaller slides will become, and they’ll want to move on to something more adventurous. Whichever model you choose, you should always check the product description for age and size limits.

The selection of children’s slides we supply at Wicken Toys are generally suitable for 3 years of age and up. This means that children should be able to slide safely if they are at least 36 months old. However, young children should always be under adult supervision while using slides.

It’s not advised for adults to attempt to use slides for kids. Teenagers may be able to continue using slides and climbing frames as they age, as long as they don’t exceed the maximum weight load. The height, width, and weight capacity vary according to each product, so always check the specifications before buying. For slides that are designed to attach to play structures, make sure that both of the products are compatible with each other beforehand.


Are slides safe to use?

When you apply common sense and show your children how to use the slide correctly, these structures are just as safe as they are fun. Only one child should be on the ladder or waiting platform, or going down the slide, at any given time. Teach them to always slide down feet-first, in a sitting position – never headfirst, and never lying on their back or stomach.

Children should also be aware that safe sliding means waiting for the bottom of the slide to be clear before going down, and moving away from the area to make room for the next person. An adult should always be present to keep an eye on younger children, especially around taller slides. A few seconds without supervision can be all it takes for someone to slip or fall.

Of course, before anybody uses the slide, you should ensure it’s installed safely. There must be a clear landing area free of obstacles, with a soft shock-absorbing ground material such as wood chips or sand. You should secure the bottom of the slide to the ground if possible. After rainy or hot weather, always wipe down outdoor play equipment and check its temperature before allowing children to use it to prevent possible injuries.


Are bouncy castle slides safe for kids?

In addition to traditional models, we also offer inflatable slides at Wicken Toys, as part of multi-purpose inflatable play centres. Just like regular children’s slides, these are perfectly safe for kids to play on, as long as everyone involved follows the instructions for set-up and use. Always clear the ground of obstacles or sharp objects before positioning the bouncy castle.

Your product will come with an instruction manual showing you how to use the air blower to inflate the play centre and anchor it to the ground, and how to deflate it and pack it away safely in its carry bag. Though these play structures also come with simple repair kits, you shouldn’t leave them out when you’re not using them to minimise the risk of punctures or other damage.

Each product description will also tell you how many children can safely use the inflatable play set at one time, and what the maximum weight load is. You should not exceed these limits, and though an adult should always supervise, no adults should attempt to use the inflatable play equipment themselves.

Make sure all children using the inflatable play centre remove their shoes and any pointy items such as belt buckles or jewellery before entering. Don’t allow anyone to take food or drink onto the bouncy castle, and discourage children from climbing up the sides. Safety nets and soft mats should prevent children from falling off, so they don’t hurt themselves.


How do slides help child development?

Lots of outdoor play equipment can encourage vigorous free play and physical exercise, but slides remain one of the most popular options in the park for many kids. Not only does this physical play keep them fit and having fun, playgrounds (and slides in particular) also encourage the development of important motor skills.

In order to use a children’s slide, the child must first climb up some sort of ladder to reach the top, sit down smoothly, then push off and slide down before getting back to their feet at the bottom. All of this requires a growing spatial awareness, sense of balance, and coordination. The repetitive stretching required to climb up before sliding down helps to strengthen your child’s muscles and improve their flexibility.

The rush of going down the slide will keep kids going back for another turn, ensuring that they always get their recommended daily amount of physical activity. If you have multiple children, or your child brings friends round to play, using equipment such as slides and climbing frames also encourages positive social skills. They’ll have to learn how to share and take turns, developing patience and tolerance so everyone can have a good time.

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